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Basic Features
This is the company that produces the product being compared.
Apex Medical Human Design Medical Somnetics Philips Respironics 3B Medical
This identifies the machine as continuous, auto adjusting, or bilevel operation. This does not identify whether the machine automatically adjusts pressure. Auto adjusting refers to APAP, whereas BiPAP Auto is differentiated using the Auto Pressure Adjustment property. BiPAP machines are defined further using Spontaneous or Timed properties.

A CPAP machine blows one constant pressure of air into your passageway throughout the night. Your ideal pressure was determined during your sleep study.

A BiPAP machine delivers two separate pressures of air; One when the patient inhales and a separate pressure when they exhale. The machine alternates between the two set pressures to help optimize your sleep apnea treatment.

An APAP machine automatically adjusts on a breath by breath basis to blow the minimum pressure needed to keep your airway open during sleep. This allows your machine to provide you with your ideal pressure nightly.
Warranty is the length of time that the manufacturer will guarantee a product to be free of defects. Warranties vary in length depending on manufacturer, but generally all machines come with a 2 Year Warranty.
2 Years 3 Years 3 Years 2 Years 2 Years
Sound Level
This is the level of sound the machine produces at a pressure of 10cm, standing 1 meter away or roughly 3 feet from machine. Measured in Decibels, the values also indicate whether the machine is considered a "quiet CPAP"; see Quiet property.
28 dB 26 dB 29 dBA <30 dBA &#8804;30 dBA
This identifies which machines have a decibel rating of 29 and lower. This does not account for use with the humidifier attached, which could supply additional volume that can muffle or amplify sound. This property does not account for noise that travels through the CPAP tubing, seemingly sounding louder than the measured db rating.
Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Manuals Included
This indicates which manuals are included with the purchase of a CPAP machine. Most all machines come with a patient manual; also called 'user manual', which may or may not have pressure setting instructions. Some machines come with both the patient and quick setup guide or both patient and clinician manuals.
Patient Patient Patient/Quick Setup Patient Patient/Clinician
Travel Sized
Looking to travel? We have found some machines are easier to travel with than others. These smaller and more lightweight machines are still robust enough for constant daily use as well as travel.
Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Under 3 lbs
This measures only the weight of the machine and does not include total weight of power cables, bag, additional batteries or non-built-in humidifiers.
Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Machine Weight
This is the actual weight of the CPAP Machine without any accessories, power cord, or humidifier. Machines with a weight 3lbs or less are also identified in the Under 3 lbs property.
1.87 lbs 0.625 lbs 0.9 lbs 2.3 lbs 3.5 lbs
Entire Weight
This is the combined weight of the machine, heated humidifier, power cables, bag and hose. The weight of the shipping box is not included in the number.
5.4 lbs 3.76 lbs 4.8 lbs 6.3 lbs 7.43
Entire Size
This is the combined dimensions of the CPAP with the Heated humidifier.
10 in x 6.75 in x 5.5 in NA 10.5" x 6.25" x 6" 6.5" x 10.75" x 4" 12.3" x 7.6" x 4.4"
Entire Package Size
This is the size of the CPAP with Heated Humidifier in its travel bag.
13 in x 7.5 in x 8.5 in 8 " x 14.75" x 8" 13" x 8" x 9"
Machine Size Only
Measures the overall dimension of the machine only. Machines with a built-in humidifier are marked NA and must refer to Entire Size dimensions.
5.7 in x 5.1 in x 3.9 in 6.48" x 3.3" x 2.02" 6.1" x 3.5" x 2.8" 7" x 5.5" x 4" 8.7" x 7.6" x 4.4"
Humidifier Features
Heated Humidifier
This indicates which heated humidifier works best with the listed CPAP machine. In some instances, Built-in is used to describe a machine/humidifier combination system. The Fisher and Paykel HC150 was used for machines that do not have an integrated or built in humidifier system.
XT Heated Humidifier No Transcend Heated System One 60 Series RESmart
Built-In Humidifier
Identifies which CPAP has a humidifier that is built into the CPAP. Built-In humidifiers cannot be separated from the CPAP machine.
No No No No No
Heated Humidifier Type
This property identifies how the machine incorporates a Heated Humidifier. Build In humidifiers are built into the CPAP machine and cannot be separated from the machine. Integrated humidifiers connect directly to the CPAP machine and they can only be used with compatible CPAP machines. With IntegratedĀ humidifiers, the CPAP machine, can be separated and used without the humidifier. CPAP machines that do not have a built in humidifier and do not have an integrated humidifier option have to use a Stand Alone humidifier as the machine's heated humidifier option. Stand AloneĀ humidifiers can be used with any machine and connect to the CPAP machine with an additional hose.
Integrated NA Integrated Integrated Integrated
Ambient Rainout Reduction
A yes in this field indicates the machine and humidifier have technology to reduce rainout, the water that collects in a hose when using a heated humidifier. Sensors measure the air temperature in the room and adjust the amount of heat and moisture delivered to the mask to reduce or omit rainout.
No No No 60 Series Heated Tube No
Integrated Heated Hose
This indicates that the machine has an integrated heated hose option to enhance humidification and reduce rainout. An integrated headed hose receives power directly from the machine and does not require a power supply. The tube's heat settings are set through the machine menu screen.
No No No Yes No
Humidifier Water Capacity
This is the maximum water capacity held by the chamber of the compatible humidifier.
300 mL 325 mL 325 mL
Pressure Features
Auto Pressure Adjustment
This property defines whether the machine automatically adjusts pressure to meet the needs of the CPAP user on a breath-by-breath basis. All APAP machines are defined as 'Auto Adjusting', but some BiPAP's also use an Auto feature on both the IPAP and EPAP. If not marked, Yes, assume the machine does not have AUTO capabilities.
No No No No No
Pressure Range
A CPAP (Constant Positive Air Pressure) delivers continuous airflow at a prescribed pressure at 4cm to 30cm. APAP operates between a range and BiPAP machines are a mix of ranges and constant pressures. This pressure is measured in centimeters of water pressure (H2O) and 4-20cm is average pressure range on most CPAP machines.
4-20cm H2O 4-20cm H2O 4-20 cm 4-20 cm H2O 4-20cm H20
EPAP Pressure Range
This Property lists the operating range for the Exhalation Positive Airway Pressure (EPAP). This is the pressure setting used when you exhale. EPAP is always lower than the IPAP (inhalation) pressure, making breathing out easier and more comfortable.
Easy Breathing
Pressure Relief is a feature that lowers your therapy pressure to help with difficulties breathing against the machine's airflow, providing a more comfortable and natural breathing pattern. Assistance can occur on the Exhalation, on the Inhalation, and on both exhalation and inhalation at the same time.
No ZBreathe No C-Flex Plus RESlex
The Ramp feature allows the user to start treatment at a lower pressure to fall asleep with, gradually raising the pressure over a set time. This is a comfort setting and can set from 0 to 45 minutes on most CPAP machines.
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
This property defines whether the machine is capable of continuously blowing a constant pressure. All CPAP machines are defined as 'continuous', but some BiPAP's and APAP's also come with a CPAP mode; some BiPAP and BiLevel machines Do NOT. By setting the IPAP and EPAP to the same pressure, a CPAP Mode is achieved, preventing the EPAP pressure from dropping.
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Leak Compensation
Leak Compensation is a machine feature that identifies mask leaks and adjusts to maintain the delivered pressure as set. If marked N/A assume the information is not available due to being out of production or unavailable.
No Yes Yes Yes N/A
Max Operating Altitude
This is the maximum altitude at which the machine will properly operate.
8,000 ft (4-18 cm) 8,000 ft 8,000 ft 7,500 ft
Power Features
Direct Battery Operation
Indicates which machines have a DC port in which you can use to connect a battery pack or a deep cycle marine battery with an optional DC cable. This is different from an integrated battery that works only with the machine it was designed for. (i.e. Everest CPAP Machine) see property Integrated Battery
No Yes Yes Yes No
Voltage Range
Domestic Voltage is the voltage that is used with a standard wall outlet in the United States and ranges from 100-120 volts. International Voltage can range from 220v-240v AC.
100-240V AC 100-240V AC 100-240V AC 100-240V AC 100-240V AC
Optional DC Cable
A 'Yes' answer indicates that the CPAP Machine has an optional DC cable that plugs directly into a DC port. This allows you to use a DC power source, such as a battery or car cigarette lighter outlet. Some optional DC cables include alligator clips to connect directly to battery terminals. See the "Power" tab of the machine's product page for more detailed information on how the machine works with alternate power sources, and what optional cables and batteries are compatible.
No No Yes Yes No
Integrated Battery
An integrated battery pack attaches to and functions seamlessly with the machine it is integrated with. It allows your CPAP to run on AC and fail over to the DC battery only if necessary.
No Yes No No No
Software Features
Advanced Software/Data
Identifies which machines are data capable and have the ability to track your therapy progress over time. The machine captures key metrics like AHI (Apnea/Hypopnea Index), Leakage, and most pressure used. Depending on the machine, the data can be retrieved through an on Machine Screen Display (MSD), through Optional Software (OS), and/or through SmartCode (SC).
No No OS MSD Yes
Data Card
This property marks the machines that have the ability to record performance data on a removable card. Some machines that are flagged as having software (seeOptional Software), do not have removable memory cards, rather instead, records information on-board and must use a download cable to retrieve the data from the machine.
No Yes No Yes No
Optional Software
Software is an option on some CPAP machines. The software can give details on compliance and performance. The patient or physician downloads the data from the CPAP machine to determine how long a patient has used their machine each night and how well the machine is working to stop Apnea/Hypopnea events. This property shows the software package to use for machine that has the ability to transfer data to your computer and report Hours of Usage. See Advanced Software for a list of machines that can report AHI or Leakage.
No Yes Yes EncoreViewer No
Additional Features
Auto Altitude Adjustment
Altitude Adjustment is defined as the machine's ability to compensate for changes in altitude. Compensation can either occur manually or automatically. Manual adjustments occur within the Setup Menu and must be set by the user. Automatic requires no user intervention.
Manual Auto Auto Auto Auto
This feature turns the machines off and on when putting on or taking off the mask. When you put your mask on the machines senses you breathing and turns itself on. Take off the mask and the machine turns off.
No No No Yes Yes
Mask Off Alert
This feature detects excessive mask leaks due to poor cushion seal or when a user stops therapy by removing a mask when in use. The alert can be in the form of an audible alarm (ALARM) or a text message on the unit's LCD display (LCD).
Spontaneous (S) mode tells the machine to start blowing at IPAP pressure with no specific interval set. The machine must wait and detect a break in the breathing cycle before reacting, switching from exhalation to inhalation. If a backup rate is needed, then the unit will need a time interval setting and will be marked 'Yes' on the Timed property.
No No No No No
Timed (T) or Spontaneous Timed (ST) modes provide a customizable backup rate that forces the machine to switch from exhalation to inhalation. In ST Mode, the machine monitors the breathing cycle and switches from EPAP to IPAP once the backup time is met or whenever the break is detected through the sensors; whichever occurs first. The time aspect is only meant to act as a backup respiratory rate to the (S) function (see Spontaneous). This is used for patients with central sleep apnea, or those who need non-invasive mechanical ventilation.
No No No No No
Designed For Her
These machines were designed with a woman's lifestyle in mind.
No No No No No
Back Lit Display
The machine display is lit for ease of reading.
Yes Yes No Yes
Backlight Shuts Off
The backlight for this machine either shuts off automatically after a short intreval or can be set to off.
No Yes N/A Yes
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