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CPAP Newsletter: The Difference Between CPAP APAP and BiPAP

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The Difference Between Machines
What’s the Difference Between CPAPs, APAPs and BiPAPs?

CPAP Machines
ICON Premo
4.6 Star Rating
CPAPs: One Set Pressure
CPAP stands for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure
CPAPs are "titrated" to blow air at a constant set pressure
that will keep air passages open. They are the most
common way to treat Sleep Apnea.
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CPAP Machines
Transcend Auto
4.3 Star Rating
APAPs: Best Pressure Within Set Range
APAP stands for Automatic Positive Airway Pressure
APAPs are set to disperse air at a range of pressures,
constantly adjusting to the minimum pressure needed to
keep airways open. The breath-by-breath adjustments
maximize comfort.
RX: A CPAP prescription can be used to buy an APAP.
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CPAP Machines
60 Series BiPAP
5 Star Rating
BiPAPs: Different Inhale/Exhale Pressures
BiPAP stands for BiLevel Positive Airway Pressure.
Sometimes they are called BiLevel Machines.
BiPAPs blow air at two distinct pressures: one at inhalation
and another at exhalation. BiPAPs require a specific prescription.
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The DreamStation CPAP features pressure relief and wireless data tracking!
60 Series Auto
The PR 60 Series Auto can
be bundled with a heated
tube and humidifier.
60 Series Auto
Z1 Auto
The Z1 Auto Travel CPAP is
one of the smallest APAP
machines on the market.
Z1 Auto

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DreamStation Travel Case
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