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Airing Micro-CPAP: What You Need to Know

Take the hose, mask, and cords out of your CPAP therapy and what do you get? The Airing Micro-CPAP. On June 15th,  Airing will launch a crowd funding project to help bring its minimalistic prototype to life. CPAP users could potentially reclaim their nightstand space, travel lighter, and rest more freely.

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Closer Look into Design: Weighing under an ounce, the Airing CPAP device is designed to sit beneath the nose. It looks very similar to a nasal pillow.

Nose Buds: Soft silicone structured to fit the nostril.
Body: The body encapsulates the battery and other electrical components.
Exhalation Ports: 2 screens, located at each side of the body for air to exit.
Inhalation Vent: 1 screen that bridges over the top of the Airing allowing air to enter during inhalation.

Airing Micro-CPAP
How It Works: Hundreds of battery powered micro-blowers work together to create positive airway pressure. It’s also rumored to be disposable and low cost. An innovative manufacturing process called R2R (Roll to Roll) allows this product to be mass produced at an affordable rate. Even better? You may be able to say good bye to mask and hose cleaning.

Inventor: Stephen Marsh is the man to credit here. An established businessman, who is the inventor of more than 75 patents. He was able to see the necessity behind a new CPAP design because of a personal connection with breathing disorders. The result of this concept can benefit:

• Compliance rates. Currently, 50% of Sleep Apnea patients are non-compliant CPAP users.
• Your bed partner.
• Your travel experience.
• Situations of emergency. No power cords necessary.
• Those who suffer from claustrophobia.

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June 15th is right around the corner and we’re very eager to follow its progress. If Airing lives up to its expectations, you’ll likely see this available at CPAP.com.

What’s your impression of this new concept, Airing, so far? Feel free to post your opinions below. If you’d like to stay updated on this product
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Update on the Airing

June 15, 2015

It’s finally here! The Airing campaign is now live on Indiegogo and it’s reaching it’s goal pretty quickly!

Fun facts about the Airing:

・The measurements are in! It’s 2 inches long by 1.5 inches wide by 1 inch tall.
・The estimated price is $3.00 or $0.60 after insurance reimbursement.
・The micro-blowers can generate a pressure of 20 centimeters of water (cmH20).
・Active humidification is not required according to its design features.
・The Airing is expected to undergo FDA clearance in the year 2017 as shown in their estimated timeline.

Airing FAQ

Check out some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the Airing, a possible variant of existing CPAP therapy.

Please note that all of the information regarding the Airing is based on data released by the manufacturer. Considering that the product is still in it’s early stages, this information is subject to change.

Q. Is this real?
A. We hope so.

Q. How much does the Airing cost?
A.   The manufacturer is aiming to make this device “disposable”, which suggests a lower price point. The estimated price is $3.00 or $0.60 after insurance reimbursement.

Q. How does the Airing stay in place?
A. It uses soft, silicone nose buds to stay in place. Try a nasal pillow CPAP mask for a similar experience.

Q.  Does this device have humidification?
A. Air output will be regulated by an internal sensor. By eliminating excessive air flow, active or direct humidification will not be needed, but passive humidification is possible if desired.

Q. Can the Airing be set to my needed pressure?
A. The device will be set to your prescribed pressure. They hope to make it self-adjusting later on (like an APAP which adjusts on a breath by breath basis).

Q. What’s the highest level of pressure it can deliver?
A. The micro-blowers can generate a pressure of 20 centimeters of water (cmH20).

Q. What if I am a mouth breather?
A. The Airing works similar to a nasal pillow CPAP mask. Try using a nasal pillow mask and chinstrap combination to see if it’s right for you. Airing’s goal is to improve nose breathing to help reduce or eliminate mouth breathing.

Q. Will my insurance cover the Airing?
A. As a variation of existing  CPAP therapy, they hope to receive the usual reimbursement rate of 80% through insurance, bringing the price down to $0.60 per unit. It may undergo insurance approval around March 2016 according to Airing’s estimated timeline.

Q. Is this Medicare approved?
A. The Airing is still in its early stages and hasn’t been submitted for FDA approval. We must note that Medicare only covers equipment that is durable (long-lasting). The Airing is meant to be disposed of after a one night’s use.

Q. Can I buy the Airing now?
A. The Airing is still under development. According to Airing’s estimated timeline, it may become available for sale around July 2017. If  the Airing proves to be a benefit to CPAP therapy we will do everything we can to carry and make this product available to you.

Q. Can I test the device?
A. Prototyping for the Airing is estimated to begin on July 15, 2015. The manufacturer is responsible for building and testing the prototypes. CPAP.com is not responsible for finding volunteers who would like to test this device.


Joseph Mongcal

this would be handy for my travels for i am a light packer.

daniel w myers

what about humidification?

Victoria Phillips

Please keep me informed on this cordless CPAP….I would definitely get one.

Ken Foscaldo

I have a CPAP machine. This sounds wonderful.

Mary Persall

Wonderful news. My husband and I are both CPAP users……this sure would take up less space, and frankly be a whole lot more romantic.

joanne szmodis

Thank goodness no more wrestling withe the hose when you move.

Jacquie Stewart-Heimann

This could be a wonderful product. Not just for traveling but if you live where there are lots of power outages. I do have a question though. Is it programmable? Current CPAP are programed with ramp times and pressures. Will this also be programmable? I have a pretty intense pressure. And, how long do the batteries last? What kind of cost are we lookiing at to purchase this? Would this be able to be covered under insurance? Also, do you need testers or are you past that point? If not I would volunteer. I can’t even take a nap on a Saturday afternoon unless I go up to bed for my cpap.

Richard Vanegas

I am looking forward to try the new airing. I have been using the Cpap machine with the nasal pillow and hose for over a decade now. Would be really great news if this product lives up to its expectations and becomes available for purchase. Waiting patiently for the results!!

Downing Smith

Any idea what it will cost and would it be covered by insurance?


sounds great. I want one. Cpap sucks

Rick Soper

Great invention! I’m will to be your test person if needed. Keep me posted.

Joe Cruzen

Excellent idea, I travel and sometimes to remote places with no power, (no power-no CPAP)
Please keep me informed.



CPAP user for 12 years. 14cms.

How much air pressure is it designed for? I use 14.

Sheron Beavers

my cpap forces air into my nose. How does this one force air?

alan barrow

This sounds great hope it is something we cpap users will be able to use.The mask leaks all the time and adjusting it so tight that you have marks for hours the next day.

Wayne E. Tench

This looks like a great product. Please keep me informed.

Robert L. Frye

Oh my goodness……..how wonderful is this new cpap device. How great it will be to be able to get rid of my face mask, hose, machine, extension chord and never roll over and pull everything off of the night stand. Also….now I can go back to camping out in the mountains and still have my cpap. I have never failed to use my cpap device in 8 years. I am 81 years old and could use a restful nights sleep. Go Go Airing…..let me know the price ASAP

Betty Eggleston

Sounds terriffic. Very interestedb

Darrell Camp

Interesting concept – although not particularly motivated to change away from my current system.

Wouldn’t mind taking one for a test snooze – is that possible??

Been using my system for about ten years and love it.

Rinnie Mancuso Bohling

What is the cost?
Is this CPAP Medicare approved?
How will this affect nose and mouth breathers?
Thank you.
With Regards,
Rinnie Bohling

John Sworst

Please keep me updated, very interested in purchasing one.

lynette lim

Hi I’m from Singapore, where can I purchase this, ie south east Asia distributor or online mail order?

Aisha swenia

I LOVE THIS IDEA! I don’t have sleep apnea but someone very close to me does, I’ve seen first hand how much of a struggle it is to sleep with a cpap machine. This machine would make a HUGE difference in their life. I will definitely be purchasing this product the moment it hits the market, provided it is proven to be safe of course.


How does it stay in place

valerie sermon


Steve D

I am non complient with traditional machines and I am encouraged by this solution


I’m ready to give this a try! Sounds great, sure hope it’s on the market soon.

Paul F Barkley Sr

Very interested in this. I have not been diagnosed, but I know I have sleep apnea – my Dad had it, too, and I’m pretty sure my brother has it as well. I am concerned with moisturizing the inhaled air/my nose drying out…


Nice newsletter Reina. :)

Bobbie Kuecker

questioning the pressure settings? Is it even possible to set a pressure and what is the range? also humidification???


Wheres the moisture come from? Can the air be heated and can stats be recorded? Mostly wheres the water coming from lol.

Donnie sasser

Interested in learning more about airing. CPAP user for over 9 years.

Reina Patel

@Daniel W Myers
Good question! They recently blogged about how this device has not be designed to require humidification. They have a built in pressure sensor adjusting the airflow output, which will eliminate excessive air pressure drying out your airway.

Reina Patel

@Victoria Phillips

To stay informed, sign up here: http://www.cpap.com/newsletter_in.php?trackLabel=AiringMicropap

Reina Patel

@Mary Persall
I was thinking the same thing! If this gets off the ground, it could change the lives of so many couples who live with Sleep Apnea.

Reina Patel

@Joanne Szmodis
Haha, how great would that be? No longer being tethered to your nightstand…hopefully this design ends up working out!

Reina Patel

@Downing Smith
We have no idea on how insurances are going to cover this product. It’s not approved by the FDA yet, so they have a few more hurdles to get through before I think we can get and idea there.

Reina Patel

@Rick Soper
CPAP.com is not actually not affiliated with the crowd funding campaign. We are monitoring its progress like the rest of the industry and its consumers. However, CPAP.com will be eager to carry this product should the prototype take off. If you are signed up for our newsletters, you will be informed for sure.

If not, and you would like to sign up: http://www.cpap.com/newsletter_in.php?trackLabel=AiringMicropap

Reina Patel

@Joe Cruzen
Yea, this new concept could potentially alleviate power issues, for emergencies or hard to connect areas. If you sign up for CPAP.com emails, where we speak a lot on products and sleep therapy, you can stay in the loop that way.

To sign up go: http://www.cpap.com/newsletter_in.php?trackLabel=AiringMicropap

Reina Patel

Their website mentions the Airing being able to generate a full range of pressure, up to 20.

scott wurtz

this is what i need i have tryed a few cpap devices but could not keep it on so im not using anything and dont get to sleep a full night and wake up 3 to 5 times in 6 hours every night get me one PLEASE

Reina Patel

@Joy Cooper
Are you familiar with a nasal pillow? It seems to have a similar effect. The silicone nasal buds are stated to fit snuggly. I believe the device itself would be so lightweight that it wouldn’t fight the fit.

Reina Patel

@Bobbie Kuecker
Airing is claiming to have a full range of pressure (up to 20). As for humidification, looks like it’s not required with this new design. Since the air flow has been integrated with pressure sensors, this allows the air to stay less abrasive and in turn not drying out your passage ways.

Krista Birmingham

What about patient’s that have a higher pressure? Or if their jaw drops, and they require a chin strap?


How much will this cost?


Love this concept. Definitely would try it. I get clostrophobic with the mask so I’m not a good candidate for what’s out there now.

Scott A.

Hi Reina,

Thanks for posting and responding to everyone’s queries as this would signal a pretty remarkable step forward in OSA care. Given the inventor’s preference for crowd-funding, it would appear that none of the major player’s are involved in its development at this time. Does anything in Mr. Marsh’s patent history suggest he might, for example, bring in a Phillips Respironics or Fisher & Paykel should the technology prove viable?


If this product gets put on the market I will be the first in line. Can’t stand my CPAP machine.

Stanley Swartzel

The concept is wonderful…but, I use nasal pillows now…what in the world holds this cpap in the nostrils when it ramps up the pressure?? I don’t see anything about how it is held in place. The current style of nasal pillows sure would not stay in place with air pressure applied without the strap(s) to hold them. I can’t see how this would be different?

Sandra Thompson

How much does one cost? I need one for my husband.

Derek Campbell

Please keep me informed about this product sounds good. But yes they still have a few hurdles to get over. But its definitely a good start!


How would this work for mouth breathers or those that have a deviated septum contributing to sleep apnea? The problem with nasal masks is that if the mouth opens up during sleep, the air escapes and treatment is ineffective. Are there plans to create a device that covers nose and mouth?

Reina Patel

@Krista Birmingham
The device is claiming it can achieve up to 20cmH2O. As far as open mouth sleepers, I haven’t seen that issue addressed yet. My guess is, you would still need a some form of a chinstrap. But who knows, maybe they re-invented the wheel there too :) . I’ll keep my ear to the ground and let you know if I hear anything.

Reina Patel

@Luann @Sandra Thompson
They are claiming to target each disposable device at $3.

Reina Patel

@Scott A.

No problem! Good question…I tried digging up any correlation between his past patents and any “major players,” but there was nothing standing out. He does however have a consistency of bringing technology to the table. For instance, Fuel cell and power chip technology. Which is a continuation to an older patent involving semiconductor wafers integral to engineering a way to burn cleaner fuel. This technology was pursued originally by NASA but more recently it’s been huge for the automotive industry. Chrysler and Ford invested over $700 million to back this invention as legislation is cracking also down on “green energy” sources. So to circle back to your main question, will F&P, PR, or ResMed feel like getting in the game here? I could see it going multiple ways. They could support the crowd funding campaign by investing in the prototype and essentially partner with Airing. Or, get in the royalty game. Who knows what the right move will be, but eventually they’ll have to get in before they don’t fit in.

Reina Patel

@Stanely Swartszel
I agree the concept is revolutionary. Normal nasal pillow mask is usually about 4.5 o, while this device is suppose to be under an ounce! So the nasal pillows are more likely to stay in place.

Reina Patel

@Derek Campbell
Agreed. I suggest signing up here to stay in the loop: http://www.cpap.com/newsletter_in.php?trackLabel=AiringMicropap

Reina Patel

I haven’t seen that issue addressed yet. My guess is, you would still need a some form of a chinstrap. Honestly, it’s too early to tell. Their main goal right now is to focus on the crowd funding campaign so they can further develop this idea.

Reina Patel

Thank you!

Reina Patel

@ For all of you who want to stay in the loop, I encourage signing up for CPAP.com newsletters.

Sign up- http://www.cpap.com/newsletter_in.php?trackLabel=AiringMicropap

Reina Patel

@Lynette Iim
This product is still in beta.

Reina Patel

@John Sworst
Sure thing! Since this product is still in beta I doubt will hit the shelves tomorrow, but CPAP.com is planning on carrying this product should it be everything it’s promising.

I recommend signing up for CPAP.com’s newsletters in the meantime: http://www.cpap.com/newsletter_in.php?trackLabel=AiringMicropap

Reina Patel

@Darrell Camp
Even when it could potentially be “better” it’s human nature to question change. But I agree, too cool to want to pass up. They are launching a crowd funding campaign on June 15th. It’s currently not approved by the FDA so doubt they are available for testing at this moment.

Reina Patel

@Robert L. Frye
I know! You can literally go anywhere without being inconvenienced. Agreed, go Airing! Hope their campaign pulls through for them. If you want to stay in the loop about CPAP equipment feel free to sign up here: http://www.cpap.com/newsletter_in.php?trackLabel=AiringMicropap

Reina Patel

@Sheron Beavers
This works the same way just with different technology. The part that fits into your nostrils looks very similar to a nasal pillow cushion. The device itself is intact with tiny “micro-blowers” creating the air pressure.

Reina Patel

Haha, I know at first blush its seems a bit of a mystery. In order for insurance to confirm compliance there has to be a way to view those results. But I think we might be getting a head our ourselves since it’s not yet approved by the FDA. Once they are able to get this prototype off the ground, I’m sure those technicalities will follow. Apparently, this new delivery system releases air flow in such a way where it wont dry out your nasal passages, in turn relieving the idea of humidification.

laurie burcham

I would love to try this. I already use the nasal pillow. This looks awesome.


Although it’s interesting it faces MANY issues. First of all about 80% of all CPAP users are mouth breathers and a nasal pillow is not usable. Second what happens when pressures hit 19 or so and this thing flys out of the nose?? Maybe consider the SIM card ALL CPAP machines have for our doctors to keep an eye of both sleep patterns and compliance for insurance. This may be a grand idea, a wireless, homeless CPAP – problem is better to make one for the masses (mouth breathers) and also that way have room for SIM a card. Also headstrap on masks now is to keep thing on due to the PRESSURE put out so no way this thing stays in that’s simple physics. I’d be happy wearing the headstrap and using a full face mask with this technology – still takes away the big bulky machine on nightstand and the hoses. Just saying this thing won’t happen in current configuration because of the pressure issue and the SIM card issue, physics and reporting aren’t going to back down.


I am excited about this….i am definitely interested. I will help you test it if you need further research. Also, please let me know if you need a cpap prescription to get it. I have went in for a sleep study and know i need a cpap, but i move around alot and can’t handle it.

eric mansir

I would love to demo one of these.


I’ve used a cpap machine for years and i hate it! I can’t wait to try this cuz i don’t do well with the hose every time i change position. Looking forward to seeing this on the market. If you need a test subject, I’m your gal!

john labianca

were do I buy one need it bad have presribtion

Peggy Shuping

Sounds great, can air flow be adjusted, would be interested in being in trials. Are you selling stock at this time.


What is cost ,how to get delivery
How much time it will last
How will it maintain pressure

Jerry J

This would be great for travel and camping where no electricity is available. Please keep me informed on this product.

Reina Patel

@Peggy Shuping @john labianca

This product is still in beta and looking for funding to launch, so currently unavailable to purchase. If you want to stay informed, I suggest signing up here http://www.cpap.com/newsletter_in.php?trackLabel=AiringMicropap. We are always talking about new CPAP products, therapy advances, and more.

Reina Patel

This new device is claiming to be low cost (aiming for $3 a pop), disposable, delivery system containing new technology eliminating the need for a traditional setup. It’s said to last up to 8 hours before having to dispose.

Judith G.

Have heard family & friends complain about cords & hoses. I’m sure they would love to try this.

PH Reed

Will they EVER be made with a RECHARGABLE BATTERY? Or a way to change JUST the battery so that cost can be made even lower? Seems like such a waste to dispose of it after every use.

Pam Mayo

if this product is going to change so many CPAP users, why can’t they get funding in a normal way. I can’t imagine asking potential customers to fund it for free. This should be a product investors fight for. It takes millions to go thru FDA and a very long time. I’ve heard that all a company had to do is pay the agency a whole lot of money and they will approve it. This whole thing might be as stated or its s great way to scam a lot of people. I hope it is really going to be available.

Michael Salsano

Sounds promising,Humidiification is a big factor. Maybe if I increase the humidification in my bedroom it might compensate for the lack of humidified air.Maybe you won’t even need a humidifier. Sure do hope it works .I will be first in line to try it .I hate my auto bi pap. 15 years now and progressively losing my health. What about noise?
This would be so great I cannot even nap anywhere because when I sleep without my machine I am really not sleeping. What a tortured life.Not many people really understand, not even my family………

Lathrop Bob

If this isn’t vapor ware then it is great news. CPAP was a life saver for me but every time I put the mask on it’s torture.
And for the lady who says it will be more romantic. That is creepy is so many ways I can’t count them. Nothing says good romance better than an electronic device stuck up your nose.

Jason Horn

I have read that it will be a disposable unit. Any chance it will be made so that you can replace the batteries? I am currently using a cpap at 15. How will the pressure be set? Can the individual set/adjust the pressure?

Tom P

At $3 each, and battery life of 8 hours (not rechargeable nor replaceable) may be too expensive for average CPAP user.


Not even made yet just an idea of a prototype looking for crowdfunding so dont get excited. Single use – 8hrs max for about $3 A TIME. IF this is so good why have the bigs boys not got in to try and buy rather than leaving to the public to take a chance?

Víctor Alvarez



this concept and idea looks great. As a former poster mentioned it does not appear to have FDA approval yet. I’m sure that if and when it does get FDA approval, one of the big companies will want to pick it up.
To be honest I’m a little skeptical because it seems a little to good to be true. Also, given the FDA process it will be years before we see thee commercially available.

Terry I

I have many questions about this as I have read above, cost, insurance coverage, humidification? How will this all work? It sounds wonderful!

Kathleen Carman

Apparently I am a “mouth breather” — how would this work to solve that problem. Would I have to use a chin strap along with the device?


My husband and I are compliant CPAP users. I’m really excited by the Airing. I love the idea of not having to do the filter and hose maintenance, plus what a boon for travel!


How would this work if someone is on oxygen at home

Roger Winchester

I would love to have this! I have been on a cpap for 3 years now for severe obstructive sleep apnea… This is something I need when I travel! Will medicare cover it? Will it function like a regular cpap? If so, I would love to be one of the testers!


I still have a need for keeping my mouth from falling open at night. I’ve tried and wasted a lot of money on chin straps. I haven’t found any that work.


Thanks Reina for all the info answers you have provided here!! This is exciting news! Been using a cpap for 10 years; nasal pillows all 10. I’d love to be tester for this product! $3 a pop sounds inexpensive at first, but if you do the math, it’s $1,095/yr to replace one every day if the battery lasts 8 hrs. (Also, not crazy about filling up the landfills with these – would they be recyclable?) That being said, can’t wait for this to come to market! But until they find a way to recharge the battery, I would use this only for traveling or those times I want to take a nap without firing up my machine.

Brendan Duffy

Do we get a stake in the poential profits if we invest? Is this some type of Ponzi deal? Momma told me if it sounds too good…..

Good Luck !

Ed Reyes

I hope this new gadget works also for mouth breathers.

SK Woods

It sounds wonderful, except for the disposable thing – that just sounds like a lot of waste – 365 little machines thrown away in a year, per person…


I would be first in line to try this new CPAP! It sounds like the answer to so many little problems associated with CPAP use: size, portability, electrical, comfort, etc. We were on a cruise ship and I had to request a 25 foot extension cord as the only outlet was on the other side of the cabin! I simply do not sleep without my CPAP and this would be just the perfect thing for not only me but thousands of others with chronic sleep apnea.


The word “disposable” carries with it concerns both on long term cost AND proper waste disposal.

I hope it will be supportive of the REDUCE/REUSE/RECYCLE concept.

Bill Stafford

sounds fake

Ron Shamess

Sounds great BUt,
How does it stay in place without leaking ?
Humidification ?
heating ?
Pressure limits ?
Battery cost ?
Weight ?
Filtering ?

Jim Maynes

Is this programmable sao you can set to the pressure you need?

Maggie Marion

The only negative I could see to this is the disposable factor..Hate waste. But I am noncompliant with my tubes and noise and fit of my cpap so this sounds very good.

H Vane

Interested? Yes. Biggest hurdle will be to get FDA approval as big companies will no doubt lobby against it as it would pretty much put them out of busness. In the meantime, now using PROVENT and love it. Read about it under Accessories,Alternative Therapies. No machine, no hose, no mask, nothing to clean. Same concept and already on the market. Very easy to use, had no problem adapting using the starter kit. No problem with dry throat or dry nose. Picture a small round band-aid with a vent in the middle. Apply one to each nostril. Disposable. Ninety-day supply runs $184.00 … about $2 each. They suggest mouth breathers use a chin strap. Only problem is there is no way to show compliance. I am so fed up with my insurance I don’t bother with them anymore for CPAP stuff. Fortunately,we have cpap.com and can buy supplies without approval from the insurance intermediary.


No humidification.
Not programmable.
Not rechargeable, 8-hour battery life.
Disposable, one-time use only.
Expected cost $3 per unit.

Not a cpap replacement in my opinion.

Could be useful for traveling, power outages, naps.

Sheridan Jackson

This is what the sleep-walking community has been praying for.


This would be a godsend.


What keeps the device from falling out of your nose because of the pressure?


I would like to know the cost to the public?

Susan Ritchie

I would love to test run this product for you. I travel a lot and would love to give it a go.

Susan Ritchie

I live in Australia. Will this product be available to ship here?

Eileen Ranson

Will be so happy to see this out. Sure am thinking of buying one. Hope it will work. Had a CPAP machine & like so many other people could not cope with it.

George Smith


Was this a paid placement? Reason I ask is you seem to be taking alot on faith. Nothing in this persons patent portfolio is related to this technology and numerous aspects of the “product” do not yet exist.

Many in the industry are suspecting this may be a scam. He is promising nothing to the indigogo crowdfunders… and the lack of traditional investors may be telling.

Even if not a paid placement, how can we trust cpap.com if they dabble in the pseudosciences?

Vera Lúcia Carneiro de Castro

I would Love to Be (maybe) THE first brazilian patient to try this new invention. Good Luck, I Am looking forward to this new concept of sleeping in wonderful conditions. My brother leaves at Florida, American, and i Am able to try this experiment.
Best regards

randolph p

keep me posted on this. would love to be a volunteer

Loyola Siep

I’d be VERY interested in testing this if you need testers. At home I have little trouble, but in motels there is not always a convenient outlet. I try to remember to travel with an extension cord. I too have questions about the power source, and humidifying ability.

John Wasilczyk

Love the product concept. Would make international travel so much easier rather than worrying about voltage adapters, plugs etc. as well as carrying a full machine.


i want it NOW!

Janeen W

This would be great for camping- the sound of the generator running all night to power my cpap kind of kills the whole “let’s fall asleep to the sounds of the forest” idea!! If you need a tester, I’m your girl!!

Julia Holland

This needs to be rechargable to make it feasable to take on vacation. I am fine with my home unit but it does not travel well (extension cords and bulky to take on a plane).

Marcia phillips

if a patient cannot breathe thru’ their nose and must breathe thru their mouth, how does this benefit/work ?

Mary Accetturo

This sounds like an excellent product…I am really looking forward to its availability.


Their web site say one 8 hour of use. Not rechargeable and you can’t replace battery. But no mention of cost. Sounds like a PIPE DREAM to Me.


Hope this will be available soon.


Would love to try this.

Becky Ross

I would do ANYTHING to not have to use a cpap. But this sounds like the solution to many problems. I have only been using one for 2 years but have problems with masks. Keep us informed!

Paul Magee

To be free of mask and tube!

tyrone ghio

hi iv’e used the cpap machine for years when i travel on a short distance in a plane its ok but when it’s on a long distance i can’t use it so i think that this new machine is perfect

john ayton

l would like to know more about this batter operated style of treatment for sleep apnea,how much is projected cost.. how does battery last? please keep me informed thank you

anne lau

looking forward to this new innovation.it would be a great relief for CPAP users with its light weight , at home or traveling. only dependency is ” affordability ” which I am sure lots of potential users are eager to find out.

Physics graduate

x-post from the Airing FB page:

The Airing website talks about MEMS devices to try to give scientific credence to this project. MEMS pumps are used for example in bio-medical circles to deliver drugs etc. They are not designed for high flow rate usage.
The simplified diagram Airing show with -/+ electrostatic MEMS pump. The flow rate of these MEMS pumps are typically around a few cc/min ( 0.001 litre/min) The typical human inspiration rate is 10 litres per minute, we are are many orders of magnitude out in terms of flow. Besides, each pump is not the size of a pin hole as they show.

So how small are these pumps? If you search online you will find the overall package of these pumps are much larger. eg. for one single pump http://www.bartels-mikrotechnik.de/…/15/21/lang,english/ You can check the flow/pressure/power consumption Can you imagine packing 1000 of these into a Airing device. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0nA-H0FfBM
The larger mp6 costs around 3 USD … just for one…

I do note however that DARPA (with it’s multi billion budget) recently created a MEMS pump array for use by NASA in their spectrometers, which was around the size of a penny/dime. So do you think it’s possible for lone inventor to create a CPAP pump that small to pump a significant volume of air? Also this DARPA pump was designed to evacuate air to create a vacuum in 1mm3 of volume.

Also, in practice scaling position displacement pumps in parallel does not lead to perfect linear scaling by Bernoulli equation, but output will follow a system curve that accounts for various losses and you reach of point of diminishing returns. So I dont see how having hundreds (let alone thousands of these micropumps will ever work) enough fishing around….

Go figure… (I know where my money is going… and that’s not into any potential scams)

Good luck to you all in treating your sleep apnea. I’ve just undergone a maxillo-mandibular advancement surgery because everything else including CPAP machine failed due to respiratory structural issues. Hopefully I’ll be cured, but it’s early days as yet…

marite panopio

Will it work for Bi-pap users as well? Is it programmable to suit needed settings?

Lyle Webster

How do I get one

Phyllis Durose

i can’t wait, what a great improvement over all those tubes and hoses.

mark hayter

If this whole concept were true, you would not need to be seeking people to invest. Investors would be coming to you. Such a device would be revolutionary beyond belief! This stretches the bounds of credulity you ask me.
Sure would like to read something from an objective reporter. I’m just saying.

Walt Bakes

The warning here is that it’s being crowdfunded. Crowdfunding reminds me of the medicine man who came to town in the old Westerns, selling snake oil. You can fool thousands of Internet users, it’s much harder to fool investors in a traditional funding scheme.

This device does not exist in reality, all you’re seeing is a plastic shell. It will never be produced, and if you invest in it you will lose all your money. I’m not kidding, this is a total fantasy. If a company the size of Phillips (owns Respironics, Norelco, Phillips electronic products) can’t produce a device this small, powered by a tiny battery, do you really think some guy in his garage can? You might as well believe in fairies.

Rebecca Rhodus

Can’t wait for it I’m one who has a hard time using mine I have small children and getting up and down taking mine off is a pain so most of the time I don’t wear mine.

Jim Fackert

Sorry to be scheptical but…. how can they possibly fit a battery, microfans and all in such a small package for such a low price?
The fan technology they mention is not cheap even when mass produced for computer cooling. Plus, a battery pack for a full night run of a modern compact efficient cpap is the size of two big macs and costs 25x what this whole machine costs.
Looks like a pipe dream to me.
i would hesitate to commit to $ until they actually demonstrate something.


My husband would be interested in testing the product (until it is on the market for purchase). He has severe sleep apnea.

cathy nourse

Will united health of Minnesota cover this? I hate wearing mine so I don’t.


i want to be informed as soon as these go on the market

Ron La Rose

I’m very interested because a large part of my retired lifestyle is outdoors, fishin, hunting camping etc. I want to do some extended back pack trips but my current cpap makes that almost impossible. I’m so hooked on my cpap if the power goes out I wake up and can’t sleep, so this device would be very attractive. More information on availability, price etc. would be appreciated.

Carma Jean Rausch

As others, I am noncompliant. I travel out of the country fairly regularly and don’t want to carry equipment or become attached to a CPAP due to travel. This looks ideal.

Ana Salandra

We’ll keep you posted!

Ana Salandra


This will definitely be helpful for people who travel often. In the meantime, I’d invite you to take a look at these travel friendly CPAPs.

Ana Salandra

According to Airing’s estimated timeline it may be available around July 2017 and cost $3 per device, or $0.60 after insurance reimbursement. In the meantime, you may want to consider a portable CPAP battery that works with one of these travel friendly CPAPs.

Ana Salandra


The Airing is still under development, so it’s hard to tell for a fact. But hopefully it will be covered by insurance.

Ana Salandra

The Airing is still under development. But will hopefully become available around July 2017 according to the Airing’s estimated timeline.

Ana Salandra


In the meantime, you may want to look at a portable CPAP battery. This should help you with longer flights.


Need More information on availability, price etc. would be appreciated and I’m very interested for this one and want to be alert

gregory smith

i hate cpap machine can you tell me when and how i can order a airing?

Aaron Long

I would like to test this device.

Perry Raivala

i would really like to try this product.
I snore bad people can’t take it.
I have slept good in years.
Please let me know how I can try this

jacquelyn galluzzi

can hardly wait please hurry..


Can this be purchased now? And how can we purchase it also for how much?


Disposable after approx 8 hrs use..!!
So do these get binned or what??
I’m hoping there is a recycle/returns policy?
Seems an awful waste IMHO

Mark Lawton

I can’t see this working. Getting enough power, and air throughput I can see a problem right away.

The battery would never last.

This will be a flop I think.

Disposable is a bad idea. If it did work I would hook a couple of wires up to it and use a DC power supply.

No way will the battery you can fit in there deliver the power required and last.

Jim Fackert

The Airing is TOTAL FANTASY!!!!
Impossible on every technical front. The device shown cannot possibly house microblowers, control and power source adequate to have any effect on breathing, much less approach the normal cpap pressure and flow levels claimed.
The device is barely large enough to even breath through if there is -nothing- inside it! And it would have to retail for at least $3 with nothing inside.
The “inventor” and endorsing doctors should be ashamed for their naivete if not downright lies in proposing, endorsing and asking for funding this “device”.

Julia Schaer



Is this new cpap device available for purchase, if so where or is it still in the testing stage?

Sandy elliott

I am very excited about this concept and would like to be a test subject for it.


Where do I buy these? When can I buy them?

Reina Patel


These are not currently available for sale. Its a concept that raised over 1/2 million so far by crowd funding. They are currently using those funds to accelerate their mission, to create a mask-less CPAP device.

Reina Patel

@marite panopio
Great question. As of right now this is just being engineered for one single pressure.

Reina Patel

@john ayton

The information we know has been gathered above on this page. This new concept has been projected to cost $3 a pop, not to mention, disposable too.

Reina Patel

@Ron Shamess

This device has been designed to be light weight with flexible nasal pillows to accommodate a variety of facial features. With this new design, the necessity behind humidification/heating will be obsolete. Feel free to read the FAQ section for more details.

Reina Patel


No problem, I’m glad you found it helpful! You’re right, super exciting but there’s a world of skepticism. This is just the beginning, and I’m glad someone is seeing the need for a device like this. We all have to be mindful that innovation doesn’t happen over night.

Reina Patel


Do you unknowingly remove your chinstrap at night? Or, do they slip off? Have you tried a full face mask?

Reina Patel

@Kathleen Carman

If you are a mouth breather, then you would still find a chinstrap useful in this case. But who knows, this concept could eventually evolve and accommodate mouth breathers too!

Reina Patel


That’s true, since it’s still in its early phase, chances are this won’t come to market for another few years. And that’s not a very conservative timeline. FDA processes often take a company years in itself.


I to wear a nasal pillow mask every night this does seem to be the answer to the long hoses that get in the way sometimes,i would love to no more about this an where i may buy it.


My nose closes up at night and I have to use breathing strips, or I can’t breathe. I can’t sleep on my back because my throat closes up. I would love to try this new devise. I would need medicare to cover this. Will you let people know when this devise is ready?

Ken Crowell

Very Interested. Would love to beta-test! Put me down please


I’m a 52 year old CPap user for 10 years now. This sounds Scifi. As bad as I want this to work, I have some questions and concernes, as well as hopes. This would be great when I travel long distances on planes. Even in first class they frown on load snoring, so I have to stay awake. My concerne is with all that pressure, how does it stay in your nose. With all these proposed micro blowers, how long do the batteries last. I would like to be a tester for a proto type. I will tell the truth on it’s effectiveness. As an investor with my money and others to put to use, I would like answers. Answers and disclosure could very well equal some serious money for the project. Let me know.


Jim Fackert

has anyone with cpap.com seen any kind of demonstration of a prototype of this device?
Have any of the “doctors” on the advisory board been contacted? Have they seen any demonstration that this project has any credibility?
What makes them think it is possible?
Until then, I put this in the “total fantasy” category and would not “invest” a penny in it.
A throw away full range cpap machine for the cost of two packs of gum?!!
come on.

Reina Patel

@George Smith

Its very normal to be suspicious of this much innovation. You’re right, seems to good to be true. On the contrary, our blogs are not paid placements but instead intending to lend knowledge and additional perspective to the CPAP industry.

CPAP.com is not promising this product on the market in anyway. Instead we are just following its progress and updating those who are interested in the same thing we are, development.


I have tried the TAP and traditional CPAP and cannot tolerate either so I continue to struggle with the fatigue, aches and memory loss associated with sleep apnea – i CANNOT wait for this product to be available!!!

George Volgyesi

I just do not see how it is possible to power such a device with such small batteries for more than a few minutes. I have an Everest CPAP machine which has a battery that weighs several pounds,and only lasts for less than 8 hours.


Since it is disposable, how often do you have to replace it?

David K

I want to be a beta tester. I have driven my wife from the bed with my snoring and my brother has had a heart attack from the start and stop of his breath. I don’t want to die. Help me!


When it comes on the market I would like to


I need one my cpap machine fell on the floor from tossing and turning.

Linda Stock

How could my husband become a volunteer to try Airing?

Larry Klocke

would like to try

Rory Derrick

Hello, my name is Rory Derrick, I have been a CPAP machine user since 2003 and I would like to find out more about the Airing Cpap device or even to be a test subject for this device, I am very interested in purchasing or even acquiring some of these machines as I see they are disposable, can you please contact me for any required information that’s necessary, I use my CPAP machine right now at the setting 18 so please let me know as soon as possible .
thank you,
Rory Derrick.


My little girl is scared of the CPAP machine and mask. It would be wonderful to have another option.

Carmen Migens

I would like to be informed when this product is approved for public use.

lopes fonseca

I’m from PORTUGAL, where can I purchase this, to try the device and/or become am Airing distributor?

Lynne Stevens

My husband is disabled and uses the nose mask for his sleep apnea. During the night if the mask comes off or the straps come off he has to wake me to get it put back together so he can continue his sleep. Needless to say I’m awakened several times a night and am not getting sleep myself. Do you think this might be a benefit to him. He has very severe sleep apnea?

First Last

When I first heard of this I was psyched. More optimistic than pessimistic about its chance of success. Even sent Airing $25 which allows you to be a tester of the device. Now, after reading this blog, I’m afraid I’m more pessimistic than optimistic. It doesn’t seem to add up. I hope I’m wrong, but I doubt it…If it were to ever come close to being produced and coming to the market, I am sure the giant sleep machine companies of the world would pull out all the stops to prevent it…which is unfortunate as they should be concerned about their clients, and not the bottom line on their balance sheets…but if they were to all lose their jobs…

Van vega

Is it available for testing or purchase? Is so where?


Pure scam. Physics says, “Energy can neither be created, nor destroyed”. Tell me how my normal inhalation is going to be jacked up to my required 15cm H2O and blasted down my windpipe by “micro-blowers”. Ain’t gonna happen. And I agree with Jim Fackert on it being fantasy, and George Volgyesi regarding batteries. Mr. Marsch may (or may not) have 75 patents, but patents can be for totally inane things. Plus, if they were of any commercial value why does he need crowd-funding. A great scam, especially with the physicians making non-committal comments on something that “…if it works…”. Don’t hold your breath.
Get it? Hold your breath?

Reina Patel

@Lynne Stevens

Masks can be troublesome if the user unintentionally takes it off or moves it in their sleep. The only real way around this would be to make sure he has been fitted for the right type of mask. The “unintentional” could in fact be intentional should he be experiencing air leaks, or if the straps are too tight and the cushion is pressing into his face. There are many factors to why this could be happening. If the Airing does in fact make it to the market, this could be beneficial should it support his prescribed pressure.

In the mean time, you can refer to this handy mask guide to ensure you are taking the right steps when wearing a CPAP mask.

Or, please don’t hesitate to call one of CPAP.com’s experts at 1 800 356 5221.

Reina Patel

@Rory Derrick

Just so you know, CPAP.com is not involved with the launch of this product. However, we are monitoring its progress as it goes from beta to full blown FDA approved product. Once that happens, we want to be able to provide CPAP users with this new ground breaking device.

To stay informed I suggest checking back periodically on our blog to see if there have been any updates, or feel free to sign up for our newsletters at http://bit.ly/1FwwWZ9

Snake Oil

Red flags all over the place. People who has worked in product development of ANY sort knows this is like asking for beachfront property in Arizona. You can’t hit the pressures of CPAP with micro-fans on battery power for 8 hours – plain and simple. The manufacturer is responsible for building and testing the prototypes? Very odd. Why can’t your internal team of wizards do it? Maybe they’re assuming they’ll get it right on the first try. Best of luck schmuck.

Jim Keefer

Don’t see how this can be very dependable or useful.


There is absolutely NO way the battery in this thing is large enough to pump the volume of air required for even a partial nights sleep.

Nice idea but it’s not possible with current batteries.


What is the latest news on this device? 2 questions immediately come to mind: Does it have the power to blow air into the nostrils and secondly, how much would it cost?

Peter C.

As a few people have pointed out, this is a far fetched idea given the current state of batteries.

Likely, every who funded the Airing really funded someone to patent this type of technology so that down the road (20 years?) they will have the sole rights.

Just not realistic and using crowd funding is a HUGE red flag.


As much as I hope that they are able to develop a working model, there are too many red flags for me. The biggest being that on Airing’s Facebook page, everyone who has posted the link about the lawsuit against Stephen Marsh for breach of fiduciary duty has subsequently seen their post deleted and they have been banned from commenting on the page.

I myself have been banned from commenting on their Facebook page for simply clarifying to a few other posters that there is no working prototype yet. I was neither lying nor being abusive in any way and yet I was banned. If I had been a troll, I would understand being banned. But this? This smells of trying to cover up an embarrassing truth.

I’ve dealt with crowdfunding scammers in the past so I’ve learned to vet them before giving them my money. I wouldn’t recommend contributing to the Airing campaign until they have a working model that has FDA approval and they have gone into production.

Oh, and here’s the link to an article about that lawsuit:



Correction: The above post should have said “that lawsuit against former directors by Stephen Marsh”. Apparently, Marsh let the company go into bankruptcy so that he could maintain control of the technology, which he was never able to successfully perfect.

Interestingly, Marsh’s company has “never produced a viable commercial product and never generated a consistent stream of revenue.”


How often the Airing devise has to be changed and a new one to be used?
Is there going to be a rechargeable version as well?

Paulo Eugenio Dutra

Where can i buy airing? How much is it?

scott artigue

I would love to try this product, have tried manny none have been successful, some help but not a fix. If would like to have me try this, let me know thanks

James Thompson

How do we get one?

Ana Salandra

The Airing is under development. But there are many small masks and machines available now at http://www.CPAP.com

Glema Smith

Let me know when they are offered to the publix I have troubles with wearing any of those mask. I have suck a terrible fear of anything covering my face. I have been trying to wear my mask for over a years and it is not getting any easier. Have to take a sleeping to keep the thing on my face. Please let me know when you have anything available. Sincerely, Glema Smith

Michael V Meinert

please keep me informed as to when I can purchase this device

Modern Technology

Sorry, modern technology does not support this fantasy. If we could make batteries that small to do that much work we would be able to commute powered by a D-cell battery. If we had the technology to move micro baffles fast enough to move that much air it would generate so much heat you would not want it near your nose. If any company ever develops the technology to address even half the issues preventing such a product you can bet multi million dollar investors will be clamoring for the opportunity to buy or even rent a piece of it.

There is absolutely nothing legitimate about this repackaged Provent scam. I cannot understand why this site is advertising it in such a favorable light.

Dana Khan

Please keep me informed as to when I can purchase this device.


I am a Respiratory Therapist with sleep apnea, faithfully using my CPAP machine. I would be very interested in trailing this product.

Wayne Causey

We travel 6 to 8 times a year on cruises and going to Mexico and Europe. It is next to impossible these days to carry a cpap without some type of hassle with TSA and security screening at airports. I would love to be a test subject for this to try and work with for traveling.


Keep me informed when I can purchase the device

avi faraj

I was visiting the US I am very interested in buying the machine where I could buy it and how much it costs
good day

Keith Sketchley

This will be fantastic if and when it is real.

I have not seen any indication that the essential pump part of the device has been developed for low-cost manufacture, not even that a prototype was made.

The concept is in general feasible with existing manufacturing technology, but I do not know if it can pump enough for even mild OSA.

Claimed cost is very low for a device even considering the manufacturing concepts.

Their pitch on IndieGoGo lacked information on some aspects of use and had contradictions about nostril interface.

E. W.

Sounds wornderfull


Keep me updated. Brilliant product and god gift

Phongsit C.

Will there be any reusable version of Airing?? It would be great for non-insured condition of sleep apnea people. Thanks.


Where can I buy it

Ajay Verma

I need this small CPAP device -Airing, please suggest where I can buy ?

Connie Burney

I am so excited about this product
if they need people to test this product
I am definitely interested please


Would like to hear comments from a prototype user ala, does this thing work? Interesting that it was being tested as of 6/15/15 but no comments or testing results?

Brian Miller

Keep me updated. I want one.

Lúcia Pimentel

I would love to try it. Where can I buy one?


Onde posso comprar??
Já está disponível no Brasil?


Can’t wait to try one!
Count me in as a tester!

Victor Bastos

Please keep me informed. Tks


Here is the result of my Test:
Per hour, I stop breathing for about 45 times (it is almost like stopping breathing for every minute of the hour!). Each time I stop breathing is for about 17 seconds! (17sc x 45 = 765 seconds not breathing per hour!). Would the AIRING MINI-CPAP really help me with the right oxygen pressure that I need?!!! If so, I couldn’t be happier for finally being able to eliminate the Claustrophobic feeling every night because of that huge mask all over my face! Thanks a lot Mr. Inventor! May The Lord Bless Your Soul!!!! Eliane Boechat

Carlos Sanchez

This is a great idea, I will be available for testing it.

Andy mills

Are they on sale now if so were can I buy one


How can they have any idea what the insurance reimbursement will be? This is pie in the sky. This can’t be done and if it could, it wouldn’t be 3 bucks. Look up the founder and see what he has done in the past.

Santiago Cerna

How could I get the Airing in Mexico? when does it comes out for sale? what is the Price? I can´t find this information…

Ian irvine

So would love to try this! Will it be available in the uk?


If it is disposable, will there be a recycling program for these? That is an awful lot of waste for one night’s use.


Seriously folks, it isn’t for sale. It isn’t going to be available ever. Stephen Marsh is just looking for an indigogo money grab. This device is physically impossible (yes, really, physics say no to this). Just look even at the pictures… no CPAP device can even work unless it covers both the nose and the mouth. Sure, it would be wonderful too if there were a magic pill that cures cancer in one dose, maybe that will be Marsh’s next project.

jay hearne

People, listen. From what I know as respiratory therapist,that is, with over 25 years experience . With countless hundreds ( hospital, ICU , ER, and chronic care )CPAP clients served. With direct and in depth technical and therapeutic knowledge of dozens of CPAP machines. What I know of the energy demands cpap machines, the need being, that to provide the pressure and flow that is adequate for even people that have LOW cpap levels. Simply Put this device will never succeed. Caveat… unless we someday have batteries that are 1000 times as small and as powerful as current lithium batteries. A thousand times less expensive. it is after all disposable ( LOL ) And fan/ blowers 1000 times a powerful but only maybe 100 times as small.
A pipedream.


Very interesting post!


When is this product going to be available? I am interested on trying it.


Very exciting news, using CPAP sence 1996 about to get my third machine. This would enhance my quality of life.


Would love to test it out. I can provide a data study comparison either with my CPAP and/or my mouthguard (both Resmed) with this invention.

AJ Simkatu

I’m an engineer. This product is a complete joke.

Anyone with a CPAP with nose pillows try this. Take the strap off your nose pillows and stick the pillows straight in your nose. Turn on your CPAP and wait till it reaches full pressure. What happens?

They blow out your nose. It’s physically impossible for this Airing device to work without a strap around your head just like your regular CPAP.

And to have a fan that small produce a useful pressure for Sleep Apnea would make it sound like tornado on the middle of your face.

And there is no way a battery that small could power a device that produces the needed pressure.

And to pretend that it’s all disposable and $3/unit is a complete farce. Anyone that “invested” has been robbed.

With 10-15

Rachelle Homsi

Please keep me informed to when & where i can purchase online this wonderful device.


Please keep me informed to when & where i can purchase online this product.


would use micro cpap. Please send info on how to procure one?

Victor R Huy

por favor necesito un micro cpap, como puedo comprar uno
Please keep me informed as to when I can purchase this device.


This makes CPAP into CRAP.
I can GUARANTEE you that this is NOTHING but a SCAM, it has raised $1 Million from people.

Have been a CPAP user for years and have tried practically ALL of them.
There is NO WAY in the world a disposable nose mask will work.
Firstly even with the nasal pillow cushions, they leek air with a strap attached which helps hold the nasal pillow in place, just imagine without the strap for Gods sake.
This CRAP will leek a profuse amount, not to mention the amount of air this thing must throw is so minimal its hilarious. WHAT A JOKE.

jane e. mcloone

my 91 year old mother has and still cannot tolerate a regular mask of any type I.e fullface nasel pillow, tried them all
how very sad for mother and her 4 loving daughters as without a CPAP she will not see age 92. sadly the new airing will not be available until the year 2017, she won’t make it that long. just within reach yet too far away…


How do I go about testing this product? Please keep me informed.


It seems that most of these people don’t understand Physics. — The world is FILLED with gullible people. PLEASE don’t add to their ranks.


please let me know where i can purchase online this airing mini-cpap

Helen Cannon

would love to test out this new product.


interested in when this is available for testing or when it comes to market


I tried something like this with a head harness loved the freedom the the nosebuds hurt my nose — what will it do to my nose? I have a very slim and skinny nose I gave it up after 2 weeks because it was reshaping my nose and making it bulbous will this do the same ?

Robert Yandell

Very interested in this please send any info


Are they available yet? Would love to give it a shot.

Leslie O'Brien

I have never been able to adjust to my Cpap because I am a restless sleeper. This would be wonderful. When it is available please let me know.

Stacy Zarzycki

Would love to try a prototype…I have had enough of the hoses and masks…need to make a change


I would love for my husband to try this. His snoring is horrific and he sounds like a bulldozer , and thunder and bear and ..,,
Can we try this?

Jack Mehoff

One night’s use??

So, $100 to 180 Per month!! If it is covered by insurance?



I see its well past the release date n yet nothing? If it retails for $3 why do you need fund-raising. By now you could have made and sold thousands.

Bronson K.

I would like to donate something to help this tech become available.
I’m so excited! My wife told me about the Airing. I was blown away. I can’t wait to try it. Best solution ever for sleep apnea sufferers!!!

Charles James Nussbaum

This looks like the answer to the mask and as someone who suffers from this problem I would like to know what it takes to get involved and be a part of the study

Dr. Ramon Argila de Torres y Sandoval

Please let me know when/where this may be purchased.


This sounds great except for “The Airing is meant to be disposed of after a one night’s use.” If a reusable/rechargeable model being considered. I’d love to switch to something without a hose or a large machine, but I don’t think I could justify creating that much waste.


This is fake as Leah said, just as the inventor, not sure why people still back it up when after almost 2 years the project hasn’t even been started … all backers will lose their rights over a refund .. that is the only thing that is being waited on by the company … perfect internet crime since 2-3 years ago .. start a “revolutionary” project that everyone thinks but can’t be done .. make a nice video and trick people to pay …


UH…..I smell a rat. Please don’t fall for this. There is absolutely no way to power this thing for 8 hours let alone blow any significant amount of pressurized air. Maybe, and I mean MAYBE, if it had a power cord that would tether to it but it isn’t shown in the images. I also notice he doesn’t say cordless Just no hoses.


Please keep me updated, i want it first hand I it is going to fly.

arretha cole

I have my name in for testing products,Is it possible that I can test the airing. Thank You, Arretha Cole


I want one of this of my family member please keep informing me about it how to order from india


we want to meet with the manufacture and settle the funding at once, so send the address to us in our mail and the country. this invention is to good to be delayed.

Mark Frazier

I want one as soon as they are available

Kathryn Dixon

I am a practice manager for a Family Practice Group. One of the main problems we see with patients where sleep apnea is concerned, is that most patients don’t like the CPap or BiPap machines and stop using it. This seems to be something that would be far more to their liking and with that, they would use the device on a nightly basis

jorge organes jimenez

i would like to buy please inform me when and how i can purchase an airing thank you

Reina Patel

@Arretha Cole
Unfortunately, CPAP.com is not responsible for finding volunteers who would like to test this device. However, we are following Airing’s development and will post about any major manufacture updates.

Reina Patel

@Charles James Nussbaum
The Airing is still under development. According to Airing’s estimated timeline, it may become available for sale around July 2017. If the Airing proves to be a benefit to CPAP therapy we will do everything we can to carry and make this product available to you.

Reina Patel

@ Bronson K.
Nice pun, “blown away.” :) It is a pretty exciting concept. They had a pretty big breakthrough in there prototyping phase recently. Still looks like its a quite a ways out from being “stocked on shelves,” but still hopeful of its outcome.

Ridwan Mustafiz

is the product available for shipment outside USA. I require it in southeast Asia

Vicky Mays

This sounds like pie in the sky. The inventor did the same with a “fuel cell” and all the investors lost their money, I read. I’m waiting for a product already in FDA trials called BONGO. I heard it really works.


Please let me know when this is available. Thank you!


Any way to speed up the process? July 2017 seems so far away for those of us who want to use this product…

PETER Serino

Like to try this.

Reina Patel

@Peter Serino
The manufacturer is responsible for building and testing the prototypes. CPAP.com is not responsible for finding volunteers who would like to test this device

Reina Patel

@Stacy @Janette,
After reading a recent update by Airing, looks like they’ve made a major break-through with in their prototyping phase but no word yet on when it’ll be available to us.

Reina Patel

@Ridwan Mustafiz

The manufacturer is responsible for building and testing the prototypes. It’s still too early to tell where this product will be available.

Reina Patel

@Andy mills
The manufacturer is responsible for building and testing the prototypes. CPAP.com is not responsible for finding volunteers who would like to test this device.

Reina Patel

@Ian Irvine
The manufacturer is responsible for building and testing the prototypes. CPAP.com is not responsible for finding volunteers who would like to test this device.

amber webb

i am willing to pay for this now with out ins. how do i do about ordering one?
do you take master cards?
will you shipp to the usa
i live in montana and i do not had power as i live off grid and this would be great. i would be willing to send feed back to you to.
i am willing to bve a tester for you.

Heather Varkarotas

@Amber Webb

Airing has made a major break-through with in their prototyping phase but no word yet on when it’ll be available to us. The manufacturer is responsible for building and testing the prototypes. CPAP.com is not responsible for finding volunteers who would like to test this device.

Brett Laffert

Please keep me up dated as I would like to participate in trials

Ben Hart

Looking forward to trying it.

Reina Patel

@Brett Laffert
If you want to stay updated on CPAP products in general I suggest signing up for our newsletter:http://bit.ly/2aAYW3H

The manufacturer is responsible for building and testing the prototypes. CPAP.com is not responsible for finding volunteers who would like to test this device.

Raymond Collado

I’ve been on Bi-Pap since 1993. I had UPPP surgery in 1993 too. It did not work. My pressures are 23 in and 17 out. Can this “Airing” device cover that?

Edward Tyree

I am a Retired Combat Veteran with a severe case of sleep apnea. Is there a way for me to receive the Airing device? I know the Veterans Administration (VA) will not pay for such device. I am on a fixed income, and use a CPAP issued by the VA, and am constantly being wrapped around the cord.

Gina Santisteven

I have had Sleep Apnea for quite awhile now and I am always interested in new devices. I am interested in how can I get an Airing device a portable device I can take with me when I am away from home? And can you bill my insurance? How much is it?
Thank You

Ernesto Conti Dzienisik

I want to buy the airing device and I don´t where buy it

Joseph N Thomas

Is Airing available in United Arab Emirates.

Thanks and Regards,

Joseph N Thomas.

Aaron McCann


The Airing is still in development. It’s still too early to tell where or when this product will be available.

Aaron McCann


The Airing is still in development. It’s still too early to tell where or when this product will be available.

Aaron McCann


The Airing is still in development. It’s still too early to tell where or when this product will be available.

Aaron McCann


The Airing is still in development. It’s still too early to tell where or when this product will be available.

Aaron McCann


The manufacturer is responsible for building and testing the prototypes. CPAP.com is not responsible for finding volunteers who would like to test this device.

Aaron McCann


The Airing is still in development. It’s still too early to tell where or when this product will be available.

Aaron McCann


The manufacturer is responsible for building and testing the prototypes. CPAP.com is not responsible for finding volunteers who would like to test this device.

Aaron McCann


The Airing is still in development. It’s still too early to tell where or when this product will be available.

Aaron McCann


The manufacturer is responsible for building and testing the prototypes. CPAP.com is not responsible for finding volunteers who would like to test this device.

Aaron McCann


The Airing is still in development. It’s still too early to tell where or when this product will be available.

Aaron McCann


The manufacturer is responsible for building and testing the prototypes. CPAP.com is not responsible for finding volunteers who would like to test this device.

Neeraj Vasisth

I live in India can you please help me how could I get this device?

Neeraj Vasisth

I live in India how I can get this device?

Heather Varkarotas

Airing has made a major break-through with in their prototyping phase but no word yet on when it’ll be available to us.

Heather Varkarotas


Airing has made a major break-through with in their prototyping phase but no word yet on when it’ll be available to us.

Heather Varkarotas


Airing has made a major break-through with in their prototyping phase but no word yet on when it’ll be available to us.

Vic Nahabedian

Look forward to find out about this product.

Anthony Semones

Interested in buying some of the Micro CPAP

Aaron McCann


The Airing is still in development. It’s still too early to tell where or when this product will be available.

Aaron McCann


The Airing is still in development. It’s still too early to tell where or when this product will be available.

Aaron McCann


The Airing is still in development. It’s still too early to tell where or when this product will be available.


I have to have a humidifier with my cpap. I can’t see having that? I know I could use in-room standard humidifier but its not the same if you’re in a large room?

Still I’m excited about this. Every night after about 3-4 hrs sleep its trip #1 to the bathroom and I never put my cpap back on because I also have to use the chin strap (mouth breather) this would solve that.

Thank you!

Oscar Tenreiro

I am interested, please inform as soon as you can, when I can buy and where, Thank you.

Janet Mullins

Please keep me informed!! I’ve been a coal user for 4 years and am very interested in This tiny one!

Curt Fehr

How do I go about getting this airing CPap?

Elie Gideon

It seems promising and Airing will not replace our existing CPAP machine as it is for ONE TIME use. Also, I am assuming that the battery will last more than 10 hrs in case you need to have long sleep. Cheers.

Holly Ohman

I would love to try this product for snoring..I’m 57 and sure need some help..tks..

Bruce Fallgren

I love the idea of having no hose…You can sit in your living room or be lying in bed…I want one when they become available…

Robert James

I cannot believe people get taken by this stuff. This *cannot* work. It is physically impossible for their “blowers” to push enough volume of air at sufficient pressure to hold a collapsing airway open. I know, as a former CPAP user, how nice it would be to have such a small device do the job, but it won’t. Their “blower” array will never do the job.

Dianne Ramsey

I am a non compliant, I can not breath or sleep with the standard cpap. I am very interested in the new Airing… Please keep me advised. I would test it or be ready to buy when ever available…

Jose R Perez Martinez

where I can buy this device airing. I need it.
Thank you for your information about it.

Lisa Baker

How do I get one? ASAP?

Elizabeth Amezcua

I am very interested in your product, both for myself and my brother in law.

Charlotte Swanson

Please keep me in the loop with this product. Thanks

srinivas rao a

Portable bluetooth idea i outstanding . But it should be also explored for longterm use or reusable for a month or so.
Need to know the progress of its evolution to bring it to use.

Rick Chadwick

Any idea what noise level all those little micro pumps generate? My wife wouldn’t be impressed if I simply replace my snoring noises with the sound of an electric toothbrush!

Eli Beardy

Waited fro years for a company to come up with such a product. Travel a lot, bulky machine, mask doesn’t fit half of the time, cleaning etc. Why wait for FDA clearance lets do it…

Clayton Dukes

I would LOVE to know what is going on with this project. I donated 500 bucks for their “Membership To Research Panel” over a year ago and have had NO contact for research whatsoever. This thing is either a scam or they are not keeping up on their promises. Either way, I’m pretty upset and feel like I’ve been duped.

Membership To Research Panel
As we develop Airing, you will be on the ground floor and become an official member of our online research panel. You’ll be at the epicenter of Airing’s development, the first to know what’s happening and be a valuable resource for us as we develop the technology. We will run ideas by you, get your feedback on everything from product attributes to pricing to our marketing and communications. You’ll even get a fancy certificate you can frame as a keepsake once Airing is produced.

Heather Varkarotas

Hi Ron,

The Airing is still in its early stages and hasn’t been submitted for FDA approval yet. In the meantime, To keep your CPAP running during power outages, consider purchasing a portable battery. For more information, you may contact our experts at 1-800-356-5221.

Aaron McCann

Hi Anne,

As far as we know the Airing is still very early in its development. Until we get our hands on the product it’s hard to say how it will fit into the nose. In the mean time you can checkout our masks with Free Return Insurance. You can try a mask and if you don’t like it send it back!

Ashley Thompson


This product is still not available yet. There have not been many new developments lately, so hard to say what the future will hold, unfortunately.

Dion Boag

9 years with a nasel mask ,I would love to see something that lets me sleep on my stomach

Valmir Silva

My name is Valmir Silva I’m from Brazil.
I need urgently this product (Airing Micro-CPAP).
How can I do to buy directly from Brazil.

Please, help!!!


Sounds like a scam to me. Best to wait and see. If a product is approved for use by FDA than I would look into it. But I would not give these people any money. If is a scam the money is lost, if it is for real you paid the cost of development and get nothing back (you still have to pay for the one you buy).


The longer they go without a prototype, yet while they still solicit money on Indigogo, the more this smells like a scam. The questions still remain:
1. Why no mainstream media coverage?
2. Why no meaningful progress, despite a huge cash infusion?
3. Why no meaningful outside investment vs. crowdfunding? I’m afraid I fear the answer to this is, because it’s easier to fleece people who know nothing about medical device development.
4. Why aren’t we seeing mainstream medical companies pursuing this same technology? After all, no patents have been issued to Mr. Marsh. Can you imagine how quickly Philips/Respironics would develop a similar device vs. a bunch of garage monkeys as the Airing team seems to be?
5. .How does the Airing team manage to defeat the laws of physics with their device? Moving air is moving air, whether by a large CPAP machine or the Airing device. Thus, they take around the same energy for a mechanical task. Yet no CPAP machines are this small, nor do they use tiny batteries.

This will be a huge black eye for crowdfunding when it goes bust.

Dr. Mohamed Abdelrazig

Iam a Doctor working in K.S.A , I have O.S.A , when and How can I Buy Airing Micro- CPAP
pleas reply for me urgently , thanks

lai wai jane

i would like to purchase airing. ANd please let me know when the stock available?

Ayesha Saghir

i would like to purchase airing. ANd please let me know when the stock available?

Ayesha Saghir

hi i am from paksitan ..i want to buy airing. please let me know when the stock available?

Paul barry

this looks like it could be a fantastic breakthrough product.I hope you are able to develop it soon,I would like to try it



Sharon Hobby

I have tried 2 CPAP machines and can not use them. When will this product be available?
Please send me some information.

Carlos Ugarte

I would like to buy it!


If these are starting production or distribution in six months, how close are they to FDA approval?

Becki Amington

I am hoping that patient’s with central sleep apnea that use an ASV machine would be able to use this!!!!

Scott Meyers

I am very interested in purchasing your product. Please keep me informed when the FDA clears it!

dan wendt

would appreciate being considered for any information being released in the future, thank you


I spend a ton of time in the mountains, this product would sure facilitate fewer nights without cpap. Any word on if this will be available in Canada?


Please let me know when available in Canada..I am a severe sleep apnea cpap user.would be willing to test out the airing micro cpap. Thank you

Clayborn Lewis

When is this going to be available to purchase


I would like to see if this has been approved by Medicare yet? I would like to try this I’ve had a stroke in my sleep already due to my sleep Apnea lost 20% strength in my whole left side I’m very interested in this device


Please send me some information…. ASAP


I haven’t read all the comments. However, I was wondering if you can use the device more than once? Is is reusable?
Or do I need a new one for each night.

Mera Austin

When can I get the airing for my sleep apnea . I am tired of the mask and the hose . Can I get them online at your website . Please text me where I can get this . Thanks Mera


A tiny bit of research would answer ALL of the silly questions that are posted on here. It’s absolutely mind-boggling how dumb most people are.


I am a first time user of a cpap machine. Can’t stand it. when will this device become available and where do I get one…


Today we are on January 17, 2017.
Any update regarding the Airing. Do you know where and what brand would it be sold under?


How can I get one ??

Simon Mears

As a CPAP user, this would be an amazing development. Sadly this has rolled on for far too long, a year plus passed their time lines for prototypes and the release of the product. There is still no prototype it would seem, and yet they are still raising funding. BEWARE of the scam, this seems to be a scam in my opinion.

Gary Maher

How many times can I use each one?

Eugene Silvea

If this is for real I will definitely be a user. The cpap I have been using for the past couple years, to say it nicely, really sucks and has totally taken away all the sex appeal I ever had. This unit could save my life in more ways than one.

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