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Somnetics Transcend Micro CPAP Machine Review: The Perfect Travel Companion

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Traveling light is the secret to on-the-go success, and your CPAP machine is no exception. For avid campers, frequent flyers, or road trippers, a CPAP machine that can adapt to your adventuring lifestyle is a must. We’ve found your perfect travel companion—the brand new Somnetics Transcend Micro Auto Travel CPAP Machine is currently the lightest and smallest CPAP machine on the market, weighing just less than half a pound (0.48 lb) and is around the size of a baseball. 

Regardless of its small size, we highly recommend the Transcend Micro because it packs a punch with an extensive list of the comfort features that you’ve come to know and love in your at-home machine, such as adjustable ramp and pressure relief technology. To make the Transcend Micro stand out even more, it is light- sleeper-friendly to not disturb you or your partner on your travels. The Micro has built-in sound and vibration dampening technology and an included WhisperSoft Muffler to quiet your night wherever you are. 

If this sounds like the dreamiest travel CPAP machine for you and your next staycation, then keep reading our Transcend Micro CPAP review to learn about the features that were designed to make your CPAP therapy more comfortable. 

A Quick Look: Transcend Micro Travel CPAP Machine Specifications

Weight0.48 lbs
Sound Level25 to 29 Decibels
Dimensions3.6” L x 3.6” W x 2.4” H
Pressure Range4 to 20 cm H2O
Operational AltitudeUp to 8,000 Feet
AC Power Consumption100-240 Volts, 50/60 Hz, 1.0A Max Power

What Comes With This Machine? 

In addition to your new travel machine, the Transcend Micro comes with a number of accessories and equipment that are necessary to run your machine. You will need to use or purchase your own CPAP mask. With your Transcend Micro Travel CPAP Machine, you will receive: 

  • Transcend Micro CPAP Machine 
  • Transcend Micro AirFlex 6-Foot Hose 
  • Transcend WhisperSoft Muffler Kit 
  • AC Power Adapter 
  • Transcend Micro Quick Guide
  • Transcend Travel Pouch

An In-Depth Review: The Transcend Micro’s Standout Features

Let’s dive into the section of our Transcend Micro review where we explore what truly makes this machine special, such as exploring its small footprint, quiet design, and comfort features that allow it to compete with your at-home tried-and-trusted machine. 

Smallest CPAP Machine on the Market

When it comes to traveling, the weight of your luggage matters—as we know from airline baggage fees and the increase in the amount of gas burned on road trips. However, traveling without your CPAP equipment will result in interrupted sleep for you and your partner due to the increased possibility of snoring as well as long and exhausting days due to daytime sleepiness. Not treating your sleep apnea on your travels can take away from your vacation due to a lack of quality sleep, causing irritability, grogginess, and the desire to take a nap. To keep your luggage light, leave your at-home machine behind, and explore a lightweight and compact travel CPAP machine

The smallest CPAP machine currently on the market—the Transcend Micro—has a “ball-like” appearance with a flat top and bottom for the machine to rest safely next to you. The machine’s flat top has four controls—a power, Bluetooth, pressure ramp, and dry cycle button—to start or manage your therapy. It is 3.6 in L x 3.6 in W x 2.4 in H. To compare, a 12-fluid-ounce can of soda is 2.6 in L x 4.83 in W x 6.125 in H. In width and height, the Micro is smaller than a soda can, but it is slightly larger in length.

In weight, the Transcend Micro is less than half a pound at 0.48 lb. For reference, the Transcend Micro is about 7.68 ounces. Comparatively, a 12-fluid-ounce can of soda is 13.5 ounces when it is full, accounting for the weight of the aluminum can (14.9 grams). This means that the Transcend Micro is about half the weight of a 12-ounce can of soda. Another comparison is to a standard 300-page paperback book, which weighs around 15.6 ounces, making the book about double the weight of the Micro as well. With the light weight of the Micro, you won’t even notice the addition to your travel backpack. 

Quiet Design for Light-Sleepers

We’ve all been there—when you’re sleeping in an unfamiliar place, it can be harder to fall asleep and stay asleep due to foreign sounds and unknown sleeping arrangements. The last thing you want when traveling is a loud CPAP machine. Thankfully, Somnetics designed the Transcend Micro with sound and vibration dampening technology to quiet the amount of noise expelled from the machine. It has a unique air-bearing blower to deliver your therapy air without the sound of excessive blowing air. To further quiet the night, the Transcend Micro comes with a WhisperSoft Muffler to dampen the sound output for you and your partner.  

Quieter than a whisper, the Transcend Micro has a noise level of 27 decibels, which is comparable to the sound of rustling leaves. The sound level on the Micro can vary by up to two decibels, depending on your settings and if you choose to use the included WhisperSoft Muffler. 

If you’re used to a quiet environment thanks to your standard CPAP machine, the Micro is no exception. In comparison, the at-home, quietest CPAP machine on the market, the ResMed AirSense 10 Card-to-Cloud, clocks in at 26 decibels, making the 27-decibel Transcend Micro the ideal travel machine for a quiet experience while on the road. 

Notable Comfort Features: Adjustable Ramp and Pressure Relief Technology

Designed for your comfort, the Transcend Micro has adjustable ramp technology, GentleRise, to deliver you with a lower pressure when you first turn your machine on. The lower pressure when beginning your therapy ensures that you’re not experiencing your full therapy pressure all at once. The GentleRise feature will gradually increase your pressure settings until your doctor-prescribed pressure is reached. The Micro’s ramp technology is fully adjustable, so you can customize the amount of time it takes to reach your prescribed pressure in a range from zero to 45-minutes. You can also shut the GentleRise Ramp off completely. Before embarking on your travels, test out different ramp settings or select the identical amount of time as your standard machine to achieve the same comfort you’re used to at home. 

In addition to the GentleRise Ramp Technology, the Transcend Micro also has AirRelief Technology, which reduces your pressure on exhalation. You may have heard of this feature referred to as EZEX Pressure Relief Technology on previous Somnetics machines. If you’ve come to know and love the EZEX Pressure Relief feature, don’t fret—the AirRelief Technology is the same comfort feature you’re used to. The AirRelief Technology makes for a more natural breathing experience. When you breathe against your full prescribed pressure, you could experience breathlessness or difficulty catching your breath. To counteract this, the AirRelief Technology lowers your exhalation pressure while keeping your inhalation pressure the same to ensure your airway stays open.

Convenient 30-Minute Drying Mode for Your Mask and Hose

When you’re traveling, the last thing you want to do is worry about or waste your precious vacation time drying your CPAP hose or mask. With the push of a button, the Transcend Micro will start the convenient 30-minute drying mode, which removes any excess water from your previous night of therapy in your CPAP mask and hose to reduce contamination buildup. When moisture sits in your CPAP mask and hose, it can cause bacteria and mold to develop. Sitting water can also cause unwanted odors, which you may breathe in during your next night of sleep apnea therapy. When you turn on the drying cycle, a steady stream of air will flow through your hose to your mask to dry your equipment, ensuring that they are dry and ready to use when it’s time to hit the hay after a long day of adventures. 

Compatible With Most CPAP Masks

A unique feature of the Transcend Micro is that it can be used with (almost) any CPAP mask. With the Micro, you don’t have to compromise on your mask selection or purchase a totally new one, reducing your overall travel CPAP equipment costs.

However, there are a few versions of ResMed CPAP masks on the market that are only compatible with the AirMini Travel CPAP Machine. If you have one of these AirMini masks, it will not work with the Transcend Micro or any other machine.

Reliable Travel Battery Solution

If your next adventure takes you off the grid, a portable battery is the perfect travel companion. The Transcend Micro is compatible with the PowerAway P8 Portable Battery, which can be used as both a travel battery and a battery backup in the event of a power outage if you have it charged and ready to go at home. The PowerAway Battery can power your machine for up to 14 hours of run time, depending on factors such as your pressure settings or humidifier use. The Transcend Micro comes with an AC Adapter so that you can plug your machine into a standard wall outlet in the United States or Canada. If you are traveling abroad or to a country with a different outlet type, add a plug adapter to your CPAP setup to use your machine whenever life takes you.

FAA-Approved for In-Flight Use

For your next long cross-country or international flight, you can use your Transcend Micro on the plane with your PowerAway P8 Portable Battery, as it is FAA-compliant. 

AirMist Heat Moisture Exchange: Waterless Humidification 

If a traditional or built-in humidifier is a must-have in your at-home CPAP setup, then that should be an important feature in a travel machine. A CPAP humidifier adds moisture to your therapy air to prevent a dry mouth or nose. If you’re traveling to a drier or colder climate, then a humidifier will be even more beneficial to provide you with moist, warm air that can help relieve congestion. Luckily, for all our humidifier lovers, the portable Transcend Micro has AirMist Heat Moisture Exchange (HME) Technology, which is waterless humidification that allows you to leave the distilled water at home. When you breathe out, the HME traps the humidity from your exhaled breath and recirculates it back for your inhaled breath. HME allows you to receive the benefits of humidification without having to pack a separate humidifier. The AirMist HME will work with any CPAP mask without a short tube. Masks, like the AirFit P10 and the AirFit N20, have a short tube, which extends out and away from you and is about six inches to a foot long. To work properly, the HME needs to be connected to your mask’s elbow, so keep that in mind if your go-to mask has a short tube and you want to use the HME technology. 

To utilize the AirMist HME technology, you will need to purchase the HME cartridges (coming soon), which are also small and won’t take up much space in your travel bag.

Data-Tracking and Compliance: Utilize the MySleepDash App via Bluetooth

To be your own advocate and monitor your therapy data, the Transcend Micro is compatible with the mobile MySleepDash App, which is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play. The MySleepDash App allows you to stay informed about your pressure information, leak summaries, and your number of therapy hours. The MySleepDash App will guide you through the setup process of your new Transcend Micro Travel Machine by providing you with helpful videos and useful information. On the app, you can also view your machine’s settings and access Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to arm yourself with the information you need for therapy success. Through the mobile app, you can download or share your compliance information with your healthcare provider. 

In order to connect your new Transcend Micro to the MySleepDash App, download the app and make sure that Bluetooth is enabled. If Bluetooth is successfully enabled, the button on the machine—that has the same Bluetooth symbol as your smartphone—will be blue. If it is showing white, then press the Bluetooth button on the machine again. After Bluetooth is enabled, follow the prompts on the MySleepDash App and scan the QR code on the bottom of your machine. 

Once you sync your machine and the app, ensure that your Transcend Micro Machine data is reaching and recording on the MySleepDash App by confirming the machine’s Bluetooth button is glowing green.

SleepStart: Automatic Start/Stop Technology

If a CPAP machine has a start/stop feature, then your machine will automatically turn on and begin delivering your therapy pressure when you put on your CPAP mask. Alternatively, when you take your mask off, your CPAP therapy will stop. This comfort feature allows you to get comfortable and effortlessly begin your therapy without getting tangled in your hose or straining to reach your machine’s power button on your nightstand. 

The Transcend Micro is equipped with SleepStart, which will engage when you put your mask on and start breathing as you normally would. Once your Micro is on, the ramp technology will engage unless you have that feature turned off. If you are having trouble with the SleepStart feature, it may be due to your mask configuration.

To end your therapy, remove your mask and test if your machine will turn off on its own. However, due to the machine’s air circuit configuration, it may not automatically turn off when you take your mask off, which will require you to simply push the power button. 

Air Filters: Transcend Micro PureFresh

To ensure you are receiving clean therapy air, the Transcend Micro uses the Transcend Micro PureFresh Air Filters (coming soon), which need to be replaced at least every six months or when they start to show signs of wear and tear. If you are visiting a dusty climate, you may need to replace your filters more frequently. If you are noticing louder than normal noise from your travel machine, that may also indicate that it is time to change your filter.

The filters are simple and easy to replace:

  1. Locate the tab on the right side of the filter cover to separate it from the machine.
  2. Remove and throw away the existing filter. 
  3. Place the new filter in your Transcend Micro.
  4. To reattach the filter cover, first, insert the left side of the cover and then click the right side, ensuring it is securely in place.

Resmed AirMini vs the Transcend Micro

Prior to the launch of the Somnetics Transcend Micro, the ResMed AirMini Travel CPAP was the smallest CPAP machine on the market. Let’s take a quick comparison of the two side-by-side. If you want to learn more about just the AirMini, check out our AirMini CPAP Machine Review

Features and SpecsResMed AirMiniTranscend Micro
Weight0.66 lbs0.48 lbs
Sound Level25 to 30 Decibels25 to 29 Decibels
Dimensions5.4” L x 3.3” W x 2.1” H3.6” L x 3.6” W x 2.4” H
Pressure Range4 to 20 cm H2O4 to 20 cm H2O
Operational AltitudeUp to 8,500 FtUp to 8,000 Ft
AC Power Consumption100-240 V, 50-60 Hz, 1.0-2.0 A100-240 V, 50-60 Hz, 1.0A Max Power
Battery Backup Available?
Waterless Humidification?
Exhalation Relief
Auto Start/Stop
Ramp Technology
App Integration
Compliance Data
Bluetooth Capability
Compatible With All CPAP Masks?X (Additional Adapter Required)

Key Similarities Between the AirMini and the Transcend Micro

In the travel department, the AirMini and the Transcend Micro have numerous similarities that are worth noting to help you make an informed buying decision.

App Integration and Bluetooth Capabilities: Both the Transcend Micro and the ResMed AirMini have compatible smartphone apps to view your CPAP therapy data. The Micro has the MySleepDash App and the AirMini has the AirMini App. Since neither of these travel machines has a screen, the apps are the primary way to view your therapy information. 

It is important to note, however, that the AirMini is not compatible with the popular, ResMed MyAir App that would be used if you have an existing ResMed device

Exhalation Relief and Ramp Technology: Exhalation relief is designed to make your therapy breathing experience more natural by ensuring that you don’t have to breathe against your full therapy pressure when you exhale. The AirMini and the Transcend Micro both have exhalation relief technology to make your therapy more comfortable. 

Both machines also have ramp technology to ease you into your prescribed pressure, so you aren’t hit with your full therapy pressure when you initially put your mask on. However, some of our community members on CPAPtalk compare the ramp feature to breathing out of a straw when your therapy first begins. If you are experiencing this sensation as well, the ramp feature on both machines is fully adjustable and can be turned off completely. 

Machine Design: When it comes to the design, the AirMini and the Transcend Micro both do not have an LCD display or touch screen on the unit itself. Your machine settings and therapy data cannot be seen on the actual device. To see your CPAP therapy data, you will need to use the machine’s companion smartphone app.

Noise Level and Sound Dampening Accessories: Light sleepers understand—each decibel of noise matters. The AirMini ranges from 25 to 30 decibels, depending on your pressure and settings. Many of our AirMini customer reviews explain that the sound is similar to a white noise machine. If you use a sound machine at home but don’t have the luggage space to take it on your travels, you’re in luck, thanks to the AirMini’s white noise comparison. The Transcend Micro’s sound level is similar to the AirMini at 25 to 29 decibels. The sound level of these two travel machines is also similar to other travel machines on the market.

In addition, both the AirMini and the Micro have accessories that can be used to further decrease the noise output, but there are some significant differences. As we’ve explained, the Transcend Micro comes with the WhisperSoft Muffler Kit included and has sound and vibration dampening technology built in. The AirMini does not have any included sound muffling accessories. The WhisperSoft Muffler was designed by Somnetics to be used with the Micro, while, on the other hand, the AirMini does not have a companion accessory that’s designed by ResMed to reduce sound. Our CPAPtalk community members have mentioned that the AirMini can be used with the Q-Lite CPAP Muffler to quiet the noise.

Start/Stop Feature: The auto start/stop feature isn’t a major game changer when it comes to your CPAP therapy if you are able to press your machine’s power button before turning off the lights. However, if it is a feature that you’ve grown accustomed to in your at-home CPAP therapy experience, then don’t worry—both the AirMini and the Transcend Micro have automatic start and stop features, so you don’t have to fumble with your equipment while you’re sleeping under the stars. This feature can be finicky due to certain mask types, so make sure you test it before your travels if it’s a therapy must-have for you.

Filters: For confidence in your air quality, the AirMini and the Transcend Micro have compatible air filters. The AirMini Disposable Filters and the Transcend Micro PureFresh Air Filters need to be replaced every six months or sooner if they are discolored or dirty. Both machine’s filters are disposable, so no extra cleaning or maintenance is required.

Key Differences Between the AirMini and the Transcend Micro

To decide between the AirMini and Transcend Micro, let’s explore the major differences, so you are equipped with the information on which travel machine is right for your CPAP needs.

Size and Weight: A small travel CPAP machine, like the AirMini, paved the way for the Transcend Micro. Luckily for you, both the ResMed AirMini and the Transcend Micro will likely fit in the palm of your hand. The AirMini weighs 0.66 lbs while the Micro weights 0.48 lbs, making the Micro 0.18 lbs lighter than the AirMini. If you’re going on a hiking, camping, or backpacking trip, then traveling as light as possible matters. While the weight difference between the two machines isn’t major, if you are looking for the lightest travel machine, the Transcend Micro wins.

When it comes to the size of each machine, you want to be sure to analyze how much space it will take up in your travel bag. The AirMini has more of a 3D-rectangular shape while the Transcend Micro is like a 3D-sphere with a flat top and bottom. The Micro has the AirMini beat in the length category by 1.8 inches. However, in width and height, the AirMini is slightly smaller. 

Humidification: If you have grown accustomed to the comfort of a humidifier in your at-home machine, then you’re set with either the AirMini or Transcend Micro, which both have waterless humidification technology. Both machines reuse the moisture from your exhaled breath to moisten your inhaled air. As we discussed with the Micro, the AirMini also requires a small disc. Unlike the Micro, however, you have two cartridge options with the AirMini, Standard HumidX, and HumidX Plus. The Standard HumidX uses paper ridges to capture the moisture from your exhaled breath while the HumidX Plus has a wider radius to be even more effective at trapping moisture.

The major difference between the waterless humidification on the Micro is that you can use HME with any mask that does not have a short tube. Alternatively, the AirMini Standard HumidX and HumidX Plus waterless humidification can only be used with the setup packs that are designed for the AirMini: The AirFit P10 Nasal Pillow and the AirFit N20 Nasal. Unfortunately, this limits your mask choices and eliminates your ability to use the HME technology if you are a full face mask wearer. 

Mask Compatibility: The Transcend Micro truly shines in the mask compatibility category in comparison to the AirMini. The Micro is compatible with almost all CPAP masks on the market, giving you the ability to (most likely) travel with your favorite CPAP mask in tow. The almost universal mask compatibility feature allows you to save money since you hopefully won’t have to buy a specific mask or the necessary accessories. 

On the other hand, the AirMini was created to work with specific ResMed masks, which limits your ability to customize your CPAP setup to your comfort needs and may require you to purchase a new mask in order to use your AirMini. The AirMini is compatible with the AirFit F30 Full Face, AirFit F20 Full Face, AirTouch F20 Full Face, AirFit N20 Nasal, and AirTouch N20 Nasal. These masks can also be used with other machines on the market.

In addition, ResMed designed masks for use with only the AirMini, such as the AirMini AirFit N30 Nasal and the AirMini AirFit P10 Nasal Pillow. If the mask mentions the AirMini in its name, then that is your sign that it is only compatible with the AirMini. The AirMini-only masks are the one caveat to the Micro’s universal mask compatibility. 

We do have a potential solution for the AirMini’s mask selectiveness. As a workaround, we carry the Zephair AirMini Universal Adapter, so you connect your standard hose to your favorite CPAP mask. However, at its core without the Zephair adapter, the AirMini is not universally compatible, which results in an additional cost and extra items to pack if you choose to not use one of the ResMed masks we listed above. Because of this, the Transcend Micro wins in this category. 

Drying Mode: A standout feature on Somnetics machines, like the Transcend 3 miniCPAP Auto and Transcend Micro is the Drying Mode, which removes leftover moisture in your tube and mask to prevent condensation and contamination build-up. The AirMini does not have a drying mode feature, meaning you’ll have to manually do what the Micro automatically does by just pressing a button on the top of the machine, which may keep you from getting back to your travel adventures sooner.

Related Reading: Looking for the best travel CPAP machines? We’ve got you covered! Read our review of the latest Travel CPAPs to find your perfect match.

Is the Transcend Micro Your Next Travel Machine?

When it comes to a travel CPAP machine, you want to be confident that your sleep apnea therapy can accompany you on your next adventure. The Somnetics Transcend Micro Travel CPAP Machine is packed with features like pressure relief and ramp technology for CPAP comfort wherever life takes you.

What truly sets the Transcend Micro apart from its competitors, like the AirMini, is the sound dampening measures, increased mask compatibility, and the Drying Mode. The Micro’s built-in sound and vibration dampening technology and the WhisperSoft Muffler Kit lets you quiet your night and let the sweet dreams ensue.

In addition to the exceptional comfort features, the Transcend Micro is FAA-approved for in-flight use and the convenient 30-minute Drying Mode removes excess water from your mask and hose. The Micro’s Drying Mode prepares your equipment to be ready for use when it’s time to hit the hay.

We hope our Transcend Micro CPAP review helped you discover your newest travel companion. If you have any questions about traveling with your CPAP, you can reach out to our stellar customer service team at 1-800-356-5221 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. (CST) Monday through Friday and 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. You can also text us at 832-308-2219 or send us a message through the Live Chat feature on our website for help with all of your CPAP needs. 

Add the Transcend Micro to your travel bag and hit the road.

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