CPAP Consumer Trends

These quarterly sales numbers are an indication of which products self pay consumers choose to purchase. They act as an effective gauge of true consumer preference and possible future trends.

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CPAP Machine Preference - Top 10 over Q2 (Apr-May 22, 2016)

Our Analysis:
The XT Fit from Apex Medical has been the top CPAP machine for the past 7 quarters. At the start of Q2 2016, the XT Fit remains in the title spot, contributing to more than one-quarter of the CPAP machine market share. Second place is steadying out for the PR 60 Series Pro with Bluetooth, while third place remains a battle of small machines. The Z1 CPAP has pulled ahead of the Transcend for third.

AUTOCPAP Machine Preference - Top 5 over Q2 (Apr-May 22, 2016)

Our Analysis:
The Top 3 APAP machines from Q1 2016 remain the Top 3 machines in Q2 2016. The Transcend EZEX Auto holds first place with 4.3 out of 5 stars, while the AirSense 10 AutoSet takes second with 5 out of 5 stars. The 60 Series Auto with Bluetooth rounds out the top listing with 4.9 out of 5 stars.

Bilevels Machine Preference - Top 5 over Q2 (Apr-May 22, 2016)

Our Analysis:
Since closing Q1 as the preferred BiLevel machine, the PR 60 Series BiPAP Auto with Bluetooth has lost a small percentage of the BiLevel market share, though it maintains a sizable lead above the competitors.

CPAP Machine Brand Line Preference - Top 5 over Q2 (Apr-May 22, 2016)

Our Analysis:
Though competitors follow closely, the Transcend miniCPAP has entered its fifth quarter as the preferred brand line. Though significantly elevated from Q1, the XT machines continue to lose a portion of their market share to the PR 60 Series machines and the AirSense 10 machines.

APAP vs CPAP vs Bilevels Preference over Q2 (Apr-May 22, 2016)

Our Analysis:
Auto Adjusting CPAP machines took the lead in Q3 2013, and have since reached historically high values. In Q2 2016, APAPs continue to lead in their 12th quarter as the preferred machine type.

Nasal Masks Brand Line Preference - Top 10 over Q2 (Apr-May 22, 2016)

Our Analysis:
The DreamWear Nasal Mask, which closed Q4 2015 as the #2 mask and Q1 2016 as the #1 mask, has fallen back into second place. The ComfortGel Blue Nasal Mask has recovered the top spot, with the DreamWear following right on its heels. Together, the two masks contribute to nearly 50% of nasal mask sales.

Full Face Masks Brand Line Preference - Top 5 over Q2 (Apr-May 22, 2016)

Our Analysis:
The back and forth between the AirFit F10 and the ComfortGel Blue Full Face Mask has subsided in Q2 2016, with the AirFit F10 emerging as the front runner once again. The FullLife has dropped out of the Top 5, allowing the Simplus Full Face Mask to take third position among full face masks.

Nasal Pillows Brand Line Preference - Top 5 over Q2 (Apr-May 22, 2016)

Our Analysis:
A substantial portion of the nasal pillow mask market is shared by the ResMed Swift FX and the ResMed AirFit P10, which have been the top consumer choices for more than 10 quarters. Together the masks account for more than 55% of the market share.

Mask Type Preference over Q2 (Apr-May 22, 2016)

Our Analysis:
As a result of the DreamWear's success, nasal masks enjoyed a strong quarter in Q1. This quarter, week over week trends are changing to divide and render a portion of the market share to full face masks and nasal pillow masks.

Chinstrap Brand Line Preference - Top 5 over Q2 (Apr-May 22, 2016)

Our Analysis:
Though the Ruby-Style Adjustable Chinstrap with Extension Strap sales have decreased from Q1 to Q2, the chinstrap remains the top choice among consumers. The Deluxe-Style Chinstrap holds the distant second position as it gains momentum this quarter.

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About These Numbers

Traditionally, CPAP equipment is dispensed by local providers who accept insurance as payment. Consumer choice of equipment through local providers is limited.

The business model is cash up front in exchange for CPAP equipment. The consumer makes their choice of equipment and purchases the equipment with their own money.

These quarterly sales numbers indicate which products self pay customers choose to purchase. They act as an effective gauge of true consumer preference. They also indicate future industry trends as more and more customers turn to the internet for product information and guidance, decide on a product and request it from their local provider.