SnuggleHose Cover - Coiled on Hose Blue  (not included)

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  • SnuggleHose Cover - Coiled on Hose Blue  (not included)
  • SnuggleHose Cover End - on Hose (not included)
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  • snugglehose camo 6ft top
  • snugglehose royal blue top
  • snugglehose darker blue top cpapdotcom
  • snugglehose pink 6ft rolled

SnuggleHose Cover (For 6 Foot Hose)

Manufactured by SnuggleHose.

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Product Features

SnuggleHose is a tube of very soft fleece material which slides over a CPAP hose and fastens with velcro. There are three benefits to the use of a SnuggleHose:

  • For anyone using a heated humidifier, the SnuggleHose insulates the hose from the cooler ambient room air, reducing condensation within the hose.

  • The SnuggleHose keeps the CPAP hose from disrupting sleep when it contacts skin.

  • The SnuggleHose reduces the "medical" look of your CPAP hose.


The shade of the color of the SnuggleHose may vary. This does not affect the performance of the product.

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