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Ask CPAP Expert Carol: Common CPAP Mask Problems

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Have a question but can’t find the answer? Our CPAP experts are here to help! Every month our CPAP Expert Carol will answer four of your questions chosen at random from the previous months’ post. Are you interested in having your questions answered next month? Be sure to leave a comment below. 

This month CPAP Expert Carol will be tackling your questions on how to troubleshoot common CPAP mask problems.

Question: “I have been using a CPAP machine for a year now. The first six months were great but the last six months I’ve . been waking up with bags under my eyes. My doctor has no answer. Hoping you might have an idea what to do. I use the CPAP pillow, full face mask, and am a side sleeper.”

Answer: I am sorry to hear that! There could be a couple of reasons that you see bags under your eyes. First, Have you changed your mask cushion within the last three months or your mask within the previous six months? It may be that you have a mask leak, which has been known to cause bags.

Second, It could also be that the mask/headgear that you are using is too tight. If too large and you have to pull the headgear too tight to avoid leaks, this may be the cause. Also, please keep in mind that bags under your eyes could be occurring naturally and not related to your CPAP Therapy at all. 

Question: My son started using his CPAP three weeks ago. He takes his mask off and doesn’t remember doing it. Do you have any suggestions to help? Is it unusual that he is removing the mask after three weeks? How long does it normally take before this passes?

Answer: Thank you for reaching out. I am so sorry that your son is having trouble keeping his mask on. It is relatively common for new CPAP users to remove their mask during the night unintentionally. Unfortunately,  there is no specific time frame we can give to can say that it will pass. However, I do have a few suggestions!

For starters, ensure your son is using the correct size mask; if not, he will have a difficult time getting used to it. I also would recommend having him try different masks to see what feels the most comfortable. Be sure to stop by the CPAP.com Store if you are in the area to try a few on!

Some CPAP users find wearing a chin strap in conjunction with their mask to keep then from easily removing the mask at night. Another option is to try adding tape to the headgear, in areas that will not affect his CPAP therapy, some people have even opted to apply band-aids on the mask strategically and find that helps.

Lastly, he can try wearing the mask while he’s watching television, playing a video game, surfing the internet, or just relaxing. This will encourage him to get used to wearing the mask in general.

Question: Is it common to get eye infections from CPAP use?

Answer: I can’t say for sure that there is a direct correlation between eye infections and CPAP use. However, it may be air from your mask blowing into your eyes that is causing the irritation, if that sounds like it could be the case then you probably have a mask leak. Mask leaks are 100% preventable and easy to fix. I would recommend reading through this article the dives into the possible causes of masks leaks to help you determine the source.

Question: Lately, when I exhale the little flipper on my full face mask sounds like a loud heartbeat, making it impossible to fall asleep. I have used this machine and mask for about four years and have never experienced this before. My supplier is telling me all full face masks have a flipper and nothing can be done. What do you suggest?

Answer: I am very sorry that you are having that issue with your mask. My first suggestion is to check the bottom of your mask to ensure that the ports are completely pushed in—sometimes those can come loose.  Alternatively, a part may be out of place on your mask, and that may be causing the noise. If that is the case, I recommend checking out the video below which features a step by step reassembly of your CPAP mask:

It’s your turn! We want to hear what questions you have regarding your CPAP machines and treatment. Our experts are here and ready to help! Comment your questions below. 

  • Customer Service Expert Carol

    I have an accumulation of over 20 years of customer service experience. I pride myself on treating all customers the way I would like to be treated. I enjoy spending my free time with my family, climbing rocks, playing tennis and getting a whole bunch of rest. I hope to continue expanding my knowledge on the many different products available for sleep apnea so that I can help my customers get the good sleep that we all need!

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  1. Hello; I’ve had my cpap machine now for almost 2-weeks. I’m definitely getting more sleep, which is great! However, I’m on my 2nd mask due to irritation on and around my nose.

    I got a mask fitting at my local sleep clinic and found that the nasal pillow was my most comfy option. However, I was fitted in a recliner, not a bed. I’m a side-sleeper, have been all my life. The N30i by ResMed was the best option because it allowed me to sleep on my side without obstruction the mask due to its design. The hose on top was also ideal because I tend to turnover to get comfy.

    After first 5 nights, I was losing more than 24/L of airflow each night which has been the basis of my point loss so far. Also, I realized the N30i had thick plastic connectors by my nose which dig into my cheeks and bridge as I slept.

    So I bought the P30i and have used that last 6-7 nights. It seems to be a bit better, less mask off instances, but now, my nose is suddenly breaking out, the inside and outside edges of nostrils are raw and hurt throughout the day because of it. I’ve not returned the N30i until I know this P30i one works…but little bumps around my nose and raw, scabby irritation is now even more disruptive to my sleep and during the day.

    My score is averaging 90 and majority of point loss is from adjust and mask off. I’m getting 7+ hours of sleep, my events are down from 8.2 baseline to under 2 consistently. What masks will benefit my sleep habits and not cause irritation. I’m confident the sizes are right but I’m open to suggestions.


    1. Hey Brad, i’m sorry to hear about the skin irritation that you are experiencing. There are a couple of recommendations, I can make.

      First, if you are happy with using the P30i, I would suggest that you try one of the products below to see if this provides you with any relief.

      https://www.cpap.com/productpage/CPAP-Moisture-Therapy-Cream-1-oz-Tube, or https://www.cpap.com/productpage/neilmed-nasogel-tube.

      You may also find comfort in these mask liners https://www.cpap.com/productpage/remzzzs-nasal-pillow-cpap-mask-liners.

      Alternatively, there is a different mask called the dreamWear Gel Nasal Pillow. This mask still gives you the flexibility of sleeping on your side since it has the hose over the top of the head also. Please see the link below for more information on this mask.


      I hope this information helps out a bit, please feel free to reach us at: 1-800-356-5221, or e-mail us at: cpap@cpap.com with further questions, or concerns.

      Have a great day!

      1. How do you put the full face mask that has a round hole in the mask after clean how do you put the connect the hose back in place.

    2. I don’t know who writes these articles but they are lacking. According to my eye doctor eye problems are a common occurrence with CPAP use. I had the eye problem and it took 6 weeks for the damage to my eyes to heal.
      Being an old scuba diver for 30 years air and pressure are no strangers to me. Think about i;, the air delivered by a CPAP is under pressure, otherwise it wouldn’t work. This air goes into and fills the cavities of the mouth, ears, sinus and into the eye sockets because it is all connected. In some individuals the air exits out of the eye sockets and lids. In doing so it can dry out the eyes in short order and result in eye damage, infections, etc.
      The only answer I can see is pressure equalization. It would take a total face mask covering mouth , nose and eyes equalizing the pressure and giving the air only one exit point. Or some sort of goggles sealing the eyes should acheive the same result.

  2. I am a new CPAP user. I am on mask #2. Need full face mask. Started out with AirFit F20, but developed pressure sores/breakout on bridge of nose the first night. Just started using mask#2 AirFit F30, Medium size, and no irritation, Yay. However, I am waking up around 5:00 am with air blowing a little on my cheeks. I assume this is air leak, though my dream station app reports 100% mask fit. My pressure seems to be higher, at around 14 at these times. I have to fully get up, and go in the bathroom and adjust the mask in the mirror again and make it much tighter for the air to stop blowing on my cheeks. This of course is disruptive and I don’t sleep well for the next couple hours until I actually need to get up. And while, no marks or irritation on my face from straps, they feel too tight and the back of my scalp where they were is a little sore. This goes away after about half an hour.

    On the size chart for the F30, I am right on the line between small and medium. I read several reviews that recommended going for medium instead of small with the F30, in this circumstance because small may make one feel like they’re not getting enough air. Also, when I tried both sizes on (at sleep supplier, so sitting up), the medium felt more comfortable. When night begins, no air on my cheeks and fall asleep just fine. My pressure starts at 5 when machine first turned on. I sleep on my back, and really don’t move. Could the mask be the wrong size? Seems like air leak occurs when pressure is higher. Could the higher pressure be the cause? What else can I do? Or will this stop, as I get more acclimated?

    I really want to find a solution as I believe this is the best mask for me, and I started feeling a lot better, within a few days of starting treatment, even with the issues I described above. Please help me figure this out! Thanks.

    1. Hi Lizzie, i’m sorry that you are having problems with your CPAP Therapy. In response to your question, yes, it sounds like you have a mask leak. When your machine senses that you have a leak, it will blow more air to compensate for the leak which may be the reason, your pressure increases to 14.

      Since you seem to be okay with the F30, my suggestion would be for you to try mask liners to see if they help to reduce the leak. Please see the link below for more information.


      Also, please keep in mind that not all masks will work for every person and it is not abnormal to go through several masks before you find one that will best fit your needs. Please see the link below for one of our most popular full face masks that may interest you. CPAP.com, offers free 30 day returns on all of our masks, so if you purchase from us, you may return the mask for any reason within 30 days for a different mask, or a refund.


      Please feel free to contact us at: 1-800-356-5221, or you may e-mail us at: cpap@cpap.com with any further questions, or concerns.

      We wish you the best!

  3. I have tried the full nose mask and am now using the lighter-weight Dreamwear that is just under my nose. My problem is waking up with welts on my face under the bands that go across my face, whether it is just a strap or the air hose. I am overweight, so my flesh is probably thicker than if I wasn’t.

    Is there any way to lessen the welt/dent? I need the straps fairly tight to keep the mask in place through the night.

  4. Hi there!
    Today is my 2nd week using Cpap Machine. The first mask I use is for nasal only and for 2 nights I used I woke up several time with a very dry mouth. They changes it with a medium full mask. Seems better on 1st night but the 2nd night i was waking up due to dry mouth. If I put strap tight, it hurts and if I make it loose, I hear n feel air coming off. I’ve notice when the pressure is in 8 or 10 I feel better, comfortable with not too tight strapand cpap machine don’t make any sound. But when it reached the 12 it became uncomfortable and my throat becomes too dry the I needed to remove mask and drink water. My prescribe pressure is 12 and 4 humidity. My daughter said I snore less but still I do sometimes but quieter than I used to be. My problem is #1 waking up with my throat super dry. And #2 it seems even though I slept 8 hours, I still feel sleepy after 2 hours I woke up. # 3 how do I keep my mouth close and #4 machine makes sound when it in pressure 12. Looking forward to your response soonest.
    Thank you

    1. Hey Geraldine, i’m sorry to hear that you’re having a difficult time with your CPAP Therapy. It sounds like there is air leaking from your full face mask. This is most likely related to a sizing issue. Be sure that you have the correct size cushion. Also, you may try increasing the humidity if possible, or adding a room humidifier to help with the mouth dryness.

      Since you are not feeling rested throughout the day, it’s most likely because you don’t have a comfortable fit with your mask. If possible check your sleep data, to confirm that you have a good mask fit, what your leak rate is and your AHI. If you are receiving an AHI which is above 4, you may want to speak with your doctor about a pressure setting adjustment. As far as keeping your mouth closed, you can try a Chinstrap to see if that helps.

      Which machine are you currently using? It could be a normal sound that you are hearing. Also, if there is in fact a mask leak, the noise may be related to your machine working extra hard to compensate for the leak.

      Please feel free to contact us at: 1-800-356-5221 and we will be happy to speak with you further regarding all of your concerns, and go through troubleshooting with you over the phone.

      Don’t give up! Keep in mind that most patients go through several masks before they find one that fits comfortably.

      We wish you the best!

  5. I have been using my Resmed 10 with nasal pillows for 2+ years with good success. I have lost 62 lbs and my machine says I am having lots leakage, but only 1 event per hour. My mouth is extremely dry in the am. Is it possible that the pressure is now too high and it needs to be adjusted to reflect my weight loss? Not certain why I now breath through my mouth? I did do a leak check and there is nothing wrong with the hose or nasal pillows. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hey Howard, congratulations on your weight loss! There are a couple of suggestions I would make. For starters, dry mouth is an indication that your mouth is falling open during the night. Since you are currently using a nasal pillow mask, you have two options. You can either switch to a full face mask, or you should consider using your nasal pillow mask in conjunction with a chinstrap. Also, you may benefit from adding a humidifier with your therapy if you aren’t already using one.

      Another suggestion is for you to speak with your doctor, regarding your weight loss to confirm if a setting change is warranted under the circumstances.

      For further questions, or concerns, please feel free to reach us at: 1-800-356-5221, or you may e-mail us at: cpap@cpap.com.

      Enjoy your day!

    1. Hi Cathleen, i’m sad to hear about the shortness of breath that you have been experiencing. Please speak with your doctor before making any pressure setting adjustments. After you have spoken with your doctor, and have the recommended setting change, we’d be more than happy to walk you through the adjustment over the phone.

      Also, because you have mixed apneas, you may benefit from using an auto-titrating (APAP), if you aren’t already utilizing one. This is a machine which is set to a high pressure and low pressure and it automatically adjusts to the pressure that you need on a breath, by breath basis.

      Please feel free to reach us with further questions, or concerns, at: 1-800-356-5221, or you may e-mail us at: cpap@cpap.com.

      Have a wonderful day!

  6. Every once in awhile around the hose that hooks to the larger hose gets wet and when I turn on the machine it sounds like gurgling. I can not find any air leaks. How can I stop the gurgling?

    1. Hey Sonja, it sounds like you are experiencing Rainout, which is the accumulation of water in your hose. This is a common issue when using a Humidifier with your CPAP therapy.

      Whereas, we aren’t able to guarantee the elimination of the water accumulation, there are a couple of things you can try that should reduce the Rainout.

      First, if you have a machine with an option for a heated hose, you should try that, if not you can try insulating your hose with a hose cover. Please see the links below for a few products that we sell, that may help.




      Please feel free to reach us at: 1-800-356-5221 with any further questions, or concerns.

      Have a great day!

  7. Hello, I am using a ResMed AirFit™ F30 now, first full face mask. Cannot keep on more than 5 hrs. I wake up and remove it. Overall it is a good mask, but wondering if the Philips Respironics Amara View is better. Is the Amara View equally quiet (not hearing breathing inhale/exhale) as the AirFit F30? I think the AirFit F30 has some kind of breathing noise reduction mechanism. Wondering if Amara View is equally quiet. Thanks.

    1. Hi Terico, the DBA for the AirFit F30 with the quiet elbow is 21 and the DBA for the Amara View is 24.2, so in response to your question, the Amara View isn’t equally as quiet as the AirFit F30.

      Please feel free to reach us at: 1-800-356-5221, or you may e-mail us at: cpap@cpap.com.

      Have a great weekend!

  8. I have been using a full face Resmed CPAP mask for about 8 years now. In the past 6 mos. I have developed an itchy rash on my chin where the mask sits. From what I have learned it is contact dermatitis. Is there a type of mask made with a different material that will not cause the rash?

    1. Hi Robin, i’m sorry to hear about the rash you’re experiencing. What material is your current mask made of? If you can provide the name of your ResMed manufactured mask, we can better assist you.

      Also, you may find interest in Mask Liners. Please see the links below to view the Mask Liners that we currently stock.



      For further questions, or concerns, please contact us at: 1-800-356-5221, you may e-mail us at: cpap@cpap.com.

      Have a great weekend!

  9. Hi,I’ve been using a CPAP with nasal pillows and I’m having problems with the pressure of the nosepiece and tubing on my upper mouth and I feel pressure on my front teeth and I ‘m afraid they’ll move or loosen.Is there a better mask?

    1. Hi Lauren, my apologies for the delayed response. I’m sorry to hear that you are having some problems with your mask. Please see the link below to view more information on a light-weight mask that has the hose over the top of the head that may work for you.


      If this mask will not work, or you need additional suggestions, please feel free to reach us at: 1-800-356-5221, or you may e-mail us at: cpap@cpap.com.

      Enjoy your day!

  10. I think I am having similar problems as Lizzie. I’ll wake up and I can feel air leaking from my mask (AirFit F30) near my eyes, but my “myAir” app is consistently reporting no to very little (the highest it has ever reported is 3L/min). I have noticed that on the nights that I’m noticing the most leaks are the nights that it is reporting the most events per hour. Is it possible that my machine is misreading the leaks as events? Also, what advice can you do for improving fit and preventing the mask from moving in the night? I’m fairly certain what is happening is that my mask is moving up on my face while I sleep and no amount of adjusting the straps that came with my headgear seems to be fixing it.

    1. Hey Michael, I’m sorry about the less than perfect fit you have with your mask. I don’t think the machine is misreading the leaks as events. I agree with you that your mask is moving during the night causing leaks, which in turn is not allowing you to get the proper amount of air which is causing the increase in your AHI’s.

      There is an Anti-Leak Strap that is designed for your mask. Please see the link below which will allow you to review more information on this product. Also, I have linked information on our Silent Night Mask Liners which you may find helpful.



      Please contact us at: 1-800-356-5221 with further questions, or concerns.

      Have a great day!

  11. I am using the Dreamwear under the nose nasal mask and I love it, however I have one problem which I’ve had with the previous two other styles of masks I tried as well. It fits fine around my face, but eventually through the night the straps that go around the back of my head slip up, causing the mask to be a little looser or not positioned right. I know the first suggestion may be to tighten the straps, but then I get sores under my nose and my eyes feel buldgy. My clinic office suggested that I use hair clips to keep it in place. I wasn’t a fan of sleeping with hard clips in, but have it a try. It worked initially, but now those either pop open and poke me during the night or they slide too with the mask like before. I have long hair and I wear it up at night in a loose bun so that would be a barrier from the straps slipping completely off if it went that far. My numbers are great and it’s comfortable so I think this is the mask for me, I just need to find a solution for this annoyance. Thanks

    1. Hi Inger, Im sorry to hear you’re struggling with the DreamWear mask. You might try the N30i mask – its designed very similarly, but the top part of the frame has some ridges, so it doesn’t slip so much, and the headgear hugs the back of the head slightly differently.

      Please see the link below for more information on the N30i.


      For further questions, or concerns, please reach us at: 1-800-356-5221.

      We hope this helps, have a great day!

      1. Thanks, but it’s not the top of my head part that is slipping – it is the straps behind my head. Not sure what ridges on the top tube would do about that. I put the hair clips on the back, on the straps. Any more suggestions knowing that?

        1. Hey Inger, I would still say the N30i is worth a go. It may prove to be a mask that doesn’t work for you and slip as the DreamWear does, but it’s work a try!

          Please reach us at with any further concerns at: 1-800-356-5221.

          Best Wishes!

  12. Hello. I’ve been using a CPAP for nearly 14 years now; and quite successfully.
    However, after the past 5 years of successfully using a ResMed 10 Autoset, I updated my CPAP to a new ResMed 10 Autoset. Up to that time I averaged 18/20 to 20/20 Maskfit for the N20 Mask.
    Since Dec 19, I’ve now on my 3rd ResMed 10 due to problems with the two previous machines. However my MAIN problem is Mask Fit. Despite using the N20 for the past 5 years successfully, I’ve not been able to get a Mask Fit reading from MyAir higher than 13/20. The past two nights it has been 9/20. Additionally, my Event rates have been much higher than normal (normal being 0.3 to 0.7) — mine since Dec 19 have been 1.0 to 1.8 ! I do not feel nor hear ANY Air Leak. I am using a chinstrap. I do the Mask Fit test on the ResMEd 10 and it indicates I have GOOD Mask Fit! I do use a SoClean2 machine– and have tried to sleep with the SoClean special top on the heated humidifier — and have tried it without the SoClean top using the standard humidifier with the same results. I wondering if the recent ResMeds have a problem? I also have AFIB so it is critical that I am able to get the necessary sleep.

    I want my sleep back — any suggestions appreciated.

    1. Hi Bruce, we haven’t had any reports of Resmed issues. My first questions would be related to cleaning and replacement. 1. When was the last time you replaced your cushion 2. You mention you’re using the SoClean – are you ALSO washing your cushion. (loads of people incorrectly replace physical washing for the ‘cleaning machines’ – and this can be part of the issue.
      while you’re awake and testing your mask fit, you may not notice this leaking, but if you’re moving throughout the night, if your cushion isn’t properly maintained, it can become dislodged.

      You might consider trying out a full face mask to see if that helps negate the mask fit – often, even with a chinstrap, air can escape through the mouth.

      Finally, you might check into asking if your doctor can read your sleep data from your SD card (ResScan or Airview) – if your doctor does not have these available to them, you might look into OSCAR (https://www.sleepfiles.com/OSCAR/) to help you determine what is happening while you’re sleeping – these programs can help you pinpoint when these leaks are happening

      Please feel free to reach us at: 1-800-356-5221, for any further questions, or concerns.

      We wish you the best!

  13. I use my cpap almost everyday. But lately I wake up with a very dry mouth and my tongue feels like a peace of dead meat. What causes this feeling?

    1. Hi Nazih, we are sorry to hear that you’re having problems with your therapy. Dry mouth is usually an indication that your mouth is falling open during the night. Please see the link below for more information on dry mouth.


      Enjoy your day!

      For further questions or concerns, please feel free to reach us at: 1-800-356-5221, or you may e-mail us at: cpap@cpap.com.

      Have a great day!

  14. Hello My problem is with my full face mask accumulating water moisture at night.It wakes me up at 3:00am each night,dripping onto my nose which is very irritating.I have to clean the water molecules from the upper nose sections and try to get back to sleep.When I wake up gay after Around 7:00 or 8:00 the upper nose port has that same water buildup again.What do I do? Face mask just don’t feel big enough around my mouth . I also feel that my eyes and mouth are some times a bit sore.is the something I can get to stop the air from irritating my eye like a eye mask or patch. Thank you for some help today.

    1. Hi Malinda, I’m sorry about the troubles you are having with your CPAP therapy. The water build-up you’re experiencing is most likely a common issue called Rainout, which is the accumulation of water in your hose.

      To help reduce Rainout, try moving your CPAP machine to a level lower than your mask, try using a hose insulator, such as a snuggle hose (see link below), adjust the temperature in your room because if it is really cold, you are more likely to have water in your hose. You may find it helpful if you adjust your humidity settings, or even add a heated hose (if your machine has this option).


      Please use our fitting guide on CPAP.com, to confirm that your mask is the correct size. You can print the sizing template by pulling up the mask being worn, and below size selection drop down, you should see “sizing guide”, click on that and the template will come up for you.

      Using the correct size mask will help eliminate the air leaking into your eyes causing soreness. Also, keep in mind that you may need to explore the idea of trying a different mask as not all masks will work for every person however, you may try mask liners to help with the air leakage. Please see the link below for more information.


      For further questions, or concerns, please feel free to reach us at: 1-800-356-5221, or you may e-mail: cpap@cpap.com.

      I hope this helps, have a great day!

  15. My question relates to subconsciously taking off the face mask on my sleep apnea machine while a sleep and how to overcome that so I can wear it all throughout the night? I’ve done much reading and research, but whatever I’ve tried hasn’t worked thus far. I am asking on behalf of a family member. Thanks.

    1. Hey Chad, usually removing the mask during the night, is due to the mask being uncomfortable, mask leak, or the feeling of not receiving enough air. The first step is to confirm that your mask isn’t leaking, is the correct size and is comfortable while awake.

      Please note, not all masks are a good fit for every person. You may suggest that your family member try a different mask to see if they’re able to wear the mask through the night without removing it.

      You may also have your family member try putting a piece of tape, or band-aids to on to make it more difficult to remove the mask unknowingly.

      Please see the link below to see what other CPAP users are saying about removing their mask on our cpaptalk.com forum.


      If you would like to speak with me further regarding this issue, please feel free to call: 1-800-356-5221, or you may e-mail: cpap@cpap.com.

      Have a terrific weekend!

  16. why do I get deep mask marks on my face they take at least 3 to 4 hours to go this is with a new memory foam mask how do I advoid this

    1. Hi Julie, I know the marks from your mask can be pretty pesky. Please make certain that you’re using the correct size mask/cushion, this way you won’t have to tighten your straps so much.

      You may also find interest in mask liners, which may help with the marks your experiencing. Depending on the mask your wearing, there may be mask straps available that will help with marks on the face also.

      https://www.cpap.com/productpage/remzzzs-full-face-cpap-mask-liners, this link is for the full face, but also available in nasal and nasal pillow.

      Please see the links below for strap guards.



      For further questions, or concerns, we can be reached at: 1-800-356-5221, or you may e-mail us at: cpap@cpap.com.

      Have a wonderful day!

  17. I have a full face mask that is comfortable and seals well. My problem is that my face gets itchy during the night and I have to scratch. The itching may or may not be where the mask touches my skin. There is no rash. This is the primary cause of my taking the mask off in the middle of the night, as I have to readjust it after I scratch. I wash my face before I go to bed to take off any skin oils. I do not use cosmetics on the face. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Bill, I’m sorry for the delayed response. I’ve spoken with a few CPAP users, with the same issue and found that usually, the cause of the itching is from sweat.

      If you’re prone to sweating at night, you may try a mask liner to see if this helps. Also, please see the link below to read what other users are saying regarding itching under the mask.


      For further questions, or concerns, please reach us at: 1-800-356-5221, or you may e-mail us at: cpap@cpap.com.

      We wish you the best!

  18. I am using dreamstation BiPAP machine for last 3 to 4 years without any issues and getting good night sleep.
    But recently just 9/10 days back, i have developed an issue that is, after i sleep for near to 3 or 4 hours in the night i wake up due to difficulty inhaling, the inhale pressure from my BiPAP machine seems to be pretty slow. Where as the machine shows the correct pressure. Even i can feel the air pressure to be pretty slow when i open the mask. I been to my doctors office cpap specialist they checked my machine and data and told me no issues with the machine everything seems to be normal, they slightly increase or change my pressure to what it was before but still no help with my sleep, i am still waking up due to less inhale air pressure in the night after 3 or 4 hours of sleep. I have changed my machine supplies like mask and filter but no help, not sure what is happening why all of a sudden i am experiencing this issue with my machine. I do not have any kind of congestion, the only thing changed for me so far i am kind of going to bed very late in the night due to some work pressure. My dreammapper app on my mobile shows high AHI as compared to 10 days before but my doctors office CPAP specialist is saying my AHI is still normal. I am trying to meet my sleep doctor soon but i am too worried about it not sure what to do, please help.

    1. Hi Anil, my apologies for the delayed response. I’m very sorry about the difficulty you are experiencing with your BiPAP therapy. I understand you have changed your supplies such as your mask and filter, but have you changed your hose within the last year? If not, please do. Also, if you are using a humidifier with your therapy, you may try using the machine without the humidifier (if you can tolerate it) to see if the difficulty inhaling still occurs. If, no issues without the humidifier, you may need to change the gasket on the humidifier.

      What is your AHI? Have you checked your mask fit and leak rate? Also, please confirm from your therapy data what your 90% pressure is to see if it matches your usual inhalation pressure. It will be listed as IPAP 90% and EPAP 90%.

      Also, please request that your doctor review all of your therapy data so that he/she can make a medical determination on if a pressure setting adjustment is warranted.

      For further questions, or concerns, please feel free to reach us at: 1-800-356-5221, or you may e-mail us at: cpap@cpap.com.

      Best Wishes!

  19. I’m using the Dreamwear nasal cushion and from the time I wake up my nostrils feel weird, like there still is air forcing through them, as if the machine was still on, only not nearly as strong as when I turn it on to go to sleep. Its hard to describe, but its weird and annoying. Any thoughts as to what causes this. I also have hot flashes through the night and after I wake up and go to the bathroom, I can’t fall back to asleep again with the CPAP on, any thoughts on this issue. Thanks for your thoughts

    1. Hi Lynda, i’m sorry to hear that you’re having some trouble with your CPAP therapy. I don’t recall receiving any complaints from customers feeling like air is in the nostrils when the machine isn’t in use. Are you new to CPAP therapy? If so, please keep in mind that it does take time to become acclimated with your therapy.

      Have you spoken with your doctor about the hot flashes you’re experiencing? Are you using a heated, or standard hose? If your hose is heated, you may try reducing the heat. Also, if you’re using a humidifier, you may try adjusting the settings to your comfort.

      Please see the link below to our cpaptalk.com forum to view conversations from other CPAP users who have experienced hot flashes as well.


      The link below, will allow you to view a product (fan) that we stock which may help decrease your hot flashes also.


      For further questions, or concerns, please feel free to reach us at: 1-800-356-5221, or you may e-mail us at: cpap@cpap.com.

      We wish you the best!

  20. I wake up not breathing trying to get air and white light comes on machine and air flow starts back up

    1. Hi Jackie, that sounds scary! In order for me to provide suggestions on what the problem may be, please provide me with additional details.

      What is the name of your machine. Do you receive any messages on your display screen? Is the white light blinking, or solid? What type of mask are you using (full face, nasal, nasal pillow)? Have you reviewed your sleep therapy data to confirm your mask leak rate and mask fit?

      Once, I have more details, we may be able to get to the root of the problem.

      Please feel free to contact us at: 1-800-356-5221 for phone assistance.

      Best Wishes!

  21. My mask fits and works fine for the first few hours. About 3-5 hour into sleeping the mask starts blowing air out all over the place. (Between the .ask and mu face) I pull.the mask off and try to reseal it but at this point it feels like there is too much air pressure to seal.

    1. Hi James, i’m sorry to hear of the issues with your mask/pressure. What type of machine are you using (CPAP, APAP, or BiPap)?

      Most likely when you reposition yourself during sleep, you lose your mask seal. Most machines will then blow more air to compensate for the leak.

      Please make certain you are using the correct size mask and headgear. If you’ve tried adjusting the mask, but still end up with a leak during the night, you may consider switching to a different mask that may provide you with a better fit.

      If you have further questions, concerns, or need assistance with locating a different mask, please feel free to reach us at: 1-800-356-5221, or you may e-mail us at: cpap@cpap.com.

      We wish you the best!

  22. Hi Carol,
    My partner is new to using Resmed Airsense 10 Auto with nasal pillows. His setting is 5 with ramp up to 11.
    On the 29th March events were 8.1 with leak 46L
    The last 3 nights Events are recorded as 3.8 – with leak 31L, 5.3 with leak 36L and 6.3 with leak 32L
    Is there an acceptable leak level?
    Obviously we would like the events to be lower too and there be more consistency.
    Do you have any suggestions?

    1. Hi Joyce, most machines will show a “normal” leak rate if the amount registers 20-24L/minute or less. Anything above that and you’re likely dealing with a poor-fitting mask.

      Please have your partner change their nasal pillows to see if this improves the leak rate. If it’s been longer than 6 months since the entire mask was changed, please replace the mask.

      For further questions, or concerns, please feel free to reach us at: 1-800-356-5221, or you may e-mail us at: cpap@cpap.com.

      Best Wishes!

    1. Hi Diana, i’m sorry to hear about the itching. Have you switched to a different mask recently? Some users, are sensitive to the material the mask is made from. If you’re using the same mask, please try changing the mask cushion, to see if this helps.

      Also, please be sure to thoroughly clean your mask daily and allow it to air dry. I have received some reports of itching around the mask, that is usually do to sweating underneath the mask.

      You may try using a mask liner to see if this reduces the itching. Please see the links below for possible options, depending on the type of mask you are using.



      For further questions, or concerns, please feel free to reach us at: 1-800-356-5221, or you may e-mail us at: cpap@cpap.com.

      Best Wishes!

  23. Sometimes I have trouble getting to sleep because when I get to the point of dropping off to sleep I jolt awake, momentarily breathless, like the machine has not used enough pressure. It also happens sometimes when I am asleep and wake up almost suffocating unable to breathe. It is incredibly alarming. I use a ResmedS9 autoset machine.

    1. Hi Janet, that sounds scary! Have you spoken with your doctor about your concerns? If not, please do so. Your doctor can review your therapy data in detail, to confirm where the issue is.

      Even though you are using an auto machine, you could need a setting adjustment which can only be determined by your doctor. Also, please confirm if you have a ramp setting, if so, you may try turning it off to see if this helps.

      For further questions, or concerns, please reach us at: 1-800-356-5221.

      Have a great day!

  24. I feel like everything is adjusted fine other than getting used to different positions as I’m a side sleeper. Lately I’ve been waking up withI can only describe as heartburn for lack of a better word.I have tried to watch what I eat and when whatcha think?

    1. Hi Tim,
      I’m sorry to hear you’re having some problems with your CPAP therapy. You could be suffering from Aerophagia, which is eating/swallowing too much air, which could cause reflux.

      I would recommend you speaking with your treating physician, to be certain that the proper diagnosis and treatment is being advised.

      For further questions, or concerns, please feel free to reach us at: 1-800-356-5221, or you may e-mail us at: cpap@cpap.com.

      We wish you the best!

  25. hi have been on cpap for 6 months now and all is great except that my full face mask leak is bad and stops me from going to sleep is there i can do to help stop the leaks.. thank you

    1. Hey Nelva,
      I’m sorry you’re having a tough time with mask leaks. Have you confirmed that you’re using the correct size mask? For most of the masks we sell, there is a sizing guide template which you can print, cut out and measure yourself.

      To find the guide you may visit cpap.com, using the search box, please locate your mask and underneath the size selection on the product page you will see sizing guide, click there and the template should come up for you.

      Also, we stock products called Remzzz and Silent Night Mask Liners which may provide you some relief from leaks. Please see the links below for more information.



      It’s important to remember that not all masks will work for every person. If the leaking persists, you should consider switching to a different mask.

      For further questions, or concerns, please give us a call at: 1-800-356-5221.

      Have a great day!

  26. Hi Carol,

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience for our benefit. I am a twelve year CPAP user. I had adjusted or adapted and accepted most of the variety of challenges we all face over the years. Recently, and with no known changes to myself, my sleeping situation, or my mask, hose, or machine, my Mirage Quattro full facemask has begun to ‘pull in’ or ‘suck’ against my face with each inhale. I have toyed around trying to figure it out because it is same whether I nose-breath or mouth-breath and is counter-intuitive. If positive air pressure at 16.0 is being pushed into my mask same as it has for 12 years and two machines, why would my taking a breath be difficult and pull the mask tighter to my face that much? I covered the outlet up above my nose and everything is back to normal. But I shouldn’t tape over that and I can’t sleep expecting for my hand to remain covering it sufficiently. Any ideas? Please feel free to email to discuss further. Thank you, Dale

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