ResMed AirFit™ F30i Full Face Mask Review: Should You Upgrade?

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    The ResMed AirFit™ F30i Full Face CPAP Mask is an innovative mask that represents the next generation of full-face mask technology. It features a wide-open field of vision, full range of motion, and a solid cushion that maintains its seal no matter how you sleep. True to ResMed’s style, this new full face CPAP mask is also whisper-quiet.

    What Makes This Mask Unique

    Building on the successes of the AirFit P30i and the N30i, the AirFit F30i uses a similar design with a durable cushion that keeps its seal whether you sleep on your stomach, side, or back without compromising your comfort or therapy.


    The top of the frame uses a ribbed pattern that can expand or stay in place depending on the size of your head without you needing to make any adjustments yourself. It’s soft to the touch while also being flexible and stretchy, making it extremely comfortable to wear. The frame also uses a Quick-Release Elbow, making it a simple process to disconnect from the hose in the middle of the night.


    The F30i cushion was designed to minimize red marks and pimples by not covering the bridge of the nose. Another improvement to the cushion design is the placement of two separate vents: one on the cushion and the other on the bridge of the nose. This is done to further dampen noise and provide a better experience.

    The ResMed AirFit F30i Review

    We measured this mask on ten different factors and assigned points with one being the worst and ten being the best. We added up the scores to give us a total of 86 out of 100, ranking the F30i above average compared to other top-rated full face CPAP masks! Let’s take a deep dive to see how the AirFit F30i truly stacks up.

    Ease of Use9/10ResMed nailed it by pairing two design choices that enable you to disconnect from your machine quickly. The Quick-Release Elbow allows you to disconnect from your hose with one touch while the handy magnetic clips detach from the frame with just a little pressure.
    Ease of Maintenance8/10It’s nice to see a mask that minimizes touchpoints to the face while using fewer parts. By using minimal parts, it’s easier to clean, and there’s less to maintain. The only reason this didn’t score higher is that the hollow frame requires you to run water through it to clean.
    Quiet Operation8/10The AirFit F30i scores an eight out of ten here for a few reasons. If you’re close to the mask, you’ll hear the sound at about 25 decibels, which is about as quiet as your machine, so you may not even hear it. If you’re over a meter away, the sound is even less—about 18 decibels. It’s one of the quietest full face masks around.
    Active Sleeper Friendly10/10If you move around a lot in your sleep, you’ll need a mask with a 360-degree swivel to give you the ability to move around freely. Masks with stationary hose connections are not flexible enough to cut it. Not only is the swivel flexible on the F30i, but the cushion is durable enough to support any sleeping position!
    Open Field of Vision10/10We awarded the AirFit F30i a perfect score in this category since it doesn’t cover the bridge of the nose, making it great if you wear glasses. It’s especially helpful for anyone who wants an unobstructed view to watch T.V. or read a book before falling asleep.
    Cushion Comfort and Design8/10While the original AirFit F30 is similar, the F30i is a little more durable than the AirFit F30’s cushion, allowing you to sleep in multiple positions. It also uses a unique venting system designed to dampen noise and reduce the feeling of blowing air.
    Headgear Comfort and Design8/10The headgear is plush, comfortable, and comes with the added convenience of using magnetic clips, which is a nice-to-have feature that we’re glad is a part of this design. The magnetic clips help anchor the headgear to the frame while the velcro is easy to adjust. The headgear is comfortable to wear with a soft, t-shirt feel.
    Cost6/10The build is high quality and offers features that most CPAP masks cannot: an open field of vision with unmatched freedom of movement. When you combine these features with ResMed quality, you get a winning combination. The F30i debuted with an asking price of $159, and like most things in life, you do get what you pay for.
    Uniqueness9/10The top-of-the-head mounted hose connection, the ability to move freely thanks to the 360-degree swivel, and the open line-of-sight make the AirFit F30i one of the few full face masks that can claim these benefits.
    Sizing Variety10/10We’ve awarded this mask our highest score because ResMed added new frame and cushion sizes. The frame is stretchy and flexible, so it will easily adapt to the contours of your head.

    The AirFit F30i vs. DreamWear Full Face Mask

    When comparing this mask to the DreamWear Full Face, we began by looking at the reviews on our site. Overall, the DreamWear earns a four-star rating. Similarly to the design of the F30i, our customers love how low profile the DreamWear is, which grants them the ability to wear glasses, watch television, or read before falling asleep. However, the reviews are mixed when it comes to the quality of the DreamWear’s seal in various sleeping positions. They were looking for a mask seal that would withstand any amount of movement during the night. Some of the DreamWear customers found the mask’s seal worked exactly the way it was supposed to while others felt it was difficult to get the mask to seal under their nose.

    The F30i uses a curved nasal cushion that conforms to the shape of your nose instead of the flat design common in traditional full face masks. The rest of the F30i covers your entire mouth. This curved design seals better than the design currently being used by the DreamWear. This means if you were one who struggled to get a quality seal with the DreamWear, then the F30i may be the mask for you!

    During ResMed’s early testing, many users reported that they liked the AirFit F30i better when compared to other popular full face masks. When comparing the DreamWear versus the F30i, we noticed these key differences:

    • Ribbed Frame Design is More Flexible than the DreamWear: Fits More Faces
    • Quick-Release Elbow Makes it Easy to Disconnect from Therapy: Easier to Get Up
    • Curved Nasal Cushion May Create a Better Seal: Fewer Interruptions

    Judging by the wide assortment of frame and cushion sizes, ResMed tried to make a mask that will fit close to every face. If you struggle to find your size in other masks, give the multiple options available with the F30i a try!

    Should You Upgrade?

    If you’re unhappy with your current full face mask, then we would recommend upgrading to the F30i. You’ll get a better seal with the improved cushion design and more freedom to move around thanks to the innovative and comfortable frame. However, the F30i isn’t so different to where we think you should abandon a mask you absolutely love.

    Overall, we’re excited about the latest addition to the ResMed family of masks. The F30i offers what most full face CPAP masks cannot: the freedom to move, an open line of sight, and the ability to sleep the way you want.