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Review of the ResMed AirTouch N20 Nasal CPAP Mask

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Building on the success of the popular foam cushion found on the AirTouch F20 Full Face CPAP Mask, ResMed has released a new nasal mask that includes the same plush material. If you’ve always wanted a mask that doesn’t feel like cool-to-the-touch medical grade silicone, the AirTouch N20 Nasal CPAP Mask is for you. With a minimal footprint and over-the-nose design, this special nasal mask is designed to provide the same quality seal you’re used to without any discomfort.

First Impressions

As I hold the mask in my hands, I can tell it’s about the same weight and size as the silicone AirFit N20 Nasal CPAP Mask. The first major difference I notice between the two is the generous amount of memory foam that covers the outer edge of the AirTouch N20 cushion. It’s spongy, plush, and has a little texture to it around the outer edge to ensure a secure seal. As I press into it, it conforms to the shape of my finger and then returns to its original shape when I remove my finger, demonstrating that it conforms to you.

How the ResMed AirTouch N20 Nasal CPAP Mask Rates Against Other Mask

From comfort to an open line of sight, we’ve evaluated the ResMed AirTouch N20 Nasal CPAP Mask on the factors that influence your night the most. We’ve compared it to the DreamWear Nasal to determine how it ranks.

Easy to Use

The AirTouch N20 Nasal CPAP Mask has magnetic headgear clips that easily lock into place, keeping your mask in the same spot all night long and ensuring a secure seal. It’s easy to take off and easy to disassemble, making it a great choice for anyone looking for a simple mask that’s simple to figure out. In the ease of use category, it’s comparable to the DreamWear Nasal CPAP mask.

Easy to Maintain

Since the AirTouch N20 cushion is created using memory foam for your comfort, it is not designed to be cleaned using regular cleaning products. The memory foam cushion is designed to last one month before you’ll need to discard it and replace it with a new cushion. When compared to the DreamWear Nasal, it does require more maintenance since the cushion needs to be replaced every month versus every three to six months.

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Quiet Operation

Checking in at a sound pressure level of 16 decibels and a sound power level of 24 decibels, the AirTouch N20 Nasal Mask is one of the quietest CPAP masks on the market today. This means that when the mask is working, you’ll likely hear very little noise. Two people whispering registers at 26 decibels, making the AirTouch N20 quieter than a whisper. The cherry on top? The chances are that it will make less noise than your machine.

Active Sleeper Friendly

The AirTouch N20 isn’t bulky and includes a short tube to facilitate extra movement. These features make it ideal for anyone who moves around throughout the night. While not engineered specifically for the active sleeper, the AirTouch N20 allows for frequent movement while you rest, which is similar to the DreamWear Nasal.

Open Field of Vision

Despite using an over-the-nose cushion, the AirTouch N20 doesn’t block your view. You can watch T.V. or read a book all while wearing your CPAP mask. The only negative with regard to its open view is that you can’t wear glasses while wearing the AirTouch N20.

Comfortable Cushion

This is the area where the AirTouch N20 truly shines. The memory foam cushion is soft, comfortable, and easily conforms to the shape of your nose. Say goodnight to red marks and nose irritation—the AirTouch N20 works with you and is designed to adapt to your curves while feeling comfortable to wear.

Lightweight Headgear

The AirTouch N20 Nasal Mask uses the same headgear design as most other ResMed masks. Most CPAP wearers will find it to be comfortable to wear due to its lightweight design. You’ll also love the magnetic headgear clips because they easily snap and remain in place until you’re ready to remove it.

Priced in Line With Other Quality CPAP Masks

Currently priced at around $100, the AirTouch N20 is right in line with what other premium masks cost. While it is more expensive than older masks with a more traditional design, the AirTouch N20 is reasonably priced for the quality you’ll get when you purchase this mask. The AirTouch N20 is priced similarly to the DreamWear Nasal.

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Sizing of the AirTouch N20

The AirTouch N20 comes in the sizes: small, medium, large, and for her. However, some other CPAP masks on the market feature a medium-wide sizing option, so keep that in mind.

If you’re looking for a mask with plush memory foam and lightweight design, then the AirTouch N20 is the mask for you. It’s currently one of the only nasal CPAP masks on the market to use high-quality memory foam to create a quality seal that will move with you all night.


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