Pico Nasal CPAP Mask Review

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    As we were preparing ourselves for the Pico launch, we couldn’t help but notice how consumers would appreciate its simple, yet carefully designed features. For instance, it only covers a partial area of the nose as compared to most nasal masks which cover the nose entirely.

    As new masks come on to the market, we are normally captivated by novel features which at times let us down functionally. The Pico Nasal Mask includes highly acclaimed features and integrates a refined design to fit comfortably with less material. For instance, notice a durable dual wall cushion, a stable crown strap, and an easily detached swivel –  all features users have come to rely on. Let’s dive into the features a bit deeper below.


    Tiny Frame Means Minimal Contact: This mask does not have a traditional forehead support. The headgear folds around the forehead piece, meaning only the headgear and cushion come in contact with the user.

    Durable Dual Wall Cushion: The inner wall provides support, while the softer outer layer offers a seal. This design contributes to a more harmonious seal. All three cushion sizes are included with the Pico Fit Pack: Small/Medium, Large, Extra Large.



    Stable Slim-line Headgear: Crown strap design secures a strap across the back of your head to help hold the mask position through the night. You’ll find the quick release headgear clips create easy on/off access. Also, velcro tabs take out the complication by adding agility, making the right fit more achievable.

    Quick and Easy Detachable Swivel: Masks that come apart easily are much easier to clean. The detachable swivel simply clicks apart to ease the use of removal during night time interruptions or post therapy cleaning.

    We were able to get the scoop on the Pico’s performance from one of our CPAP gurus the morning after his experience. Here’s what he had to say:

    “It is very comfortable, even when compared against my Activa. The small overall dimensions are a welcome change from virtually every other nasal mask – less mask in my line of sight, less mass strapped to my face, etc.”  – J.N.

    Can’t decide between the single size or fit pack? If you are unsure about what size you wear, we recommend the fit pack which includes all three sizes (Small/Medium, Large, Extra Large). Both masks sit at $109 and ship free at CPAP.com. The great thing here is that the Pico comes with Free Return Insurance. Which means you can try it out for 30 days and if you can’t get the right fit, CPAP.com will take it back no questions asked.