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More Solutions

Oxygen concentrators turn the outside air into purified oxygen, and can eliminate the need for tanked oxygen. As long as the concentrator has power, it can create an unlimited supply of oxygen needed for therapy. We have top brands and models for home and portable uses. 

Bongo Rx EPAP Therapy

Ultra-portable EPAP therapy for those with mild sleep apnea.

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Oxygen Concentrators and Other Solutions

Learn more about oxygen concentrators and alternatives to CPAP therapy:

Oxygen Concentrator Overview

Learn About Oxygen Concentrators

Learn more about oxygen concentrators, including how they work, what they’re used for, and which products we carry.

Guide to Oxygen Concentrators
Oxygen Concentrator vs CPAP

CPAP vs Oxygen Concentrator

A guide to understanding the difference between CPAP machines and oxygen concentrators.

CPAP vs Oxygen Concentrator
How to use CPAP with Oxygen Therapy

Using CPAP With Oxygen Therapy

The complete guide to using an oxygen concentrator with CPAP.

Guide to CPAP With Oxygen
CPAP Alternatives

Alternatives to CPAP Therapy

A detailed guide to CPAP alternatives, including lifestyle changes, devices, surgeries, and therapies that have helped people successfully manage their OSA.

Best CPAP Alternatives
Loud Snoring

Mouthguards For Sleep Apnea

Discover the effectiveness of sleep apnea mouthguards in our comprehensive guide. Improve your sleep quality and manage OSA effectively.

Mouthguards For Sleep Apnea
Daytime Fatigue

Do Micro CPAP Machines Work?

If you've heard of micro CPAP devices like the Airing Micro CPAP, this guide will break down what's real and what's not (yet) plus FDA-approved machines you can count on for CPAP therapy.

Do Micro CPAP Machines Work?

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Common Questions

What is an oxygen concentrator, and how does it work? Are they allowed on flights? We have answers to these and other common questions about these devices below.