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AirSense 10 Batteries

There are three things you should consider when choosing an AirSense 10 battery pack:

  1. Universal Batteries: You will not require a DC cable to make this type of battery work.
  2. Adapter Kits: Certain batteries will require a DC cable or will be included in your purchase.
  3. Backup Power Supply: Only certain batteries will have the ability to work as a backup power source such as the Medistrom Pilot-24 Lite

Other common considerations:

  • Portability
  • Charging Times
  • RunTimes
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Shop AirSense 10 Travel and Backup Batteries

Traveling soon? Make your trip smoother and more flexible with a CPAP battery for your AirSense 10 CPAP Machine! These batteries connect in various ways via DC adapters, AC outlets, or proprietary connections, and some can even be used as backup batteries during a power outage for uninterrupted therapy. Learn more about the best CPAP batteries for AirSense 10 with our helpful chart below, which details compatibility with other machines and shows which batteries can be used as backup power during an outage:

BatteryCapacity (Wh)Backup Power?Compatible With:
Medistrom Pilot-2495 WhYesAirSense 10, AirMini, 3B Luna, DreamStation Go
ResMed Power Station II97 WhYesAirSense 10 & Older ResMed Machines; Not Compatible With AirMini
BPS Freedom V299.9 WhYesAirSense 10, AirMini, DreamStation, ResMed S9
Zopec Explore 4000120 WhYesUniversal AC Power
Zopec Voyage150 WhNoUniversal AC Power
EXP48 Pro154 WhYesAny Device With a DC Power Supply or Adapter
Portable Outlet UPS159 WhYesUniversal AC Power
EXP96 Pro (Not FAA-Approved For Air Travel)307 WhYesAny Device With a DC Power Supply or Adapter

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your AirSense 10 Battery Power

For the times when you rely solely on your battery and have no other means of powering your AirSense 10, such as on a camping trip, keep the following tips in mind to maximize your battery’s runtime:

  • Don’t Use Humidification: The most significant power draw from your CPAP machine will be from the humidifier, so you’ll want to be sure to turn your humidification off when using a battery to power your AirSense 10.
  • Use Standard Tubing: Similarly, heated tubing draws extra power and could drain your battery before the night is through. Use standard unheated tubing when traveling to maximize your battery’s runtime. 
  • Use APAP Mode: With the AirSense 10 AutoSet, you can choose between the standard APAP mode, which automatically adjusts to your breathing, and CPAP mode, which supplies a continuous, set pressure. While it may be tempting to set a lower CPAP pressure, keeping your machine on APAP will ensure you’re getting adequate therapy at the lowest possible power draw. With CPAP, you might get more time out of your battery with a consistently lower pressure, but it may not fully clear your airway obstruction, leading to a restless night.
  • Test at Home: This won’t get you more runtime, but it will give you an idea of what to expect from your battery before you depend on it away from home. Use your battery to power your CPAP for a couple of nights while you’re still at home to make sure you can sleep through the night with your current settings. You may find that you need a larger battery than you thought, especially if you prefer sleeping with humidification.

Frequently Asked Questions About AirSense 10 Batteries

  • How Long Do These Batteries Last?

    Battery life depends almost entirely on capacity, but as discussed above, it can also vary based on your settings, such as humidification and heated tubing. With its 95 Wh capacity, you can expect the Medistrom Pilot-24 to power your AirSense 10 without heated tubing or humidification at an average pressure of 10 cmh2O for 8-10 hours, or roughly one night of therapy.

    To ensure a whole night of therapy with your AirSense 10 without worry, we recommend choosing a battery with at least 120 Wh of capacity, though you should still recharge it the next day. A large battery like the EXP96 Pro can power your machine on similar settings for about three nights without needing to recharge, or one to two nights with a high pressure setting and heated humidification.

  • How Long Does It Take for the Battery To Recharge?

    Similarly to run times, your battery’s capacity will have a direct impact on charge times. On average, you should be able to recharge your CPAP battery in three to six hours. Larger batteries like the EXP96 Pro will need eight to eleven hours to recharge, but typically supply more than one night of power.