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Product image for ResMed AirMini™ Tubing
ResMed AirMini™ Tubing

ResMed AirMini™ Tubing

28 Reviews
Product image for ResMed AirMini™ Mask Connector
ResMed AirMini™ Mask Connector

ResMed AirMini™ Mask Connector

23 Reviews

If you’re looking for replacement tubing for your ResMed machine, you’ve come to the right place! Here, you’ll find both heated and standard tubing options for past and present ResMed CPAP machines, travel tubing for your AirMini, and a collection of short hose connections and couplers for your ResMed CPAP mask.

ResMed Tubing Replacement FAQs:

  • How to Find ResMed Replacement Tubing?

    If you aren’t exactly sure what you’re looking for, our Part Finder Tool can help you find the specific part you need. Simply select your machine type, then your machine, and find your replacement tubing from there. Alternatively, visit your machine’s product page on and look for your hose under the ‘Replacement Parts’ tab.

  • What ResMed Hoses Are Compatible With the AirMini?

    While you would’ve needed to order a replacement AirMini CPAP Hose in the past due to the device’s smaller air outlet, the Zephair AirMini Universal Mask Adapter allows you to use any standard tubing with your AirMini, greatly expanding your mask options.

  • What ResMed Hoses Are Compatible With the AirSense 11?

    Any standard tubing with 22mm ends will work with the AirSense 11, and the ClimateLineAir 11 Heated Tube is available for those that prefer a heated hose or want to enjoy the AirSense 11’s Automatic Climate Control Function.

  • What ResMed Hoses Are Compatible With the AirSense 10?

    You can use any standard hose with 22mm ends with your AirSense 10, but ResMed also provides a few alternatives to consider:

    • SlimLine Tubing for AirSense 10: A standard hose has an interior hose diameter of 19mm. While also having 22mm ends, the SlimLine Tubing has an interior hose diameter of 15mm, making it lighter and more flexible than standard tubing to reduce hose drag.
    • ClimateLineAir Heated Tube for AirSense 10: A heated hose for your AirSense 10 to help reduce rainout by maintaining a consistent temperature throughout the tubing.
    • ClimateLineAir Oxy Heated Tube for AirSense 10: For those that also require oxygen therapy, use this latex-free heated tubing with your AirSense 10 device to receive additional oxygen. The ClimateLineAir Oxy has a built-in supplemental oxygen connector and two climate control settings.

  • What ResMed Hoses Are Compatible With the ResMed S9?

    Like the AirSense 10 and 11, the ResMed S9 is compatible with standard tubing as well as the SlimLine Tubing for the AirSense 10, which is listed above. There are also two heated options available:

  • What Is the Short Tube Assembly For?

    CPAP masks with short tube assemblies use the short tube to provide extra movement and reduced hose drag for active sleepers, allowing them to effortlessly change sleeping positions. Some ResMed masks that we carry short tube replacements for include, the Swift FX Short Tube, Swift LT Short Tube, and Mirage Mask Short Tube.

  • What is the "Subscribe & Save" Program?

    Replacing the tubing, cushions, and headgear for your ResMed CPAP mask is now easier than ever thanks to’s Subscribe and Save Program! In your cart or on the product page for the item you’d like to order, select the “Subscribe & Save 10%” option and choose the interval at which you’d like to receive your equipment, taking the guesswork out of ordering replacement parts. Any orders placed before 4 p.m. Central Standard Time (CST) will ship the same day, and Subscribe & Save orders will also enjoy free shipping.

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding your order, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our award-winning customer service team is available at 1-800-356-5221 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. CST Monday through Friday and 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST on Saturdays. For your convenience, we also operate a Live Chat service on our website, or you can even text us at 832-308-2219 during our customer service hours for help with an order or anything else you might have a question about throughout your therapy journey.

  • When to Replace ResMed CPAP Hoses?

    Per our recommended replacement schedule, your ResMed CPAP hose will need to be replaced every 6 to 12 months, depending on when it starts to deteriorate or show signs of wear and tear. Regularly replacing your equipment is important to maintain the most effective treatment for Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). If you have air leaks in your tubing, you may not be receiving your prescribed therapy pressure, which is needed to keep your airway open. When your therapy pressure isn’t reaching your prescribed level due to air leaks, your risk for cardiovascular disease, stroke, high blood pressure, and even diabetes may all increase. When it’s time to replace your tubing, you will also likely experience an increased number of apneas and hypopneas per night as a result. 

    To prevent leaks from happening, make sure that you only ever disconnect your tubing by grasping the rubber end that connects to your machine. Disconnecting your CPAP hose by pulling on the hose itself risks damaging your tubing or wearing it out more quickly. You can also extend the life of your hose by following a consistent cleaning routine. Hang your CPAP hose to dry every morning after each use, and make sure to clean it thoroughly with a tube brush and mild soap at least once a week. It’s always a good idea to inspect your tubing while cleaning to check your hose quality and listen for leaks before you begin your therapy to help you stop small issues when they first appear.

Customer Highlights On Popular ResMed CPAP Hoses

ResMed AirSense 10 Heated Tubing
ResMed AirSense 10 Heated Tubing (ClimateLineAir)

Game Changer

I have never used a heated hose before and when I upgraded my machine, I decided to try it. I no longer experience water build-up in my hose and my nose does not feel sore in the morning.

Verified Purchase 2021-03-26

ResMed SlimLine Tubing
ResMed SlimLine Tubing

ResMed SlimLine Tubing

It’s the real thing. Better quality than generic tubing. I’m a long time user of CPAP and BiPap supplies. My insurance will provide CPAP supplies with my copayment, but the quality was completely inferior to what is available on I’m just paying out of pocket for my supplies now and I always get exactly what I order, no wrong sizes.

Verified Purchase 2020-09-16

ResMed ClimateLineAir Oxy
ResMed ClimateLineAir Oxy

No Other Choice For Climate Control + Oxygen

This ResMed tubing is absolutely the best in terms of functional reliability, auto temp & humidity control, and flawless oxygen delivery. Most DME’s don’t carry, but had it in stock and shipped immediately.

Verified Purchase 2018-03-30

ResMed S9 Heated Tubing
ResMed S9 Heated Tubing

What's Rain-out?

I constantly read about people having problems with water spraying in their faces. Their humidifier sends extra water vapor which condenses on the colder lining of the tubing. I have never experienced this even with my humidity set to its max. The tubing isn't warm to the touch, but it completely prevents this "rain-out" I hear about frequently. If your machine supports it, I highly recommend it. The tubing is very resilient, and though I usually change it out at least once every year, I imagine they could last much longer. Without all that condensation and moisture build-up in the line, I rarely need to do any deep cleaning. Highly recommended.

Verified Purchase 2018-03-26

ResMed AirSense 10 Heated Tubing
AirSense 11 Heated Tubing

ClimateLine Hose

Great heated hose! Just what I was looking for and at a reasonable price! Excellent quality and works great with my AirSense 11 CPAP. Fast shipping!! I highly recommend this product and this company!

Verified Purchase 2022-05-02

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