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BPS SunPower Solar Panel 40W

3 Reviews

Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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BPS Sunpower Solar Panel 40W - Closed Front with Open Pouch
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3 Reviews

Sorry, this item is no longer available.

Need replacement parts and accessories? Shop now 

SunPower Solar Panel 40W by BPS Overview

The SunPower Solar Panel by Battery Power Solutions is a compact and collapsible solar charger which draws energy from the sun to charge the C-100 and Freedom CPAP Battery Packs. Open the buckles to release the panels, place in direct sunlight and begin transferring solar energy to the battery. The SunPower Solar Panel folds into a discrete 11" by 11" square, leaving behind a small footprint.

Battery Power Solutions SunPower Solar Panel 40W allows for a manageable and efficient approach to transferring alternate energy. No additional materials are needed to operate the solar panel. Whether charging the C-100 or Freedom CPAP Battery packs or another small electrical device, the solar panel is intended to operate with ease.


Efficient Process

When placed in a sunny environment, the solar panel may charge the C-100 or Freedom Battery within 4 or 5 hours. It is best to place the solar panel outside in direct sunlight on a bright, sunny day. Be sure to remove any debris that may fall around the unit, for quickest charge. Also, move the solar panel away from branches and brush to create a open path for sunlight to hit the solar panel. If all variables are right, the solar panel will charge a compatible device quickly and efficiently.

Dual Functionality

While the main function of the SunPower Solar Panel is to charge the C-100 or Freedom CPAP Battery Packs, an added benefit to the design is the unit's ability to charge other electrical devices 18 volts or less. There are two ways to connect the other electrical devices to the solar panel.

Skillful Engineering

The solar panel is a compact unit with exceptional design elements.

  1. The exterior of the unit is coated in a durable, black fabric. The material is waterproof and protects the solar panels from inevitable weather. Please Note: While the material is protective, avoid leaving the unit outdoors because the connection cord must remain dry.
  2. Two buckle clips located near the top of the BPS SunPower Solar Charger secure a strong grip on the panels. The user may lift the device from its convenient carry handle without concern, as everything is tightly bound together.