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    Product Overview

    Having a hose lift system can be helpful, as it provides extra flexibility and allows for greater movement during sleep. It's a good way to not get caught in annoying hose tangles. The Jack CPAP Tube Holder uses powerful suction cup technology to stick firmly in place on the wall or headboard, while a simple elastic band elevates your tube and locks it in one spot.

    It's designed to stay put despite your own movements and will lock in place for many nights to come before needing to be readjusted. It's a simple and compact solution that's easy to travel with and won't damage the wall in any way.

    Manufactured by cpapology.

    Product Features

    While stand-up hose lift systems work well, they take some to set up and aren't always great for taking on the go. Getting a quality hose support is essential to your overall comfort, allowing for greater flexibility and movement without all the hassles. By choosing the Jack CPAP Tube Holder, you're saying "yes" to an easy-to-use device that makes it simple to set up and use.

    Compact Device Only Has Two Parts

    The Jack CPAP Tube Holder only has 2 parts: the suction cup and the elastic band. Just stick the suction cup to the wall, and route your hose through the elastic band. That's all you need to do! Setting it up couldn't be easier and it will stay in place for days at a time.

    Jack CPAP Tube Holder Travels Easily

    Because the device is so small, it can travel almost anywhere. Stick it in your purse or carryon—or even your jacket pocket. There's no metal, liquids, or prohibited substances in this device, meaning it can get through TSA without any issues.

    Completely Non-Invasive! Won't Damage Your Wall

    The Jack CPAP Tube Holder doesn't harm, smudge, or damage any surface it's stuck on. When you take it off, you won't see any markings left behind, which is critical if you're traveling. It uses no glue or adhesive, so it won't tear paint or wallpaper.

    Includes Two Suction Cups and Two Elastic Bands

    Each Jack CPAP Tube Holder includes a spare suction cup to help better route the hose, or to use as a ready replacement when the first hose lift wears out. You'll also get a second elastic band as an added bonus. It's a win-win.

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    Product Specifications

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    Important Tips

    Attaching the CPAP Tube Management System to the Wall

    Here's how to attach the CPAP hose lift system to the wall:

    1. Position the suction cup on the wall.
    2. Using the knob, turn it clockwise until you feel tension.
    3. Extend the elastic band, and route the hose through it, pulling until you have it configured the way you want.

    Replacement Parts

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