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Top Review

"Item arrived promptly. The large frame greatly improved the fit of the Dreamwear CPAP mask. The mask is a large improvement over a previous mask that I used."

December 29, 2015

Product Overview

Manufactured by Philips Respironics.

Product Features

The Frame for DreamWear Nasal CPAP Mask is the replacement frame for use with the DreamWear Nasal CPAP Mask. This is the frame only and does not include any other products. The frame is available in three sizes: small, medium, and large. Choose desired size when ordering.

This is the frame for use with the DreamWear and is not compatible with any other masks.

Return On Warranty Issues Only


This Product Includes...

  • 1 - Frame in Selected Size

Product Specifications

  • Length of the Small Frame: 19 in

  • Length of the Medium Frame: 20 in

  • Length of the Large Frame: 22 in

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    Manufacturer Note

    • Philips Respironics products are for sale only to patients within the U.S. and not to other third parties or businesses.
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    Important Tips

    Where is the Frame Size Located?

    To find the size of the DreamWear Nasal Mask Frame, locate the elbow opening in the frame which is located at the top of the unit. Just above the opening, grey letters are imprinted on the frame to indicate the size. The letters "SM" represent a size Small, "MED" represent a size Medium, and "LG" represent a size Large.

    Fitting Guide for Customers Who Already Have a Frame

    For those that have an existing frame, this helpful guide displays if it is fitting properly. The ideal fit for the DreamWear series of masks is one in which the frame goes up the side of the face, between the eye and the ear. If the medium frame slips when positioned this way, and slides back over the ear, it's a sign the small frame is a better fit. If the medium frame bunches up close to the eyes or partially blocks view, it's a sign the large frame is a better fit. The manufacturer has provided a helpful frame fitting guide that can assist with frame selection.

    How To Determine the Correct Frame Size?

    The frame size is equivalent to the distance around the head from one side of the nose to the other. Follow these steps to determine the appropriate frame size:

    Begin by placing the measuring tape marker at the base of the nose on one side. Use the tape to follow along the side of the cheek and upward over the top of the head. Keep pulling the tape measure around the face, down the other cheek, and to the base of the nose on the opposite side.

    Use this measurement to most closely match one of the frame sizes listed below:

    • Small Frame - 19 Inches
    • Medium Frame - 20 Inches
    • Large Frame - 22 Inches

    Please Note: The DreamWear Nasal CPAP Mask with Headgear - Fit Pack is sold with a Medium frame only. The medium frame will fit most users.

    Elbow Connection to the Mask

    The DreamWear elbow is inserted into the circular opening at the top of the DreamWear mask. The flexible mask frame material allows the user to place pressure on the frame as the lip of the elbow is placed inside the opening. The elbow connection should be completely enclosed within the opening, leaving only the outer rim visible.

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