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Philips Respironics DreamWear Gel Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask WITHOUT Headgear - Fit Pack

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Product Overview

The DreamWear Gel Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask WITHOUT Headgear - Fit Pack is a combination of frame, elbow, and nasal pillow cushions for the DreamWear nasal pillow mask. This mask purchase does not include headgear.

Manufactured by Philips Respironics.

6% of Nasal Pillow product buyers choose this product.

Product Features

The DreamWear Gel Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask WITHOUT Headgear - Fit Pack is a version of the DreamWear nasal pillow mask that does not include headgear.


  • Hollow Mask Frame
  • Fabric Frame Wraps Included
  • Gel Nasal PIllows
  • All SIze Nasal Pillows Included
  • Minimal Contact Design

Hollow Mask Frame with Fabric Wraps

The DreamWear mask features a hollow frame that allows CPAP therapy air to pass through to reach the nasal pillows. The frame is designed for air to travel through both sides if available or for all therapy air to travel through one side only if the other side is restricted by being laid on. Fabric wraps are included for added comfort.

Small, Medium, and Large Gel Nasal Pillows Included

This fit pack includes all three sizes of DreamWear nasal pillows: small, medium, and large. The nasal pillow cushions are interchangeable and can be added or removed from the mask frame easily to determine the best size and fit.

Mininmal Contact Design

The mask frame goes from the top of the head, down along the edges of the cheeks, then under the nose. This design keeps line of sight open and helps avoid claustrophobia.

Looking for the full mask with headgear? See the DreamWear Gel Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask with Headgear - Fit Pack.

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This Product Includes...

  • Medium Frame
  • Elbow
  • Nasal Pillows (Small, Medium, and Large)

Product Specifications

  • Length of the Small Frame: 19 in
  • Length of the Medium Frame: 20 in
  • Length of the Large Frame: 22 in
  • Material Composition of the DreamWear Mask

    • Cushion: Silicone Polycarbonate
    • Frame: Silicone Polycarbonate
    • Elbow: Polycarbonate
    • Tubing Quick Release: Polycarbonate
    • Headgear: Polyurethane Foam, nylon/Spandex
    • Fabric Wraps: Polyester/Spandex always offers these services:

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    Manufacturer Note

    • A valid prescription is required for the purchase of this product.
    • Philips Respironics products are for sale only to patients within the U.S. and not to other third parties or businesses.
    • All services provided by, including advertisement, ordering, sale, delivery, instruction, and setup of the products are performed solely by and independently of the manufacturer.

    Important Tips

    Cleaning Tips

    The parts of the DreamWear nasal pillow mask excluding headgear should be hand washed daily using warm water and a mild soap. Rinse the parts completely and allow to air dry out of direct sunlight.

    Where is the Nasal Pillow Size Located?

    The DreamWear nasal pillow size is printed in black letters on the front of the cushion beside the arrow which indicates the frame and cushion connection points. The nasal pillows are available in three sizes: small, medium, and large.

    Where is the Frame Size Located?

    To find the size of the DreamWear nasal pillow mask frame, locate the elbow at the top of the unit. Just above the elbow, gray letters are imprinted on the frame to indicate the size. The letters "SM" represent a size Small, "MED" represent a size Medium, and "LG" represent a size Large.

    How To Determine the Correct Frame Size?

    The frame size is equivalent to the distance around the head from one side of the nose to the other. Follow these steps to determine the appropriate frame size:

    Begin by placing the measuring tape marker at the base of the nose on one side. Use the tape to follow along the side of the cheek and upward over the top of the head. Keep pulling the tape measure around the face, down the other cheek, and to the base of the nose on the opposite side.

    Use this measurement to most closely match one of the frame sizes listed below:

    • Small Frame - 19 Inches
    • Medium Frame - 20 Inches
    • Large Frame - 22 Inches

    Please Note: The DreamWear Gel Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask WITHOUT Headgear - Fit Pack is sold with a Medium frame only. The medium frame will fit most users.

    DreamWear Exhalation Ports

    The DreamWear Gel Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask has two exhalation ports built into the device. Air is released through tiny holes located on the elbow of the DreamWear mask, which is placed at the top of the head. A second exhalation port is found on the cushion of the nasal mask. A small rectangular slit found on the front exterior of the DreamWear cushion allows air to release from the nostrils.

    Elbow Connection to the Mask

    The DreamWear elbow is inserted into the circular opening at the top of the DreamWear mask. The flexible mask frame material allows the user to place pressure on the frame as the lip of the elbow is placed inside the opening. The elbow connection should be completely enclosed within the opening, leaving only the outer rim visible.

    Functionality Tips

    The DreamWear Nasal Mask uses a quick-release swivel to allow users to easily and rapidly remove the mask from the hose when needed. To ensure the mask elbow and swivel are firmly attached for use throughout the night, listen for a clicking sound when installing.

    Please Note: It is helpful to give the CPAP hose some slack to create a small range of motion which will help reduce tug on the mask and maintain the unique design of the DreamWear mask.

    Tips to Reduce Tugging on the CPAP Mask and Hose

    If active sleep has resulted in the DreamWear elbow disconnecting from the swivel, it may be beneficial to use a hose clip or hose lift system to stabilize the device above the head. The Hose Comfort section introduces a variety of devices designed to prevent the CPAP tube from pulling on the mask.

    When selecting a hose lift system, refer to the instructions found on the product pages. If a bedding clip is the best option, follow the directions listed below:

    1. Wrap the hook and loop strap around the circumference of the CPAP hose.
    2. Once the diameter of the hose is covered, feed the strap through the opening in the fabric, and gently pull the strap to ensure the material is firm around the hose.
    3. Release the end of the strap, allowing it to adhere to the hook and loop material surrounding the hose. Then, attach the metal clip to the pillow or linens in order to secure the tube.

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