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Activox™ Portable Oxygen Concentrator with Pulse Dose Flow

BY ResMed Item #AOX-P4L-US

Sorry, this item is no longer available.

Activox™ Portable Oxygen Concentrator - Front (Billiards Ball Not Included)
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Sorry, this item is no longer available.

Activox Portable Oxygen Concentrator Overview

The Activox™ Portable Oxygen Concentrator with Pulse Dose Flow from ResMed is a versatile portable oxygen concentrator with active users in mind. The Activox™ has an internal battery so the concentrator can be unplugged and taken on the go quickly.

The Activox™ Portable Oxygen Concentrator with Pulse Dose Flow is a great concentrator to be taken on the go. It provides multiple of hours of use through the internal battery can can be paired with an optional external battery to even further lengthen run time. This is a portable concentrator that provides pulse dose flow only.


  • Integrated Internal Battery
  • Lightweight & Compact
  • 1-4 LPM Pulse Dose Flow
  • 4-Way Carrying Case
  • Digital Display
  • OPTIONAL External Battery

Integrated Internal Battery

The Activox™ Portable Concentrator has a unique integrated battery installed inside the unit. Unlike other concentrators that only have external batteries, the Activox™ has an internal battery that can be combined with an external battery for extended run time without having to change out batteries. The battery charges in approximately 4 hours if completely drained. The manufacturer lists these run times for the internal battery:

  • Setting 1 - 10.25 Hours
  • Setting 2 - 8.25 Hours
  • Setting 3 - 5 Hours
  • Setting 4 - 4 Hours

Lightweight & Compact

The Activox™ concentrator measures 9.05" x 7.875" x 4.38" and weighs 4.8 lbs. With the battery integrated into the body of the concentrator, the overall package size is very compact. Because of the integrated battery, the concentrator can be unplugged and taken on the go without any other accessories other than an oxygen cannula and the carrying case.

1-4 LPM Pulse Dose flow

The Activox provides pulse dose oxygen flow which helps extend the battery life of the concentrator compared to continuous flow. Pulse dose flow will pulse oxygen to the user during inahalation, helping avoid oxygen being wasted. The concentrator can be set at levels from 1 to 4 LPM.

4-Way Carrying Case

The Activox™ carrying case includes straps and connections to position the concentrator in one of four carrying styles: backpack, shoulder, waist, or briefcase. This means the concentrator can be used on the go without the need of a cart, leaving the hands free for other activities.

Digital Display

The Activox™ has a digital display to easily view important information about the concentrator. From the display the user can view the internal battery charge, optional external battery charge if connected, the current flow setting, external power connection, and current warnings and messages.

OPTIONAL External Battery

If longer run time is needed than the internal battery can provide, there is an external battery available. The external battery can be connected to the concentrator if desired to be used in tandem with the internal battery, increasing the run time. The manufacturer provides these run times for the external battery:

  • Setting 1 - 4.75 Hours
  • Setting 2 - 3.75 Hours
  • Setting 3 - 2.75 Hours
  • Setting 4 - 2.25 Hours