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    Product Overview

    CPAP users generally experience congestion or dryness of the nose and throat at some point in their therapy. Warm, moist air provides relieve from symptoms like dryness and can make therapy more comfortable. ResMed's S9 Humidiare H5i heated humidifier provides advanced humidification, while preventing rainout from hindering CPAP therapy and affect compliance. With the H5i humidifier, set the level of humidity and attach the optional ClimateLine tubing to achieve a new level of comfort.

    Manufactured by ResMed.

    Product Features

    ResMed has re-invented the Humidaire line of CPAP humidifiers. The Humidaire H5i incorporates an intelligent humidity controlling technology, Climate Control. The humidifier integrates and is powered by ResMed S9 Series Machines with no extra outlets or additional power supply needed. Set the simple Dial Control to the desired temperature and let the (optional) ClimateLine tubing provide a new level of control.

    Key Product Features

    • Intuitive Design
    • Climate Control Technology
    • (Optional) ClimateLine Tubing or ClimateLine MAX Tubing
    • Warm-Up Indicator
    • Flip-top lid design
    • (Optional) Dishwasher Safe, High Volume Water Chamber

    Climate Control Technology

    Humidification is managed through a combination of the S9 machine, H5i humidifier and (Optional) ClimateLine heated tubing. There are five sensors throughout the system that monitor ambient temperature and patient airflow:

    • Flow Sensor in S9 Series machine
    • Heater Plate Sensor
    • Ambient Temperature Sensor on H5i
    • Humidity Sensor on H5i
    • Mask Temperature Sensor Built into the ClimateLine Tubing

    The (Optional) ClimateLine heated tubing uses a built-in mask temperature sensor to optimize relative humidity at the mask. Sensors inside and outside the CPAP machine closely monitor changes in humidity and help prevent condensation from forming inside the tube.

    (Optional) ClimateLine Tubing

    The (Optional) ClimateLine Tubing has an internal heated coil and mask temperature sensor that stops rainout in the the hose. Climate Control algorithms measure temperatures from the humidifier to prevent such condensation from forming. The (Optional) ClimateLine Tubing can use the (Optional) SlimLine Tubing Wrap to prevent that "plastic on skin" feeling.

    Warm-Up Indicator

    ResMed has incorporated a Warm-Up feature for the H5i heater plate. Users can now navigate the S9 display to the Humidity Level icon and preheat the H5i heater plate by holding down the Push Dial for 3 seconds. A Warming Up icon with a progress bar appears on the machine's display, indicating how long until the heater plate will reach full temperature.

    (Optional) Dishwasher Safe Water Chamber

    The Humidaire H5i is a sleek design that snaps right onto the S9 machines. For added convenience, the flip-top lid allows users to fill the water chamber without removing the tubing. The chamber itself has a high water capacity of 380mls and is very efficient.

    Another great feature is the (Optional) dishwasher-safe chamber's ability to be disassembled and washed in a high temperature environment like a dishwasher. Now a standard feature, the chamber's useful life can last longer than the 6 month recommended replacement for sealed chambers.

    For more information on all these technologies, check out ResMed's Tech Fact Sheet.

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    This Product Includes...

    • H5i Heated Humidifier with Climate Control
    • Standard Water Chamber

    Product Specifications

    Maximum Heater Plate Temperature: 149 deg F (65 deg C)

    Temperature Cut-Out: 165 deg F (74 deg C)

    Maximum Gas Temperature: =< 105 deg F ( =< 41 deg C)

    H5i™ Heated Humidifier Dimensions: 6" x 5.7" x 3.4" (153 mm x 145 mm x 86 mm)

    H5i™ Heated Humidifier Weight: 670 g (1.5 lb)

    Power Supply Input Range: 100-240V, 50/60Hz; 110V, 400Hz; 2.5A < 140 VA (110 W) (maximum power consumption)

    Maximum heater element power: 90 Watts

    Docking Station Materials: Flame retardant engineering thermoplastic, plated cast aluminum

    Water Chamber Materials: Injection molded plastic, aluminum, thermoplastic elastomer

    Water capacity to maximum fill line: 380 mL

    Operating Temperature: +41 deg F to +95 deg F

    Operating Humidity: 10-95% non-condensing

    Storage and Transport Temperature: -4 deg F to +140 deg F

    Storage and Transport Humidity: 10-95% non-condensing

    Electromagnetic Compatibility: Product complies with all applicable electromagnetic compatibility requirements (EMC) according to IEC60601-1-2, for residential commercial and light industry environments.

    IEC 60601-1 Classification

    Class II (double insulation)

    Type CF

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    Manufacturer Note

    • Some product images supplied by ResMed © ResMed 2010 Used with Permission.
    • ResMed products are for sale only to patients within the U.S. and not to other third parties or businesses.
    • A valid prescription is required for the purchase of this product.
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    Important Tips

    The H5i Heated Humidifier does not include the ClimateLine Heated Hose.

    H5i Humidification Level
    The H5i Heated Humidifier has three modes: Patient, Auto and OFF. These settings can be accessed under "Climate Control" through the Clinical Menu.

    When the H5i is set in Auto mode it will measure the amount of humidity in the room and heat only as much as needed to reach the optimal moisture level of 80% and then stop heating and go into a cool down mode. When the H5i again senses the need to raise the humidity to 80% it will begin to heat.

    When the H5i is set in Patient mode it will heat in the traditional manner until it reaches the desired setting of humidity or 80%. The H5i can be set from OFF to 6 and is adjusted from the HOME screen.

    The maximum level of humidification is 80% whether using the SlimLine of ClimiteLine Tubing.

    Optional ClimateLine Tubing Lengths

    A traditional CPAP tube is 72 inches long. The optional ClimateLine Tubing length is 78 inches. The optional ClimateLine MAX tubing length is 75 inches.

    The S9 Series can use (2) different Power Supply units, a 30 Watt or 90 Watt external brick. S9 machines come standard with a 90 Watt Power Supply that can power the CPAP machine and Humidifier. The 30 Watt Power Supply will only operate the CPAP machine and the humidifier will act as a passover.

    For cleaning instructions, visit the H5i Disinfection Guide.

    For additional help, visit the H5i Quick Reference Guide.

    All S9 Series machines utilize a "Cool Down" feature that runs the CPAP Motor up to 1 hour after turning the machine off. The motor helps to cool off the humidifier plate. You may hear a "faint blowing sound" when you turn the machine off. However, you can unplug the power cord and allow the heater plate to cool without airflow.

    ClimateLine Tubing Information and Use:

    • Tubing Options: ResMed's S9 has a number of tubing options. The SlimLine 15mm tube is a non-heated tube in a thin, flexible style. The machine can also be used with an OPTIONAL heated ClimateLine Tubing which integrates with the machine and OPTIONAL H5i Heated Humidifier to provide increased humidification and reduced chances of rainout. The ClimateLine is available in two diameters. The SlimLine 15mm ClimateLine Tubing and a standard diameter 19mm ClimateLine Max Tubing. Additionally a standard diameter, non-heated tube may be used.

    • ClimateLine Tubing Lengths: A traditional CPAP tube is 72 inches long. The optional 15mm ClimateLine Tubing length is 78 inches. The optional 19mm ClimateLine MAX Tubing length is 75 inches.

    • Installation of the ClimateLine: The ClimateLine attaches to the back of the machine using the same port as a standard hose. The electronics connection is below the port and may be covered with a protective flexible rubber cap attached the machine. Place the machine so the back of the unit housing the filter and hose connection is facing you. After removing the rubber cap, orient the hose so the electronic tab is facing toward the filter. Push the tubing end firmly onto the port, then rotate the tube clockwise to fit the two electronic connections together.

    • Removing the ClimateLine: To remove the ClimateLine from the back of the machine, rotate the hose counter clockwise. The electronic connections disengage allowing the hose to removed. Cover the machine's electronic port with the flexible rubber cap to protect the connections.

    Maximum Fill Level Tips

    • Do not fill the water tank above the maximum fill line. Damage to the humidifier or therapy device may occur. If the water tank is overfilled, water may leak out of the tank inlet (located on the back of the tank) when installing the tank lid.
    • Use only room temperature distilled water in the tank. Do not put any chemicals or additives into the water. Possible airway irritation or damage to the water tank may result.
    • Remove the tank, empty all water, and replace the empty tank before transporting the humidifier base.
    • Do not attempt to fill the water tank while it is inside the humidifier.
    • To avoid spilling, do not disconnect the humidifier from the therapy device with water in the tank. Remove the water tank from the humidifier before disconnecting the therapy device.
    • Do not turn the humidifier on without the water tank installed. The Humidifier number setting must remain on 0 if there is no water in the water tank.
    • The humidifier door must be set in the open position before removing the water tank. Do not remove the water tank without making sure that the humidifier door locks into the open position.
    • Do not move the humidifier while the water tank has water in it.

    Manufacturer Warranty

    This product comes with a 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty. will work with the manufacturer on your behalf if the product needs repairs. Please follow these steps:

    • Contact us at or 1-800-356-5221 to receive an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) Number before returning the equipment
    • Include a note with the product describing the issue you are experiencing, along with your full contact information to include a return shipping address and the RMA number provided to you
    • Ship only the defective items to at 10101 Stafford Centre Drive, Stafford, TX 77477
    • Do not return accessory items such as the carry bag, hose or power cords
    • Loaner Humidifiers are available for rental during the warranty process
    • Email updates will be sent to keep you informed as the product moves through the warranty process
    • will contact the manufacturer on your behalf and handle all shipping between us and the manufacturer
    • The repaired or replaced unit will be returned to you. Shipping charges may apply.

    Please note: The manufacturer warranty is voided by water damage or misuse of the machine.

    Power Options

    Battery Power for S9 Machine Users

    YOU MUST USE a special DC Converter when drawing power directly from a DC battery source (no inverter and no humidifier). Failure to do so can result in damage to your CPAP. At this time ResMed has not manufactured an operable DC Converter cable. If you would like to use a portable DC battery, the S9 Series CPAP Machines operate on a minimum of 150 watts of portable AC power from a 12 Volt socket. The inverter must be capable of up to 300 peak watts (also known as surge watts).

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