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Silicone Headgear Assembly for Swift™ FX Nasal Pillow

BY ResMed Item #61529
167 Reviews
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167 Reviews
Order ships today if placed by 4PM CST

Swift™ FX Silicone Headgear Overview

ResMed introduces a new concept in headgear. The Swift FX headgear is silicone-based and provides a soft material that cradles your face; it is the replacement headgear for the Swift™ FX Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask. Made from silicone material also found in most mask cushions, the Swift FX headgear rests lightly on the user's cheeks and quickly feels like nothing is there at all.

Swift FX Headgear Features and Benefits:

  • Minimal, Easily Adjustable Design
  • Designed with Soft Materials
  • Included Soft Strap Wraps

Minimal Design with Easy Adjustment Points

The minimal design is simple to use, with only 2 points to adjust: A low-profile backstrap and buckle on top. The backstrap is a Lycra-based material with Velcro fasteners. The top buckle is incorporated into the headgear and uses a set of notches for easy adjustment. This streamlined design helps foster a sense of freedom during sleep therapy and promotes early CPAP acceptance.

Constructed with Soft Materials and Includes Soft Strap Wraps

Soft wraps are included for extra softness. The soft fleece material prevents the silicone headgear from slipping and ensures maximum comfort.

Regularly replacing the headgear for your Swift FX Nasal Pillow Mask is important. Not only does a bad fit affect your comfort during CPAP therapy, but it can also affect your mask seal. Regularly refreshing your CPAP supply, but specifically your mask cushion and headgear, can help to keep your seal performing at the right pressure setting without making your CPAP equipment work too hard or giving yourself pressure sores from overtightened headgear.

The elastic backstrap used with the Swift FX measures 16.5 inches long not counting the length of the tabs. This is 1.5 inches longer than the backstrap for the Swift FX For Her which is 15 inches long without including the tabs. The tabs add 2.5 inches to the overall length of the elastic backstrap. The width of the backstrap is 3/4 inches for both. The silicone portions of the headgear are the same for the Swift FX and the Swift FX for Her.