ResMed Frame Assembly for Ultra Mirage™ Full Face Mask (No Cushion or Headgear)

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June 12, 2015

Product Overview

Manufactured by ResMed.

Product Features

The Frame Assembly for Ultra Mirage™ Full Face Mask (No Cushion or Headgear) is the frame only for the Ultra Mirage Full Face Mask. It does not include the headgear or cushion. This frame, in combination with a Ultra Mirage Full Face cushion and headgear, produces a complete Ultra Mirage Full Face CPAP mask.

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This Product Includes...

  • Frame Assembly

Product Specifications

Material Components of Frame Assembly for Ultra Mirage™ Full Face Mask (No Cushion or Headgear)

  • Frame: Polycarbonate

  • Swivel: Polycarbonate

  • Elbow: Polycarbonate

  • Swivel Clip: Polycarbonate

  • Elbow Retainer: Polycarbonate

  • Forehead Support: Polycarbonate

  • Headgear Clip: Polyester (PBT)

  • Ports Cap: Polycarbonate

  • Forehead Pad: Silicone Elastomer

  • Valve Membrane: Silicone Elastomer always offers these services:

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Important Tips

Where do I find the size?

To find the size of the mask frame, turn the mask so the swivel is facing the user. On both the left and right side of the elbow, locate the connection point for the headgear clips. A letter representing the size of the mask frame is embossed into the top of the connection point for the headgear clips.

the Ultra Mirage™ Full Face Mask Cushion Clip is found by turning the mask upside down with the headgear bar facing downward. The cushion clip, which connects the full face cushion to the mask frame has three tabs intended to connect to the mask frame. Locate the tab placed on the bottom of the mask, directly across from the elbow. The clear letter found on top of the tab notes the size of the cushion clip.

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