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Respironics Battery Kit for AEIOmed Everest CPAP Machines

BY Philips Respironics Item #Respironics-Battery-6

Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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Respironics Battery Kit
AEIOMed Everest DC Cable
Respironics Battery Pack - Shown in Open Carry Pouch
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Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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Respironics Battery Kit for Everest Overview

The Universal Portable Battery Pack from Respironics' line of DC accessories, provides the ultimate in power, portability and convenience. This kit is designed to work with the AEIOMed Everest line of machines. Please see below for the list of compatible machines for this battery kit.

This kit is made up of Respironics Battery Pack (No DC Cable) and the AEIOmed Everest Polaris 19V Mobile Converter.

Switch Mode Charger: The 12V, 2.3A charger is designed to effectively charge a sealed, lead-acid battery while protecting the system from overcharging. NOTE: Remove the charger from the carry case PRIOR to charging the battery. Do not charge the battery with the charger in the carry case. The Respironics Battery Pack must be charged from an AC source.

Universal Voltage Input of 100-240 AC: The Respironics Battery Pack can be charged with AC current between 100 - 240V. This provides reverse polarity and short circuit protection.

Status Lights: Multi-colored charging status lights:

  • RED: Connect the charger to the battery, then connect the wall outlet plug into a wall outlet. Watch the LED light when plugging in the charger. The LED light will turn RED once plugged into the wall outlet. The RED light indicates the charger is correctly connected to the battery. The light may be RED for only a short time before it changes to orange.
  • ORANGE: During normal operation, the LED light turns ORANGE when the battery charge is 80-95% charged.
  • GREEN: The LED light turns GREEN when the battery is fully charged. Disconnect the battery from the wall outlet and charger when the LED light turns Green.

Charge Time: Charging the battery from 0 (zero) to a full charge takes approximately 10 hours. If the battery has residual power stored, the charge time will be shorter. The battery MUST BE in the upright position during charging and use. Remove the battery from the charger once fully charged. Fully charge the battery before use. The battery should be fully charged before being stored. See the Specs Tab of this product page for more information on storage and usage.

Shelf Life: The Respironics Battery Pack has a charge shelf life of 6 - 9 months. Charge the battery prior to storage. The optimal temperature for storage 77°F. As the battery sits there will be a self discharge of power, with less residual charge as time passes. Do not allow the charge level to go below 20% - 25%. See the Specs Tab of this product page for more information on self discharge rates.

Estimated Run Times: Please see the "Machine Pressure and Battery Performance" feature below to estimate the battery run time for your machine at your pressure setting. Using a DC capable heated humidifier on a 12 volt battery power source will significantly reduce the amount of power provided. In most cases, battery run time is reduced to less than half the estimated operational time. Some older heated humidifiers will not heat with a DC power source and will instead act as a cool passover humidifier. CPAPs or BiPAPs requiring inverters reduce the power time even more.

Compatible Machines. This battery kit comes with the Respironics battery and the AEIOmed Everest Polaris 19V Mobile Converter. If you have any questions call our toll free number 800-356-5221 for assistance from a CPAP expert. The following machines are compatible for this kit: