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Product Overview

With Tender Tubing CPAP Hose Cover you can help reduce condensation that forms in the tube while making your CPAP equipment look less "medical" at the same time! It's both durable and machine washable, and it can be reversible too.

Manufactured by Captive Technologies.

Product Features

While a heated hose will always be the "gold standard" when it comes to fighting rainout (tube condensation), Tender Tubing is a great budget alternative.

Features & Benefits

  • Makes CPAP Equipment Look Less "Medical"
  • Helps Humidified Air Stay Warm and Comfortable
  • Low-Cost Solution to Reducing Rainout
  • Machine Washable and Completely Reversable
  • Won't Trigger Allergies

Makes CPAP Equipment Look Less "Medical"

Does your CPAP machine look too "medical" and does it make guests uncomfortable? One way to reduce the medical look of your equipment is by using a hose cover like Tender Tubing, which gives your equipment a soft and comfortable look and feel.

Helps Humidified Air Stay Warm and Comfortable Reducing Rainout

Tender Tubing is designed to keep air from cooling down as it travels through the hose. Why would you want that? As air is warmed in the humidifier, moisture is added and passed on to your hose. As the air cools, it can no longer hold the added moisture and it falls out as condensation.

By insulating your hose with Tender Tubing, the moisture doesn't come out because the air temperature remains more or less constant. The end result is you don't wake up from the condensation dripping into your nose or mouth.

Machine Washable and Completely Reversable

Wash on cold in the washing machine; dry in the dryer at a low-heat setting. It couldn't be easier to care for your Tender Tubing. If one side develops wear over time, you can reverse the fabric by turning the tubing inside out, and use the better side.

Allergy-Free Design

Tender Tubing is designed to be allergy-free and doesn't contain latex.

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Product Specifications

  • Hypoallergenic? Yes.
  • Machine Washable? Yes, wash on cold, dry on low heat.
  • Product Length: For 6 foot hoses, fitting standard sized tubing.
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Important Tips

Care Instructions

To wash your Tender Tubing in the washing machine, please wash on cold, and dry on low heat. Using high heat may cause the product to shrink.

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