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Universal Power Cord

BY Generic Item #BW-8706
8 Reviews

Item # BW-8706

Not Currently In Stock

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8 Reviews

Item # BW-8706

Not Currently In Stock

Universal Power Cord Overview

Keep an extra cord on hand or benefit from having a Universal Power Cord for travel. Perfect for replacing old cords or just having a spare on hand!

Learn More About the Universal Power Cord:

  • Designed to Work With Most Two–Prong and Three–Prong Cables
  • Ideal for Travel or Having on Hand in Case Your Current Cord Becomes Lost or Damaged

Designed to Work With Some Two–Prong and Three–Prong Cables

The Universal Power Cord is six feet long and has a three-prong 120volt power cable that works with some CPAP and BiPAP machines that require a three-prong cable. It may work with some machines that have a two-prong outlet of the same design.

Machines that require a figure eight two-prong cord cannot accommodate this cord.

What’s Included:

  • One Universal Power Cord