Alternative Sleep Apnea Treatment: EPAP Therapy Buying Guide

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    Alternative ways to treat sleep apnea are becoming more popular these days, with many manufacturers developing products that treat sleep apnea without the machine.

    One method that’s gaining popularity is EPAP Therapy. “EPAP” stands for “Expiratory Positive Airway Pressure” and refers to treatments that use your own exhaled breath to create the pressure needed to open your airway.

    How Does EPAP Therapy Work

    EPAP therapy is for people who have mild to moderate sleep apnea and breathe through their nose. It works by using specially designed nose cones that create a seal around the nostrils.

    With the nostrils sealed, valves built into the nose cones allow you to breathe in normally. When you exhale, the valves close and reduce the amount of space for the escaping air to pass through, creating the pressure needed to open your airway.

    EPAP Therapy: Top Two Products

    There are two main EPAP products on the market today: the Bongo RX and Provent.

    Bongo RX


    Uses Nose Cones with Built-In Valves Uses Adhesive Pads with Small Valves
    Lasts 90 Days One use
    Optional Headgear for a More Secure Fit Uses No Headgear
    Made of Silicone Made of Hypoallergenic Adhesive
    Exhaling Creates the Pressure to Open Your Airway Exhaling Creates the Pressure to Open Your Airway

    Now that we’ve covered the highlights, let’s dig a little deeper and go into greater detail about the Bongo RX and Provent.

    Bongo RX Review

    The Bongo RX is more compact and a little bit more advanced than the Provent, as it uses silicone nose cones instead of adhesive pads to create the seal around the nostril. By using this unique design, Bongo RX nose cones will last far longer and generate less waste than Provent. Each Bongo RX will last for 90 days, while you’ll dispose of your Provent after each night.

    Even though they work similarly, the Bongo RX has many advantages. With the Bongo RX, you’ll appreciate the durability and flexibility with each nose cone, as well as the comfortable seal around the nostrils. Additionally, the Bongo RX is compact and travel-friendly (in many cases fitting into a jacket pocket).

    To get started with Bongo RX, you’ll need to get an EPAP prescription from your physician. Once you have your prescription in hand, you’d start by buying the Bongo RX Starter Pack. The Starter Pack includes nose cones in all sizes, a carrying case, and headgear. Your initial purchase will give you 90 days to see which nose cone size is right for you.

    Once you find it, you’d then order a year’s supply of nose cones in your selected size, by purchasing the Bongo RX Annual Pack. Each annual pack includes four nose cones (each lasting 90 days).

    Shop the Bongo RX Starter Pack

    Provent Review

    Provent was released several years before the Bongo RX and has become one of the leading EPAP therapy solutions. Many first-timers like the low cost of the starter kit, making it more affordable to try this form of treatment to see if you can tolerate it. Provent uses hypoallergenic adhesive to seal around the base of the nostrils. Each adhesive oval has small valves built-in, so that as you exhale, the valves partially close, creating the pressure needed to open your airway.

    Provent is one-size-fits-all. Each adhesive oval has a broad enough base to seal around the entire nostril, no matter what size you may be.

    Like the Bongo RX, you’ll need a prescription for EPAP therapy before you can purchase it. Once you have your prescription in-hand, you can use it to order the Provent 30-Day Starter Pack. The Starter Pack includes:

    • Two Pairs Of Phase 1 Provent Single Use Pairs
    • Two Pairs Of Phase 2 Provent Single Use Pairs
    • Twenty-Six Pairs Of Phase 3 Provent Single Use Pairs

    After your initial supply runs out, you’ll need to order more. If you buy in larger quantities, you’ll save over what it would cost you to purchase in 30-day increments. You can buy 30-day, 90-day, and 180-day supplies of Provent.

    Shop the Provent Starter Pack

    EPAP Considerations

    Adjusting to breathing with either the Bongo RX or Provent will take a few nights as these devices will significantly alter your breathing. For those that are successful, EPAP therapy provides a unique opportunity for anyone to successfully treat their sleep apnea without relying on a CPAP system to do it.