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Product Review: 3 Things to Know About the Amara View

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Table of Contents

Top Points about the Amara View

Full face masks are a great solution for nose breathers who have difficulty keeping their mouth closed at night and don’t want to resort to a chinstrap. The flexibility of full face masks also allows users who are congested, have a deviated septum or chronic sinus condition, or simply like to alternate between mouth and nose breathing to enjoy a restful night of sleep.

A problem with traditional full face masks, however, is the sheer size and space one can take up on your face. The mask frame is typically supported by a headband or forehead strap to further stabilize the mask. While it helps to create a very secure seal, it can also trigger claustrophobia or make it more difficult to read or watch TV before bed. 

That’s where the Amara View comes in! The Philips Respironics’ Amara View is a lightweight full-face mask packed with smart features such as quiet exhalation ports and quick-release headgear clips. 

We’ll be going over some of the pros and cons of this high visibility mask in our Philips Amara View review, so if you’re tired of your clunky full face CPAP mask, keep reading to find out if the Amara View could be a good fit for you.

High VisibilityCan be Difficult to Get a Good Seal
Unique Design Good for CongestionSome Reviewers Find It To Be Noisy
Rests Under the Nose, Not on Top of ItCan Irritate the Nostrils
Lightweight Design With No Forehead StrapReviews Note That Airflow Feels Restricted – May Require Higher Pressure

Amara View Video Review

The Revolutionary Under-the-Nose Cushion Design

amara view

Just like any other full face mask, the Philips Respironics Amara View mask seals around both the nose and mouth. However, it does so through a revolutionary nostril opening that rests below the base of the nose. 

The frame and full-face cushion don’t extend past the base of the nose, relieving the user from bearing the weight of the mask on the bridge of their nose. Customers are loving the absence of the markings on the bridge of their nose and see a big difference compared to the typical full face mask design. Plus, waking up free from these common issues will help start your day off on the right foot.

It’s important to note that some Amara View mask reviews report skin irritation, an excess of pressure, or discomfort at the base of the nostrils. We recommend trying the Fit Pack if you’re interested in the Amara View, as it comes with each available cushion size, ensuring you find a comfortable seal that works for you.

Smallest Full Face Mask

full face mask amara view

With its under-the-nose cushion design, the Amara View offers minimal contact by covering less of the face when compared to other leading full face masks. The footprint of the Amara View eliminates much of the claustrophobic feeling present with other full face masks. 

The mask features lightweight materials while still providing core full face mask components. While some may be concerned about the lack of forehead support, rest assured that the four-point quick-release tabs and adjustable crown strap provide excellent support and enhanced ease when it comes to putting on and taking off your CPAP mask. 

Ultimately, this design allows the Amara View to maintain a minimalist profile while still offering the therapy you need. Some customer reviews do report that their pressure seems to be less effective with this mask, so it may be better suited for those with APAP machines or those who are able to raise their therapy pressure. 

Wide-Open Field of Vision

amara view

Are you a nightly television watcher or book reader? With no forehead support and a smaller mask frame, the Amara View offers a much wider range of visibility for enjoying your favorite pre-bedtime routine. 

The innovative adjustable headgear features four adjustment straps around the mask frame and a fifth point of adjustment using the crown strap located at the top of the head. The multiple adjustment point design creates a more secure grip and even distribution of pressure, while convenient magnetic clips allow you to easily remove the mask when you need to. 

This design allows users to have a clear field of vision while also being able to wear glasses before bed if needed. Now you can wear your mask and glasses while reading a book or watching TV before falling asleep.

Ready to experience this innovative full face mask? The Amara View is revolutionary in the full face mask department due to its small footprint, under-the-nose cushion design, and wide-open field of vision. This unique mask delivers on comfort while still supplying effective CPAP therapy.

Finally, if you like this mask style but are loyal to another brand or are curious about similar products, see our AirFit F30 review for a different take on this style of full face mask.

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