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Product Review: 3 Things to Know About the Amara View

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Top Points about the Amara View

Full face masks are a great solution for nose breathers who have difficulty keeping their mouth closed at night and don’t want to resort to a chinstrap. The flexibility of full face masks also allows users who are congested, have a deviated septum or chronic sinus condition, or simply like to alternate between mouth and nose breathing to enjoy a restful night of sleep.

A problem with traditional full face masks, however, is the sheer size and space one can take up on your face. The mask frame is typically supported by a headband or forehead strap to further stabilize the mask. While it helps to create a very secure seal, it can also trigger claustrophobia or make it more difficult to read or watch TV before bed. 

That’s where the Amara View comes in! The Philips Respironics’ Amara View is a lightweight full-face mask packed with smart features such as quiet exhalation ports and quick-release headgear clips. 

We’ll be going over some of the pros and cons of this high visibility mask in our Philips Amara View review, so if you’re tired of your clunky full face CPAP mask, keep reading to find out if the Amara View could be a good fit for you.

High VisibilityCan be Difficult to Get a Good Seal
Unique Design Good for CongestionSome Reviewers Find It To Be Noisy
Rests Under the Nose, Not on Top of ItCan Irritate the Nostrils
Lightweight Design With No Forehead StrapReviews Note That Airflow Feels Restricted – May Require Higher Pressure

Amara View Video Review

The Revolutionary Under-the-Nose Cushion Design

amara view

Just like any other full face mask, the Philips Respironics Amara View mask seals around both the nose and mouth. However, it does so through a revolutionary nostril opening that rests below the base of the nose. 

The frame and full-face cushion don’t extend past the base of the nose, relieving the user from bearing the weight of the mask on the bridge of their nose. Customers are loving the absence of the markings on the bridge of their nose and see a big difference compared to the typical full face mask design. Plus, waking up free from these common issues will help start your day off on the right foot.

It’s important to note that some Amara View mask reviews report skin irritation, an excess of pressure, or discomfort at the base of the nostrils. We recommend trying the Fit Pack if you’re interested in the Amara View, as it comes with each available cushion size, ensuring you find a comfortable seal that works for you.

Smallest Full Face Mask

full face mask amara view

With its under-the-nose cushion design, the Amara View offers minimal contact by covering less of the face when compared to other leading full face masks. The footprint of the Amara View eliminates much of the claustrophobic feeling present with other full face masks. 

The mask features lightweight materials while still providing core full face mask components. While some may be concerned about the lack of forehead support, rest assured that the four-point quick-release tabs and adjustable crown strap provide excellent support and enhanced ease when it comes to putting on and taking off your CPAP mask. 

Ultimately, this design allows the Amara View to maintain a minimalist profile while still offering the therapy you need. Some customer reviews do report that their pressure seems to be less effective with this mask, so it may be better suited for those with APAP machines or those who are able to raise their therapy pressure. 

Wide-Open Field of Vision

amara view

Are you a nightly television watcher or book reader? With no forehead support and a smaller mask frame, the Amara View offers a much wider range of visibility for enjoying your favorite pre-bedtime routine. 

The innovative adjustable headgear features four adjustment straps around the mask frame and a fifth point of adjustment using the crown strap located at the top of the head. The multiple adjustment point design creates a more secure grip and even distribution of pressure, while convenient magnetic clips allow you to easily remove the mask when you need to. 

This design allows users to have a clear field of vision while also being able to wear glasses before bed if needed. Now you can wear your mask and glasses while reading a book or watching TV before falling asleep.

Ready to experience this innovative full face mask? The Amara View is revolutionary in the full face mask department due to its small footprint, under-the-nose cushion design, and wide-open field of vision. This unique mask delivers on comfort while still supplying effective CPAP therapy.

Finally, if you like this mask style but are loyal to another brand or are curious about similar products, see our AirFit F30 review for a different take on this style of full face mask.

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  • David Repasky

    David Repasky has been using CPAP treatment since 2017 and has first-hand experience with what it's like to live with Sleep Apnea. He brings the patient's perspective to the CPAP.com blog and has received formal training in CPAP machines, masks, and equipment.

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Table of Contents

54 Responses

  1. Once again, a design that sounds wonderful, but same old sizes! No small-long, no medium-long or -short, etc. I am female and need a small, but need it longer than the length that is available with the small. Understand that some manufacturers used to offer them with those additional lengths, but, of course, no longer do. Couldn’t you consider adding the additional options.

  2. I have this mask and like it, but I think I need the small, my rep only had medium. When I printed the measuring gauge off my nose comes to exactly where the dotted lines are depicting your nose, –I assume that is small?

  3. In a previous post you said that if your nose reaches the line above the S it’s a small, the line above the M a medium and the line below the L a large. I do not understand how to interpret that since the line above the M is the same line as the one below the L. Could you please clarify?

    I have been using a large, but my nose goes right to the line between the M and L.

    Which size should I use?


    1. Dan,

      Try to look at the fitting gauge in terms of areas.

      If your nose reaches this area try a large:


      If your nose reaches this area try a medium:


      If your nose reaches this area try a small:


      Make sure you print the fitting gauge at the correct scale: http://bit.ly/1OyA21z

  4. It’s a neat article. Funny thoguh how a piece of equipment can change a guy’s perception of his wife. I don’t even know how severe apnea got in the picture. I don’t snore. My husband therefore believes that 1) I don’t need it, and 2) that the whole idea is creepy. So I guess I’ll do some more reading and figure out how to proceed with this. Thanks for writing the article![]

  5. It is not obvious on how to put this mask on so be sure to watch the Youtube video on how to fit this mask properly. Otherwise you may have trouble with it.

  6. If you use the printable sizing guide, you have to CUT OUT the curved area of the guide before you use it to measure.

  7. I have had this mask for 7 days now and I now have 5 other masks I will never use again. Why? Because the Amara View is so easy to put and take off and clean. And 6 out of the last 7 nights I have not had a single leak. And the one other night registered only 1 LPM. No other mask has ever done this and I am finally sleeping through the night with great therapy.

  8. I just got this facemask, and I was wondering if it is supposed to fit below your mouth and sort of apply pressure to your lower lip so that you can’t freely open your mouth. Not a lot of pressure but enough to notice

  9. I’ve had this mask for about a week now. I like the low profile, but I’m still trying to dial it in. Its very sensitive to under and over tightening. There are 5 strap adjustments compounding the problem. Just when I think its perfect I roll over and the nose part leaks or my APAP increases pressure and I get a leak. I’ll stick with it for a while and let you know how it goes; othewise I’m going to have to get an Amara FFM next. I started off with a Dreamwear nasal and that was ultra comfortable, but after several nights of waking up realizing air was leaving my mouth I determined that was negating the therapy so I got the Amara view and my AHI went to .5 last night as compared to > 3 with the nasal mask.

  10. I hated the full face mask that I had. I am trying the amara and love it. When I was fitted they were not sure if it would work because I have a long but slender nose. I wear a medium but the sides of my nose are right on the dotted line. Sometimes it seals well and sometimes it doesn’t I’ve actually taken medical tape and taped the edges of the nose area so that it fits my nose better. Is there an option in the sizing for a more slender nose instead of fat noses? When I tape the edges, I sleep so much better than I ever have with my cpap. It would be nice if it came in slender nose size too. Thanks

  11. Loving the mask except one thing. The nose piece rubs bottom of nose to point it’s raw. Am I doing something wrong? Thank

  12. This mask is way too short in the nose area.Even the large squishes your nose in to far & it gets very sore! Also,when you want to inhale deeply for a sigh the mask stops your air intake before you can get a full breath of air.Very suffocating.Plus the mask is VERY hot on breathing in & out.Nothing worse than breathing stale hot air constantly.Humidifier is also totally off.Hate this mask.Very disappointed!Plus the frame is too narrow & pushes into your cheek bones.Nothing like ripping the mask off as soon as possible because of the pain & constant hot stale air.Plus when you exhale the holes in the mask don’t allow the air to escape.I would NOT recommend this mask what so ever. I am a first time CPAP user & am ready to throw it out!I ended up online & bought a Mirage Liberty size large with small headgear & med nose pillows.It works great & allows me to breath deeply without cutting your air supply.Who ever invented these masks obviously never had to wear them!!!!!!

  13. Hello, this is ny thrid day using a cpap after being diagnosed with severe sleep apnea. I am 22. When i wear the amara view and the machine is on, i feel that the pressure inside the masm decreases and the amount of air leaving the exhalation vents increases. My AHI dropped from 35 to 12-15. Any suggestions?

  14. I have the Amara View and so far it is the only mask that works for me. BUT I do have a problem… It leaves marks on my face that last all day.

    I have loosened it and I get leaks. I have tightened the straps just enough to be comfortable and avoid leaks… but I get those darn marks.

    I have cloth liners I use and they make it more comfortable but do NOT resolve the problem of marks.

    I need help.

    1. Hey Kayce,

      Sorry to hear you are having troubles. My first suggestion would have been to loosen your headgear and or use mask liners, but you’ve tried that.

      We offer Free Return Insurance on a bunch of our masks. You could try another and see if there’s a mask that’s better suited for you. If the mask doesn’t work out you can just return it! Here’s a link to those masks. http://bit.ly/2fg1hmK
      If you still need help feel free to call and chat with our CPAP experts at 1-800-356-5221.

  15. I’m using amara view almost 2 weeks, it’s leaking comparing to full face mask my AHI increase from 2 to 13.
    This is huge different any sloution for that? Or other mask without touching nose bridge

    1. Hello Ameen,

      Sorry to hear that you are having troubles with your mask. Feel free to call our CPAP experts at 1-800-356-5221. They should be able to help you get a better fit with your mask.

  16. Nice mask with one huge fault.
    Works great but the silicon mouth and nose seal is so thin it rips within a month. Seems like a flaw to make customers buy a new seal every few weeks. At $50 or so each that’s a $600-1000 a year just for the seal. For a piece of plastic and silicon. This isn’t reasonable.

  17. I’ve had the mask for a week. I’m having trouble with getting my nose positioned correctly over the nose hole. I’ve even woke up with my nose in the opening. I’m a mouth breather. How important is it that my nose (medium size)not go into the opening and how can I better position it?

    1. Hi Glenda, thank you for reaching out regarding this concern. It is crucial that your nose remains over the nasal opening. When placing the mask on your face, it is best to glide your nose over the opening, then continue fitting the mask. If your nose is not reaching to the end of the mask, you may have the wrong size. Please feel free to reach out to our CPAP experts if you have any additional questions. We would be glad to help! We can be reached by phone at 1.800.356.5221.

  18. I love the Amara view.Much better for my sinus drainage, but still a bit long for my shorter woman’s face.Will they hopefully make an xs soon for smaller faces? Thx!

  19. I’ve been trying the Amara View for about a week now. (This is my first try with CPAP.) Just when I think I have it fitted properly, I notice more air coming from somewhere. Just how much air is supposed to come from those tiny vent holes at the top of the mask? I’m getting a lot of air from them. (I’m certain it’s not a mask/face leak – I can feel the air with my fingers, and a lot of it stops when I put my finger over the tiny vent holes.) Thanks.

    1. @Jackon,

      Are you securing the fit of your mask once you’ve laid down? Often users try to get a fit when they are sitting up not anticipating to adjust it when they lay back down. If you are still seeing this problem reach out to one of CPAP.com’s experts so we can help you more quickly. 800.356.5221

  20. I love this mask. I am a long time cpap user, since 1996 and I finally have a mask that works. I made cozies for the headgear straps out of fleece, no more lines on my face from pressure. Amazing. I sleep with an open mouth and my air circulates even with the mask on. I tell people if it seems you have a dry mouth with your mask on in the morning or your ahi is still high, try using the chin strap first under mask. You aren’t supposed to need it, but my ahi will rocket to a 8 or 9 sometimes higher with out the chin strap. I also made a cozy for the chin strap. No lines. I am so glad they finally made a mask that stays off the bridge of my nose. Thank you.

  21. Very frequently, during every night, my nose slips into the nose hole, while I sleep.

    Once there, that pulls the mask up; causing the mask to move away from my chin.

    As that happens, my mouth finds itself outside the parameters of the cushion; nullifying the entire reason for the CPAP machine.

    I wash my face and the mask every night.

    Even when my nose stays seated proper (sometimes it does for a while),
    I still find that my mouth eventually opens wider than the mask anyways;
    causing the same effect.
    It’s just a lot more frequent, because of the nose problem.

    I can’t use a chin strap (or, at least, none that I’ve tried so far) because they apply too much pressure to the area of my face where I have vascular anomalies (vascular malformations).

    Do you make a version of the Amara view
    that seals above my lips, so that my nose won’t be relevant?

    Is there a way I can seal the hole myself?
    I mind mind sleeping with nose plugs.

    At this point, I’m unbearably sleep-deprived.

    I have a large nose
    and I’m assuming they gave me a large mark.
    my nose does indeed reach the far point of the mask, beyond the nose hole.


    1. @James

      I’m sorry you’ve been having mask fitting issues. Maybe you need a different type of mask altogether? I think it’s best to call one of our experts so we can ask you the right questions to better point you in a better direction.

      Call us:
      800. 356. 5221.

  22. Hiw often should I replace the mask cushion? Is once a month appropriate or can it last longer?

    1. Hi April,

      We recommend changing your mask cushion every 3 to 6 months or as soon as you experience air leakage, visible rips or tears in your cushion, loss of cushion shape.

      Click here to view our CPAP Replacement Chart. Hope this helps!


  23. I also have a Amara View mask that I love but lately the piece with the slot for your nostrils has been somehow blocking me from breathing and the rest of the nose piece “swells up” around my nose with air pressure. It almost seems like it is “riding Up” on my face/ I have tried to loosen and tighten it. Could this just be a case of not having the tightness dialed in yet?

  24. My husband has been wearing this mask fir a year. It works extremely well. We have only one wish, that the manufacturer would make a cap. My Husband has a permanent noticeable groove on his head that does not go away and is palpable to the touch. He has little hair so i expect to see the mark for a while but this is a groove. I am always looking for one I can modify for use with the Amara View.

  25. Would love The Amara View if it had nose pillows too. I use nose pillows, but need mositure in my mouth, so it would be great for that. The nose pillows seem to help my sinus problems.

  26. I’ve been using Amara View masks for about a year. I love the fit for the first month of use. After that the strip that goes below my nose gets stretched out and shifts up to block my nostrils. I wake up with a headache. I have had to purchase a new mask every month to keep it from blocking my nostrils. This is not cost effective. It would be a wonderful mask for me ifI did not have to replace it every month.

  27. This mask is hardly the genie in a bottle it purports to be. Constant leaks, fitting issues, and straps that come undone if you look at them sideways. Even with liners, it takes at least 10 minutes per night to get a decent seal. Once I do, I sleep as long as possible, but at some point during the night, it be comes unsealed – sometimes I shifted my head, sometimes who knows why, the straps have become undone. If I spend the time to debug it and get it to seal again, I’m fully awake and my night of sleep is completely ruined. So now, when it leaks, I just take it off and go back to sleep. Some sleep, even if disturbed by apnea, is better than none. And I have spent over 2 hours at the providers on various occasions working with the mask to get the best fit.

  28. The Amara View is a great option for me. I use the Dreamwear nasal mask, but when I am congested I alternate with the Amara. I have noticed tiny changes in the fit make a huge difference. Once I get it adjusted, I usually don’t have to change the strap adjustment.

  29. I have been using the Dreamware full face mask for about one week It was leaking air but also about 2:00 or 2:30 am, the air vents on the side started making “friction like” sounds. It never stopped. I would have to remove the mask in the middle of the night because of the annoying noise. What would cause that problem?

    1. This could be from your machine increasing the pressure during the night. Some masks seal very well up to a certain pressure. The secret to making your mask work at all pressures is by tightening the mask. This should help keep the mask sealed even at a higher pressure.

  30. I have been using this mask, struggling with it for a year. Many times I cannot use it because 1.) I am afraid; and 2.) My ears feel full and throat is raw. In addition, my chest has been heavy upon awakening. I have been a cpap user for about 10 years with small full face masks and no real problems. This week with a new replacement I have awakened choking multiple times, and this morning I awoke trying to catch my breath with full ears and a very hard throat lump feeling severely suffocated (sometime after 5 AM). It is now about 10:40 AM and my head, eyes, ears and throat all hurt very much. No more of this mask for me! BTW, I now have connected this mask to the eat problems I have been having for the past year!

    1. Hey Sharon, I am very sorry to hear that you have been experiencing so many issues with the Amara View Full Face Mask. We totally understand that all masks will not be a good fit for every person. This is why we offer free return insurance on all of our many masks available. If you would like assistance with selecting a new mask that may be a good fit for you, please call us at: 1-800-356-5221 and we will be more than happy to help you.

      We wish you the best!

  31. I came into possession of an Amara mask several months ago as it was included with a used DreamStation that I bought on Craigslist. I gave it a try, and found this small mask size was irritating my septum by morning, alleviated slightly by applying lotion to the tip of my nose. I was almost ready to give it up, but in general, I kind of liked the mask, so I prepared the sizing template and found that a medium size would be a better fit. I ordered it, and have been using it since. No more irritation, no more lotion.

    Now here is the greatest part. For some 15 years I have attempted to position a full mask (Fischer and Paykel 431) on my bearded face, pretty much knowing that it would leak profusely during the night. The Amara design places the lower membrane directly below my lower lip, with no interference from the beard. My nose nestles into the upper part of the membrane, establishing a tight and secure placement with a steady air flow into each nostril. The straps are clear of my ears and hold the mask snugly in place.

    My DreamStation metrics show that I have a 98-100% mask efficiency with the Amara design! I am finally, after all these years, sleeping soundly, with a reported 0.5 to 1.5 AHI per night. Because the mask fits, my machine is making much less noise and I am not nearly as aware of the inhale-exhale pressure differences and sounds that were previously keeping me from falling quickly to sleep.

    In addition, I can easily sleep on either left of right side, and the Amara readily adjusts on its own without any apparent leakage. I can also wear full framed eyeglasses, which was impossible with the other mask.

    I love this mask, and I also love my DreamStation with the bluetooth metrics!

    1. Hey randolph, that is wonderful! I am very happy to hear that you have finally found a mask that works well for you and thank you for sharing your experience with us.

      Please let us know if there is anything we can assist you with. Our customer service number is: 1-800-356-5221, or email: cpap@cpap.com.

      Enjoy your week!

  32. Dear All,

    I have started using the Philips CPAP 2 months ago. I felt it is indeed very easy to use and with great flexibility.
    I wonder if i have to change the filters periodically.
    Much obliged.

    1. Hi Farrah, i’m glad to hear your Philips machine is working out for you! Yes, you should change your disposable filter every 30 days and the reusable filter should be washed weekly and changed every 6 months.

      Please feel free to reach us at: 1-800-356-5221, with further questions or concerns.

      Best wishes!

  33. Have used DreamMachine CPAP with Amara View face mask for over four years. Previously this was an excellent product which definitely improved the quality of sleep. However, watch out for the recent design change. I recently ordered from my longtime supplier replacement headgear (the comfortable elastic “headgear” strap system which holds the Amara View in place gradually, as one would expect, over a year or so loses its elasticity and the grip of its Velcro and has to be replaced). Instead of just headgear, I received a whole new mask. The new Philips Amara View now has new MAGNETIC attachments of the headgear to the mask. This change was a BIG mistake: the magnets are noisy since they snap closed loudly enough to disturb one’s bed mate. Also, the two side strap magnets tend to snap to each other or onto their intended targets before the mask is on — this results in (besides all the noisy snaps and un-snaps) a tangle of straps that is very difficult to sort out in the dark. This leads to the need to turn on the light to untangle the mask, further disturbing one’s bed mate and fully awakening the mask user who might now now be unable to get back to sleep. Also, despite the highly refined former design of the Amara View mask facial cushion, the manufacturer seems to have changed the cut of the mask cushion so that the lower edge of the plastic now rides up above one’s lower lip, reducing the opening for mouth breathing — the result is decreased facial and respiratory comfort and frequent awakening due to need to adjust the cushion on the lower lip. Formerly a user could, with care, put on and take off the Amara View mask in the dark with almost complete silence and could sleep for hours undisturbed. With the redesign, this is no longer the case. In short, Philips appears to have taken a nearly perfect product and RUINED IT. I’m going to try to get my supplier to replace the mask with the older version.

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