Best CPAP Masks for Mouth Breathers 2021

Full Face CPAP Masks: Best Masks for Mouth Breathers
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    Finding the best sleep apnea mask when you are a mouth breather that also works for all your lifestyle needs can be a daunting task! A significant reason people aren’t compliant with CPAP therapy or struggle with their CPAP therapy is due to the mask they’re using. It’s essential to select a CPAP mask that supports your specific needs—in this case breathing through your mouth—to guarantee your CPAP therapy success.

    We’ve rated and ranked multiple lifestyle factors to find the top five best CPAP masks for mouth breathers. Keep reading to learn what they are and find the one that works for you. 

    What Type of CPAP Mask Is Best for Mouth Breathers?

    If you breathe through your mouth, you’ll benefit from using a full face CPAP mask. Generally, a full face mask is recommended for people who breathe through their mouths and suffer from frequent stuffy noses or allergies. 

    A full face mask covers your nose and mouth. This creates a secure seal around both and allows you to easily breathe through your nose or mouth without interrupting your therapy. 

    Best CPAP Masks for Mouth Breathers

    Best Full Face CPAP Mask Editor’s Pick: ResMed AirFit F20 Full Face Mask

    Meet’s most popular full face mask to date, the AirFit F20! Designed with your comfort in mind, the AirFit F20 blends into your everyday lifestyle and eliminates the traditional forehead support to have fewer touchpoints.

    While the AirFit F20 does cover the nose’s bridge, it’s important to note that this mask minimizes the bulk found on other full face masks. It features a low profile cushion, which is ideal if you’re looking to have an open field of vision to allow for watching T.V. or reading a book before bed! The low-profile cushion and comfortable headgear straps make it easy to take on and off.

    If you’re looking to take your mask on-the-go, the AirFit F20 mask works well with the AirMini AutoSet CPAP Machine! It also includes a unique adapter that allows you to connect it to the AirMini’s specialized tube and travel with ease.

    PriceAround $150
    Notable SpecsSilicone Mask, Quiet, and Free Return Insurance
    Lifestyle NeedsGood for Claustrophobia, T.V. Friendly, Active Sleepers, Light Sleepers, and Those Who Breathe Through Their Mouth
    Sleeping Positions:Good for Side and Back Sleepers

    Best Full Face Mask for Side Sleepers: DreamWear Full Face CPAP Mask With Headgear

    If you find yourself always snuggling up with a book or watching T.V. before bed, the DreamWear Full Face CPAP Mask With Headgear is what you need! This CPAP Mask features a unique frame design that provides an open line of sight and eliminates traditional bulk, making it a natural fit for stomach and side sleepers.

    By repositing the tubes to the side, Philip’s eliminated the traditional bulky headgear feeling without losing a secure seal—making this a natural fit for active sleepers. They’ve also upgraded the actual headgear components to have magnetic closures, making this mask easier to put on and take off with fewer adjustments. This specific mask also comes in a kit option, allowing you to order all of the cushion sizes so you can find your perfect fit.

    PriceAround $130
    Notable SpecsHollow Frame Design, Fit Pack Includes Cushions of All Sizes (S, M, M.W., L)
    ManufacturerPhilips Respironics
    Lifestyle NeedsActive Sleepers and Watching T.V.
    Sleeping PositionsSide Sleepers

    Best Full Face Mask for Stomach Sleepers: ResMed F30i Full Face CPAP Mask

    If you’re a stomach sleeper, let us introduce you to a mask with revolutionary comfort. The ResMed F30i Full Face CPAP Mask provides a durable cushion, which covers your mouth and seals under your nose. By eliminating bulk near the front of the mask and opting for a top-of-the-head hose connection, this mask was created with stomach sleepers and active sleepers in mind to ensure they have the freedom and comfort they need throughout the night without those annoying hose tangles.

    The lightweight silicone frame is the perfect anchor to your therapy to help create a strong seal without sacrificing your comfort. Paired with the ultra-compact full face mask cushion, the F30i is known to eliminate red marks and skin irritation while reducing overnight leaks.

    The F30i also offers quiet-venting technology, making it ideal for light sleepers! Instead of letting your exhaled air race out of the vents, the F30i disperses the air up and away to eliminate noise.

    PriceAround $160
    Notable Specs360- Degree Swivel, Open Line of Sight, Whisper-Quiet, Fewer Facial Touchpoints
    Lifestyle NeedsActive Sleepers, Watching T.V., Reading, Wearing Glasses
    Sleeping PositionsStomach, Back, and Side Sleepers

    Best Value Full Face Mask: Amara View Full Face CPAP Mask With Headgear

    A good night’s sleep shouldn’t come with a hefty price tag. We’re happy to share our pick for the Full Face CPAP Mask at the best value! The Amara View Full Face CPAP Mask With Headgear by Philips Respironics has a full face mask design and features lightweight materials and essential full face components. This CPAP Mask brings efficient CPAP therapy without depending on forehead support. Be prepared to experience sleep apnea therapy without constraints.

    The compact Amara View Full Face mask is designed to seal around the mouth and nostrils with the help of an innovative nostril opening, secured by positioning the nasal opening under the nose and adjusting the headgear to a comfortable fit.

    PriceAround $70
    Notable SpecsUnder Nose Cushion, Open Vision Design, Lightweight Materials, Universal Size Mask Frame, Adjustable Headgear With Crown Strap
    ManufacturerPhilips Respironics
    Lifestyle NeedsGood for Claustrophobia and Watching T.V.
    Sleeping Position Good for Back, Side, and Stomach Sleepers

    Best Alternative Mask to Full Face for Mouth Breathers: Hybrid Full Face CPAP Mask With Nasal Pillows and Headgear

    Bringing a fusion of comfort and innovation, the Hybrid Full Face CPAP Mask combines incredible technology that results in a universal CPAP interface. The Hybrid is a unique fusion of technologies, designed to be a universal CPAP interface.

    The Hybrid promotes comfort by eliminating pressure points on the forehead and across the bridge of the nose. The built-in chin strap gently supports the chin for stabilization and fit.

    PriceAround $116
    Notable SpecsUniversal Design, Built-In Chin Strap, No Nasal Bridge or Forehead Contact, All Sizes of Pillows and Cushions, Premium Headgear
    Lifestyle NeedsGood for Claustrophobia and Watching T.V.
    Sleeping Position Good for Back, Side, and Stomach Sleepers

    Benefits of Full Face CPAP Masks for Mouth Breathers

    Full face masks are larger than nasal pillows and nasal masks; however, many find them more comfortable as they allow them to breathe through their mouth while not reducing pressure delivery. That’s also why people who require a higher pressure setting do best with full face masks. Below are additional benefits to using a full face mask:

    • Optimal for high-pressure settings over 17cm H2 because it covers a larger area 
    • Allows CPAP wearers to sleep comfortably on their back
    • Provides relief and doesn’t strain the nasal passages during cold seasons
    • Provides a secure seal even for those whose jaw drops while they’re sleeping
    • When paired with heated humidification, full face masks are known to prevent dry mouth and keep nasal passages moist throughout the night
    • Full face masks cause less nasal cavity irritation since the mask delivers air to both the nose and mouth
    • To ensure you have a good seal, full face masks include supportive pieces to fit your cheeks and forehead 
    •  Offers a secure and comfortable seal for those with a deviated nasal septum or high arched soft palate

    Challenges of Full Face Mask

    Like other masks, there are basic challenges with using a full face mask for CPAP therapy. These challenges include:

    • Don’t work well with facial hair. Here are masks that are facial hair friendly.
    • Are not ideal for low CPAP pressures as they require a higher CPAP pressure due to how it delivers air
    • Can cause you to swallow air
    • Can increase the risk of aspiration

    Addressing these challenges can be as easy as swapping brands, sizes, and styles to ensure you are getting a secure and comfortable fit. 

    Can Mouth Breathers Use Nasal Pillows or Nasal Masks?

    Yes and no. While you can’t use a nasal pillow or nasal mask on its own, you can pair it with a chinstrap or an alternative treatment such as Somnifix to help keep your mouth closed during sleep. 

    People who breathe through their mouth and use a nasal mask or nasal pillow mask may experience ineffective CPAP therapy. The majority of the air inhaled comes from the mouth, which does not receive the prescribed CPAP pressure. Additionally, there is no pressure to help sustain an open airway when they breathe out. This is why, when used on their own, the nasal and nasal pillow masks are ineffective for those who breathe through their mouth during the night.

    As we advised earlier in the article, we recommend a full face mask for mouth breathers. Alternatively, CPAP wearers have found Hybrid masks to be effective as well. 

    Now that you’ve read our recommendation, we’d love to hear yours! What is your favorite full face CPAP mask? Let us know in the comments below!