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    Top Review

    "Love that the top comes off this one - makes it easier to fill and clean."

    October 11, 2014

    Product Overview

    Manufactured by Apex Medical.

    Product Features

    The Chamber for XT Heated Humidifier is the replacement water chamber for use with the XT Heated Humidifier.

    This chamber is compatible only with the following heated humidifier:

    Design Change Early 2015: The manufacturer updated the chamber design in early 2015, omitting the removable silicone top. The updated version of the chamber has a removable bottom for care and cleaning. Both versions of the humidifier chamber are compatible with the XT Heated Humidifier.

    This is the chamber only and does NOT include the heated humidifier or any other components.

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    This Product Includes...

    • Chamber

    Product Specifications

    Water Capacity: 300 mL always offers these services:

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    Important Tips

    The is a single water chamber ONLY and does not include the humidifier or any other parts.

    Updated Chamber Design Early 2015

    In early 2015, the manufacturer of the XT Water Chamber updated the design to omit the removable top and in its place feature a removable bottom. No changes were made to the dimensions or materials of the chamber, which means it will operate and function the exact same as the previous design.

    UPDATED DESIGN Chamber - Removable Bottom Instructions:

    Removing the Bottom of the Chamber Using the Included "Extraction Tool":

    The bottom, metal plate comes off the body of the chamber for care and cleaning. Included with the chamber is a black, flat, plastic "Extraction Tool" which is used to pry the metal plate off the plastic chamber.

    • Hold the chamber with the metal base down, the hose connection facing up and the air port which connects to the machine against your body.
    • Hold the black "Extraction Tool" in your right hand with the text and arrow facing up.
    • Looking at the front, right hand side of the chamber, locate the very small, pointed triangular tab along the right front curve of the chamber.
    • Looking at the extraction tool, locate the words "Match the remark on the chamber and flip the tool" and the small triangular indent on the tool.
    • Line up the triangular indent on the tool with the triangular tab.
    • When the triangular tab is in the triangular indent on the too, the curved edge of the tool below the tab will fit into the curve of the chamber.
    • Push the end of the tool closest to you downward to lever the bottom of the chamber off the body of the chamber.

    ORIGINAL DESIGN Chamber Lid Installation Instructions:

    1. Locate the slot on the chamber lid.
    2. Line the slot on the lid with the tab on the front of the chamber base.
    3. Push the tab all the way through the slot.
    4. Hinge the lid down onto the chamber base.
    5. When the lid is fully pressed down the flap marked PULL snaps into place.

    ORIGINAL DESIGN Silicone Chamber Top: The humidifier chamber has a silicone top. The silicone top is not intended to be removed from the chamber when cleaning. The manufacturer recommends against removing the silicone top.

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