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    Top Reviews

    "This works so much better than the single strap chin strap that came with my machine. My mouth does not open and the strapping stays in place."

    April 22, 2015

    "This chin strap is the best I've ever tried. I use a nasal pillow and sleep with my mouth closed all night long!"

    April 6, 2015

    Product Overview

    The Halo Chinstrap from Breathewear is intended to support users whose mouths fall open during sleep. This soft and durable chinstrap is designed to aid those who are losing pressure as a result of a mouth leak.

    Manufactured by Breathewear Inc.

    14% of Chinstrap product buyers choose this product.

    Product Features

    The Halo Chinstrap from Breathewear is an adjustable chinstrap with a unique design that creates stability at the base of the chin. Constructed to follow the shape of the face, adjustments are made along the cheek before connecting at the crown of the head. Functionality and flexibility work together.


    • Innovative Design
    • Sleek Construction
    • Breathable Material

    Innovative Design

    The unique and lightweight halo design evenly surrounds the crest of the head to uniformly distribute pressure. This may eliminate headaches and tension caused by stress, which is concentrated in one location.

    Sleek Construction

    The Halo Chinstrap is designed to be more comfortable and manageable than other cumbersome chinstraps. This chinstrap omits buckles and elevated segments to produce a slim design, which lies flat against the head and face. Overall weight and comfort were considered in the construction of this model from Breathewear.

    The longer strap is used to stabilize the chin during therapy, while maintaining the position of the Halo. A small opening in the chincup is intended to secure and protect the chin. Minimal material is used to connect the pieces, increasing the comfort of this chinstrap.

    Breathable Material

    Smart and simplistic, the Halo Chinstrap is the connection of two, narrow pieces of breathable fabric. The soft texture of the material offers resistance to sustain durability and flexibility, while preserving enough softness to cradle the face with comfort.

    Return On Warranty Issues Only


    This Product Includes...

    • Chinstrap

    Product Specifications

    Dimensions of the Halo Chinstrap

    Halo Shaped Strap

    • Length : 10 Inches
    • Width : 4.5 Inches

    Long Chinstrap

    • Length : 17.75 Inches (without the Velcro Tab extended)
    • Width : 1 Inch (width of the strap)
    • Width : 5 Inches (width of the chin support)

    Velcro Tab

    • Length : 1.5 Inches
    • Width : 0.5 Inches

    Materials Used for the Halo Chinstrap

    • Polyurethane
    • Nylon
    • Spandex
    • Elastic

    All materials used to develop the Halo Chinstrap are Latex-free. always offers these services:

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    Important Tips

    Cleaning Tips

    • Wash the chinstrap once a week to increase the life and use of the chinstrap. As oils from the skin soak into the material, the chinstrap will gradually deteriorate.
    • Use either mild shampoo or mild soap with water to cleanse the chinstrap.
    • Bleach and antibacterial soap are NOT intended for cleaning the chinstrap.
    • Once the chinstrap has been washed, let it sit away from the sun to air dry. Do not iron the chinstrap.

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