CPAPology Sleep Noodle - Large

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    Product Overview

    The CPAPology Sleep Noodle® is an anti-snoring device that trains you to sleep on your side, helping keep your airways open and reducing snoring. The Sleep Noodle features a breathable belt with a foam wedge that sits on your upper back to prevent you from rolling onto your back while you sleep. 

    Sleep Noodle Features:

    • • No Prescription Required 
    • • Uses Positional Therapy to Help Reduce Snoring
    • • Low-Tech Solution Allows You to Go Off-the-Grid 
    • • Stands the Test of Time
    • • Breathable Mesh Belt Prevents Slipping

    Manufactured by cpapology.

    Product Features

    Uses Positional Therapy to Help Reduce Snoring

    With positional therapy, you allow gravity to naturally work in your favor by opening your airway. Positional therapy has been scientifically tested as a way to reduce snoring and improve your sleep quality.

    Stands the Test of Time

    The Sleep Noodle keeps up with your nightly routine, holding its shape night after night and does not require any scheduled replacement parts. 

    Breathable Mesh Belt Prevents Slipping

    The breathable mesh belt fits high and snug around your waist with the wedge part of the Sleep Noodle resting comfortably against the upper part of your back. The belt is designed to maintain a comfortable amount of tension, preventing it from slipping while also allowing it to easily keep up with you as you move throughout the night. 

    Low-Tech Solution Allows You to Go Off-the-Grid 

    The Sleep Noodle does not require wires, cords, machines, or batteries, which allows you to take it with you wherever you go.

    Sizing Guide

    Chest Width 


    24 - 36 inches


    32 - 44 inches


    40 - 54 inches


    What's in the Box:

    • Sleep Noodle Belt 
    • Foam Insert 
    • Instructions for Use

    Return On Warranty Issues Only


    This Product Includes...

    • Sleep Noodle Belt
    • Foam Insert
    • Instructions for Use

    Product Specifications

    Dimensions Outside of Box: 

    • Small: 5 in L x 4 in W x 11 in H  
    • Medium: 5 in L x 4 in W x 13 in H  
    • Large: 5 in L x 4 in W x 15 in H

    Packaging Dimensions: 

    • Small: 5 in L x 5 in W x 12 in H  
    • Medium: 5 in L x 5 in W x 14 in H  
    • Large: 5 in L x 5 in W x 16 in H


    • Small: 7.2 Ounces  
    • Medium: 8 Ounces  
    • Large: 9.6 Ounces

    Materials Used: Nylon, Neoprene, Polyester

    Is it Hypoallergenic? No

    Does it Have Latex? May Contain Latex

    Warranty Information

    The Sleep Noodle includes a one-year limited manufacturer warranty from the time of purchase. In the case of a warranty issue, return the entire Sleep Noodle to with the original receipt. At the manufacturer's discretion, the belt will be replaced or repaired. always offers these services:

    • 8 am to 8 pm CST Toll Free Phone and Email Support
    • 24 hour access to our Support Forum
    • Learning Center for information on sleep apnea and cpap equipment
    • Consumer Purchasing Trends Reports
    • Warranty Services for all items purchased through
    • Insurance Compliant Invoices
    • Free Prescription Request System

    Important Tips

    How to Use the Sleep Noodle:

    It is recommended to give the Sleep Noodle an adoption period of at least two weeks.

    How to Clean 

    When caring for the Sleep Noodle, it's best not to soak, bleach, or iron.

    1. Remove Foam Insert Before Washing  
    2. Hand Wash in Cold Water 
    3. Hang to Dry

    Replacement Schedule

    For the Sleep Noodle, there is no specific replacement schedule. However, the foam insert may need to be replaced if there is any noticeable flattening or deviation from the original shape of the cylinder.

    How to Prepare Product for Travel

    The zippered bag that the Sleep Noodle comes in can be used to keep the Sleep Noodle clean when traveling.  

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