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BY Hardwell Goods Item #DMY-001-TB
5 Reviews

Sorry, this item is no longer available.

DiMMYS LED Covers Package Front
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5 Reviews

Sorry, this item is no longer available.

DiMMYS LED Covers Overview

Draping a washcloth over the CPAP machine display? Use a DiMMYS LED Cover instead! DiMMYS stick to most smooth surfaces without using adhesives. They are reusable and each sheet includes multiple sizes to find the right fit. This package includes one sheet of tinted DiMMYS and one sheet of black DiMMYS.

DiMMYS LED Covers are handy little light blockers which stick to most any smooth surface using static cling, not adhesives. DiMMYs can be used at night and easily removed during the day to see a time or clock display. This package includes two sheets of DiMMYS each with 19 LED covers, one sheet is tinted and one sheet is black.

DiMMYS Facts:

  • Cover CPAP & BiPAP Machine LED Display
  • Reusable
  • Non-Adhesive
  • Easy to Remove
  • Clings to Most Smooth Surfaces
  • Tinted & Black Combo Pack
  • Use on Everyday Electronics
  • Trim to Fit

Other Uses For DiMMYS!

  • Cable TV Boxes
  • Digital Clocks
  • Routers
  • Webcam Blockers
  • Oven & Microwave Time displays
  • Modems

Contents & Sizes

This package includes one sheet of Tinted and one sheet of Black DiMMYS in assorted sizes.

  • Light Blocking Levels - 1 Sheet Each
    • Tinted blocks 60-90% of light filtration
    • Black blocks LED light almost entirely

  • DiMMYS Size & Count - 2 Sheets
    • 6 - Large Rectangle - 66mm x 30mm (2 19/32 in x 1 3/16 in)
    • 4 - Medium Rectangle - 56mm x 24mm (2 13/64 in x 15/16 in)
    • 8 - Long Rectangle - 12mm x 69mm (15/32 in x 2 23/32 in)
    • 20 - Circle Dot - 10mm Diameter (24/64 in)

DiMMYS-Friendly Surfaces

DiMMYS work on almost any smooth surface. They work best with metal, plastic or glass surfaces. Clean the surface before applying the DiMMYS cover. The cover will not adhere to textured surfaces.

This product includes 2 sheet of DiMMYS in 2 levels of light blocking intensity and does not include any other products, electronic or otherwise.