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Hybernite Rainout Control System
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Hybernite Rainout Control System

BY Plastiflex Healthcare Item #ROC-2300

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ComfortLine Heated Tubing Kit
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Product Overview

The Hybernite Rainout Control System is a stand alone option for reducing rainout or condensation in the CPAP tube. Unlike other heated hose options, the Hybernite can be used with any CPAP or BiPAP machine that accepts a standard tubing. Copper wires embedded in the walls of the tubing use its own power source to uniformly heat and prevent condensation by maintaining the temperature.

Use the Hybernite Rainout Control System (ROC) to get the benefits of improved humidification and reduced rainout using any CPAP or BiPAP machines that accepts a standard tubing without the cost of upgrading the entire system!

Using its own, medical grade power source, the copper wires embedded in the walls of the tubing uniformly heat along the length of the tube to maintain the temperature inside the tubing and prevent the humidified air from condensing as it travels from CPAP and Humidifier to the mask.

To avoid rainout, CPAP users often makes changes that may compromise their therapy and sleep. These include reducing the humidification setting on their system, lowering it below the prescribed or desired level, and raising the temperature in the bedroom. The Hybernite ROC allows you to control the temperature inside the delivery tubing rather than the environment around it.


  • Compatible with All CPAP Systems That Use a Standard Hose
  • Enhances Humidification of Existing System and Comfort Level
  • Reduces or Eliminates Rainout
  • Use the Humidifier Setting of Your Choice
  • Helps Eliminate Sleep Disturbances Due to Rainout Effects
  • Stand Alone Unit with its Own Power Source

The Hybernite Heated Breathing Tube is 71.25 inches from end to end including cuffs. Both cuff ends are ridged to avoid stress damage to the hose. The diameter of the hose is 19mm.

Compatibility Notes:

  • The Hybernite is not compatible with machine lines that use a smaller diameter (15mm) hose such as the S9 series by ResMed and the 60 Series by Philips Respironics.
  • PR System One devices with software Versions EARLIER than 1.24 are not recommended for use with the Hybernite. The version of software flashes on the display screen when the machine is first turned on.

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