Replacement Prong for Nasal Aire II CPAP Mask

    by InnoMed/RespCare.

  • InnoMed Nasal aire II Cushion Top
  • Product Overview

    Manufactured by InnoMed/RespCare.

    Product Features

    The Replacement Prong for Nasal Aire II CPAP Mask is the replacement prong for the Nasal Aire II Prong CPAP Mask with Headgear. This is the replacement prong only and does not include any other items.

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    Important Tips

    Where do I find the size?

    There is not an identifiable size on the Nasal Aire II Prong Mask with Headgear because all prong sizes are interchangeable with the mask frame.

    To find the size of the nasal prong, remove the nasal prong from the tubing. Hold the nasal prong upright by the ends, which connect to the tubing. With the smallest prongs facing upward, locate the name of the mask embossed into the round shape of the silicone cushion. On the right side of the cushion, where the connection meets the tubing, find clear letters indicating the size of the nasal prong.

    Differences Associated with Nasal Aire II

    The nasal prong for the Nasal Aire I and Nasal Aire II are made from different materials. Also, the Nasal Aire I and Nasal Aire II have different dimensions around the connection point from the prong to the tubing. A current user of the original Nasal Aire I may or may not prefer the Nasal Aire II. All sizes prongs will work with both original and Nasal Aire II tubing.

    We do not accept the return of this item for any reason other than a manufacturing defect.

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