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    External Battery Charger with Power Supply for Inogen One G4 Portable Oxygen Concentrator

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    Product Overview

    The External Battery Charger with Power Supply for the Inogen One G4 helps life stay active. Dead batteries charge fully in about 3 - 5 hours! The External Battery Charger is especially helpful to users of multiple batteries, as one battery can be used with the Inogen G4, while the other charges in the External Battery Charger. When it's time to go, a fresh battery is charged and ready for use.

    Manufactured by Inogen.

    Product Features

    While the Inogen G4 can charge while in use, it means that an outlet must be nearby during this process, which can reduce time spent on-the-go with family and friends. The External Battery Charger for the Inogen G4 provides greater flexibility by charging a battery on the side, while the machine is in-use. When it's time to leave, swap batteries and go!


    • Status LED Shows Charging Progress
    • Easily Manage Multiple Batteries
    • Single Battery Charges in About 3 Hours
    • Includes Power Supply

    Status LED Shows Charging Progress

    Ready to leave? The External Battery Charger makes it easy to tell if the battery is ready to go. The External Battery Charger comes with status LED lights that show charging progress. With this helpful tool, it's possible to know instantly if the batteries are ready for whatever life has in store.

    Easily Manage Multiple Batteries

    The Inogen G4 ships with a Single Battery, an AC Power Supply, and DC charger. This means the Inogen G4 needs to be plugged into an outlet to charge the battery. This can result in extended time spent at home charging dead batteries.

    Using multiple batteries with the External Battery Charger would be ideal, as it would help minimize the impact of the charge time. With multiple batteries, it's possible to charge one on the side, while using the spare with the Inogen G4, meaning less time spent at home and a more active schedule!

    Single Battery Charges in 3 Hours

    The charge time for the Single Battery (the original battery shipped with the machine) takes about 3 hours when fully depleted. For the Double Battery, the charge time takes about 5 hours from being completely dead. When using the External Battery Charger and multiple batteries, it means that the impact of the charge time is greatly reduced.

    Power Supply Included

    A power supply comes included with the External Battery Charger. A power cord also comes with Inogen G4. With two power cords on hand, the original power supply can be used with the Inogen G4 while charging with the External Battery Charger. This works out great while sleeping, as oxygen therapy can continue while charging a second battery!

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    This Product Includes...

    Product Specifications

    In the Box:

    • 1 Inogen G4 External Battery Charger
    • 1 Power Supply

    Technical Specifications:

    • Weight: 2 pounds
    • Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

    • Dimensions:

    • Charger: 3.5" L X 3.5" W X 1" H
    • AC Adapter: 2" L X 4" W X 1" H
    • Cord Length: 1 Foot

    • Charging Time:

    • Single Battery: 2.5 Hours
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