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PurSleep CPAP Aromatherapy 30ml Refill - Creme

BY Pur-Sleep Item #Creme-30ml
2 Reviews

Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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2 Reviews

Sorry, this item is no longer available.

Creme Aromatherapy Refill Overview

This is the 30ml refill of the Pur-Sleep Essential Oil scent named "Creme".

Vanilla, one of the most highly prized and expensive aromatics in the world, is derived from the only fruiting variety of the orchid flower. The deep trumpet-shaped flowers must be pollinated by hand, dried, and cured, to become a beautifully fragrant brown vanilla bean which is then carefully distilled, resulting in the 100% all natural vanilla essential oil used in 'Creme'. A few drops go a long way. It also blends very well with many of the other scents, including 'Spice', 'Fresh', and 'Clear'.

This all-natural vanilla is an extremely complicated formula made with several hundred different compounds and includes a small amount of food-grade alcohol as a solvent. Synthetic vanillin typically used in cooking, which is derived from phenol, should not to be confused with 'Creme'.