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Sleeptracker Elite Sleep Phase Watch

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Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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1 Review

Sorry, this item is no longer available.

Sleeptracker Sleep Watch Overview

Sleeptracker is a sleep management tool built into a wrist watch. The Sleeptracker Elite uses a small accelerometer to monitor lateral motion associated with specific sleep phases. The average adult experiences four to five sleep phases over an eight-hour period. Once you set the Sleeptracker, internal sensors detect subtle physical signals from your body and uses a vibrating alarm to wake you at the 'almost-awake' sleep phase. Waking up at the perfect time eliminates grogginess and that tired feeling you get in the morning. Use the watch's recording and software capabilities to analyze sleep data over time. Sleeptracker will provide helpful tips and allow users to define daily lifestyle factors that may negatively affect sleep.
The Sleeptracker Elite sleep phase watch offers a stylish design that is simple and easy to use:

  • Wear Sleeptracker as you go to bed.
  • Set the phase alarm for the normal time you awake.
  • Adjust the vibrating alarm window of time to have Sleeptracker wake you.
  • Record your nightly sleep pattern.
  • Upload and analyze your sleep data.

The Sleeptracker Elite uses a small accelerometer to monitor lateral motion associated with specific sleep phases. Each event is recorded and stored in the watch's internal memory. Once you have installed the Sleeptracker Pro software, use the Sleeptracker USB download cable to save each night's data. The included software lets users track trends and record daily factors that affect your personal sleeping habits: Napping, Eating Late, Drinking, Caffeine, Smoking, Exercise, Stress, Noise, Light, and Heat/Cold.

Sleep Phase Monitor

The Sleep Phase Monitor records how many restless or light sleep periods occur at night and allows you to get a trended picture of sleeping habits. Sleeptracker identifies five sleep cycles: Stage 1-4 and Stage 5 also known as REM or (Rapid Eye Movement). A typical sleep cycle takes 90-110 minutes. During Stage 1 of your sleep cycle, you sleep lightly. At Stage 2, your sleep gets progressively deeper. At Stages 3 and 4, also known as "Delta Sleep," you sleep most heavily; this is when your body rebuilds itself. Sleeptracker Elite monitors these sleep cycles and waits for the ideal waking moment such as a Stage 1 or 2 cycle. At which point, the Sleeptracker Vibrating Alarm begins beeping and vibrating to gently wake you from sleep.

Vibrating Alarm

Sound, by itself, is sometimes not enough to wake up in the mornings. Realistically, it takes very little stimulus to wake a person at the optimal time. Sleeptracker has found that people experience their best morning when awoken during Stage 1 or Stage 2 of their sleep cycles. Typical alarm clocks have no means of tracking what sleep cycle you are in. The Sleeptracker Elite records subtle movements associated to specific sleep cycles and waits until a light sleep cycle occurs during the alarm window. Set the alarm window to your typical morning wake-up time and Sleeptracker will attempt to wake you within a range as wide as 90 minutes from your wake up time. For example, a 20 minute window setting for a wake up time of 6:30 would allow the Sleep Phase Monitor to start the audible and vibrating alarms at the most optimal awake state between 6:10 and 6:50.