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SnuggleScents for Kids

BY SnuggleHose Item #ss-kids

Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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Sorry, this item is no longer available.

SnuggleScents for Kids Overview

SnugglesScents for Kids is a selection of essential oils pleasing to children. Use SnuggleScents for Kids to ease tension due to CPAP therapy and provide a comforting aroma that your child will love. Each package comes with one 5ml bottle of Orange, Lemon, and Cocoa.
Acclimating children to CPAP therapy can be difficult. CPAP equipment is often uncomfortable and intimidating, especially to children. SnuggleScents for kids is a package of familiar fragrances to ease children into their sleep therapy. Use aromatherapy just before putting your child to bed by placing a drop of aromatherapy on the elephant diffuser pad. Set the pad in the wooden stand in front of the air intake on the CPAP machine.

Included in package:

  • One Wooden Diffuser Tray Stand
  • Three Disposable Elephant Oil Pads
  • Three Zip Lock Storage Bags
  • One 5ml bottle each of each Essential oil: Orange, Lemon, and Cocoa.

Orange. Rejuvenate with this rich and uplifting scent. Orange is a sweet and refreshing aroma that lifts the spirit and brings peace and happiness to the mind. Orange is also great for nervous tension, stress, depression and insomnia. This fruity scent is also ideal for children.

Lemon. Use lemon aromatherapy when energy levels are low or emotional stress is high. Lemon is a natural anti-depressant and produces a bright, fresh fruit smell. The light aroma focuses your mind and improves mental clarity. Awake refreshed and re-energized.

Cocoa. Indulge in the essence of chocolate! Cocoa is a rich, sweet fragrance that helps to satisfy your midnight cravings and stave addiction. Cocoa oil may also help in reducing stress, anxiety, or depression.