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    Top Reviews

    "This is amazing! SO EASY to put on and take off! And it looks much better than the fleece cover. The best accessory I've ever bought."

    March 8, 2011

    "Wonderful product. It's so easy to zip up the cover on the hose. Much easier than the other product I purchased."

    March 5, 2011

    Product Overview

    The Premium Tube Cover is a quick and easy solution for rain-out in your CPAP hose. It's insulated, polyester material helps to prevent colder room temperatures from cooling the much warmer, moisture filled humidified CPAP air.

    Manufactured by SP Medical.

    Product Features

    The SP Medical tube wrap is made from a polyester blend similar to a windbreaker jacket. The premium material helps insulate the CPAP tubing from ambient temperatures. The Premium Tube Cover comes with a built-in zipper that makes the wrap easy to install. The entire unit measures 65 Inches and comes with a Velcro flap to cover the zipper head.

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    Important Tips

    The tube cover is slightly smaller than 68 inches, which is the typical length of most CPAP hoses. The cover will still function properly if the ends of the tube are not covered.


    1. Just unzip the tube cover.
    2. Push the end of your CPAP tube through the tube cuff.
    3. Zip the tube cover closed.
    4. Fold over the zipper tab.
    5. Wrap the Velcro strap around zipper tab to secure.
    6. Install CPAP tube with Premium cover between mask and machine.

    CPAP Video & FAQ

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    What is rainout?
    Rainout is the accumulation of water in a CPAP tube due to warm moist air cooling and condensing on its way from your CPAP machine to your CPAP mask.

    The image below from Fisher & Paykel explains how rainout is formed. Warm, moist air leaves the heated humidifier and travels through the CPAP tube. As air flows through the tube, the temperature of the room causes the tube to cool. As the tube cools, the air inside releases its moisture, and creates condensation in the hose.

    Solutions to rainout include:
    • Raise the temperature of your bedroom.
    • Keep your CPAP machine at the same level as your bed.
    • Insulate your tubing with a hose cover like Snugglehose.
    • Reduce the temperature setting on your heated humidifier.
    • Purchase a CPAP machine with a rainout reduction comfort feature.
    • Some machine systems offer a compatible heated CPAP hose which maintains the temperature from the machine all the way to the mask, reducing the occurrence of rainout. The list of available heated hoses can be found here: Hoses With Heating Coils.
    • If your machines uses a standard hose, consider the Hybernite Heated Rainout Control System.

    Conventional Humidification
    Why would I want to insulate my CPAP hose?
    Cool air holds less moisture than warm air. If warm air from a heated humidifier cools while moving through the CPAP hose, water will condense inside the hose rather than travel to the user. The condensation that accumulates inside the CPAP hose is referred to as "rainout."

    Insulating the CPAP hose will help maintain the moisture in the airflow all the way to the mask.

    Here are some hose insulators we carry:

    Insulated Hose Cover
    Zippered Tubing Wrap
    Tubing Wrap for SlimLine Hoses

    What is a hose cover?
    A hose cover is placed over the hose in order to insulate the hose and to make the hose more comfortable. The simplest and most cost effective way to insulate a CPAP hose is to wrap it in an insulating fabric. This enables the hose to remain flexible and adds little weight.

    Companies such as Snugglehose provide a cost effective tubing insulation available in several colors and styles. Not only will the covers reduce or eliminate rainout, they also provide a more personal and less institutionalized appearance. An example of a Snugglehose is shown below.


    Here are some hose covers we carry:

    Tubing Wrap for AirSense™ 10, AirCurve™ 10, and S9 Series SlimLine™ Tubing
    Respironics Insulated Hose Cover
    ResMed Zippered Tubing Wrap
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