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Tube Cleaning System

BY AG Industries Item #AG-CLN-HA
200 Reviews

Item # AG-CLN-HA

Not Currently In Stock

Tube Cleaning System - All Components
Tube Cleaning System - Shown with Hose (not included)
Tube Cleaning - Soaking Hose with Cap (hose not included)
Tube Cleaning - Alternate Hanging Method (hose not included)
Tube Cleaning System - Back with Suction Cup
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200 Reviews

Item # AG-CLN-HA

Not Currently In Stock

Tube Cleaning System Overview

Built with the option to hang with a hook or by suction cup, the Tube Cleaning System lets you rinse, soak, and dry your CPAP hose with one convenient kit from almost anywhere: shower door, shower curtain bar, towel rack, or any smooth surface.

Learn More About the Tube Cleaning System:

  • User–Friendly and Easily Maintained
  • All–In–One System Can Rinse, Soak, and Dry 

User–Friendly and Easily Maintained

To use, fill the tube with a cleaning solution and then plug the ends of the tub with the tube caps. Then, hang the tube from the tube bridge with the curve facing down so the cleaning solution can soak inside the hose for 30 minutes. Once complete, simply remove the tube caps and empty the solution. To finish, thoroughly rinse the hose with clear running water and let it hang to dry.

What’s Included:

  • Two Tube Caps
  • One Tube Bridge
  • One Hook Attachment
  • One Suction Cup Attachment