• C-100 CPAP Battery Pack - Battery Cell Alone
  • C-100 CPAP Battery Pack - Power Meter
  • C-100 Carry Bag and Components
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C-100 CPAP Battery Pack - Battery Cell Alone
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C-100 Travel Battery Pack for Transcend Machines

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C-100 Battery for Transcend Machines Overview

The C-100 Travel Battery Pack for Transcend Machines allows the Transcend line of machines to be used on the go while remaining the small and lightweight setup it is intended to be.

The C-100 Travel Battery Pack for Transcend Machines is a combination of the main C-100 Battery Pack and the Transcend Mobile Power Adapter Second Gen. This combination allows a Transcend to be powered from the C-100 battery.


  • Ready to Use
  • Convenient Carry Bag
  • Battery Backup Option
  • Used with Transcend Machines

Ready to Use

Everything needed to charge the battery and use with a Transcend machine is included in this pack. The included AC charger allows the battery to be recharged from an AC power source, and can even be used in Europe and other countries with a proper outlet adapter. Also included is a DC Input Cord which provides a cigarette-lighter style plug to use the battery, which the Transcend Mobile Power Adapter will plug into to draw power from the C-100 battery.

Convenient Bag

The carry bag of the C-100 battery is very convenient. The battery cell itself is held in a envelope with Velcro closure inside the bag. There is also a second envelope which can accommodate a second battery cell if it is purchased and used in addition to the one included. When away from AC power, the charger can be removed from the bag, making it even lighter. On the end of the bag is a clear flap to view the battery charge level and charging status. There are openings so that the battery can be charged or used inside the bag.

Use While on AC Power

The C-100 Travel Battery for CPAP Machines is a movable, power source intended for short-term use. Because the battery has an input and output, the battery can be plugged into an AC power source to receive a charge while being plugged into a device to discharge. The C-100 battery will discharge its stored power to the device while simultaneously receiving a charge from the AC power source.

The continuous charging and discharging occurring from the battery, will reduce the number of cycles remaining in the battery life. It is recommended only to set the battery in this configuration when a power outage is imminent, as this configuration will shorten the lifespan of the battery. If using a device that will draw a significant amount of battery charge, such as pairing a humidifier with a machine, it is recommended to have two battery cells to provide a longer run time.

Compatible Transcend Machines

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