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ComfortLite 2 Simple Cushion Elbow

BY Philips Respironics  |  Item #1014206
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Item # 1014206

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Learn More About This Product

This is the replacement elbow that attaches the Simple Cushion to the ComfortLite and ComfortLite 2 Nasal Interface.
What do these adjusters do?
The Angle Adjuster controls the tilt of the cushion to the face and the twist Vertical Adjuster helps position the cushions relative to the length of your face and nose.
Can you explain the Angle Adjuster in more detail?
If you have seen a picture of the ComfortLite 2, you will notice that the cushions connect to a tube. The tube is suspended from the center of the headgear where the Angle Adjuster is. By squeezing the blue tabs on each side of the Angle Adjuster, you are able to change the angle of the tube (and cushion) either closer to or away from the face.
What does the Vertical Adjuster do?
As you look at the mask picture, you’ll see a circular blue knob at the top of the tube connected to the ComfortLite 2 cushion. By twisting the knob, you either extend or retract the length of the tube.
What is the function of this Halo headgear Crown Swivel at the top of the head?
The swivel helps to manager your longer 6 foot hose with a 180 degree swivel which moves from one side to the other in an arch above your crown. The sleeve your hose attaches to swivels 360 degrees also.
Why is the Crown Swivel attached to the Halo headgear?
Respironics trials found that the short and long hose easily get wrapped up around the active sleeper if not anchored. Also, the anchored swivel helps to absorb the movement of the long hose as you move. Masks often lose their seal because the weight of the long hose tugs at the mask or cushion, which is prevented by the Crown Swivel design.
Does the ComfortLite 2 work for people who sleep on their sides?
Yes, the ComfortLite 2 is designed to accommodate side sleeping by providing an assembly and interface that is centered over the nose and up the center of the head.
Is it easy to take the ComfortLite 2 mask on and off?
Yes, it is very easy. To take the ComfortLite 2 off, simply grasp the angular adjustment area and pull the mask forward then lift upward. This way, the mask can be placed on and taken off without changing any of the adjustments.
There is air coming out of the elbow on the cushion – is this OK?
Yes, this is air coming from the exhalation valve. This leak is intentional and removes CO2 from the mask. Never cover or attempt to block these holes. Your CPAP unit is designed to still provide your therapy pressure.
Once I have the correct angle for one cushion, will it be the same for all?
You will have slightly different angular adjustments when using the Simple Cushion vs. the Pillows or Direct Seal cushions. 100% Price Protection Guarantee

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Verified purchase | Apr. 02, 2013 | Verified Customer
CPAP got it right. My only beef is that this is such a fragile part--they seem to break about every months--plastic gets worn out. Wish they could be made of a better material.
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replacement elbows

Verified purchase | Jan. 11, 2013 | Verified Customer
arrived quickly in excellent shape and fit my older machine perfectly!Thank you!
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Needs redesign

Verified purchase | Aug. 15, 2012 | Verified Customer
the mask that this attaches to is good but this piece is poorly designed and is too thin at the attachment point. I appears to be designed that way to break-away if too much pressure is applied when sleeping.
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Verified purchase | May. 22, 2012 | Verified Customer
Weakest part of headgear system Locking tab gets stress cracks and loosens then breaks off. The elbow needs to be re-designed to take the pressure when the sleeper turns over on his/her stomach and the face is down towards the pillow.
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CPAP Elbow

Verified purchase | Apr. 05, 2012 | Verified Customer
The locking "finger" that retains the elbow on the headset is always breaking. It is the weakest part of the whole mask. The vent holes should be aimed upward, not forward. My wife doesn't like the cold breeze on her when I sleep on my side, facing her.
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Homerun !

Verified purchase | Jan. 11, 2012 | Verified Customer
For over 6 years I have been asking my local O2 provider if I can buy just the needed cushions and elbows. No way! You have to buy the entire headgear, face mask and the Whole Nine Yards. And then, they don't deliver as promised. Frustrating! carried exactly (& only) the parts I needed, and sent them in record time. I'm a new favorite customer of
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