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    15 lb Gravity Blanket: Weighted Blanket

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    Product Overview

    Awarded the "Top-Rated Weighted Blanket in 2019" from Mattress Advisor and the world’s most popular weighted blanket, The Gravity Blanket evenly distributes light weights across your body to calm your nervous system and improve your quality of sleep. Designed to mimic the feeling of a hug, it features an ultra-soft and luxurious premium micro-fleece duvet cover to keep you warm, comfortable, and relaxed all night long. 

    Gravity Blanket Benefits:

    • • Helpful for Autism, ADHD, Anxiety, Chronic Pain, and Insomnia
    • • Evenly Distributed Weight for Maximum Relief 
    • • Machine Washable Cover Separates from Inner Weighted Blanket for Easy Cleaning
    • • 100% Cotton with No Latex and Won't Trigger Allergies

    Manufactured by Gravity Blankets.

    Product Features

    Gravity Blanket Size and Weight Chart

    Choosing the right weight for you isn’t about how relaxed you want to be—we promise you’ll get that even at the lightest weight. Weighted blankets are most beneficial at roughly 10% of your body weight. Follow the information below to find the right weight for you. 

    Helpful for Autism, ADHD, Anxiety, Chronic Pain, and Insomnia

    Gravity blankets are useful for many chronic conditions. The deep touch pressure stimulation of the weighted blanket helps to encourage the production of serotonin and melatonin. Tuck yourself in with the Gravity Blanket and get ready for a great night of sleep.

    Evenly Distributed Weight for Maximum Relief 

    Thanks to careful gridded stitching, the weighted glass beads are uniformly distributed, providing an even dispersal of weight. To reduce bunching and pooling, Gravity Blanket includes two different types of internal clasps within the duvet cover (ties and elastic-button connectors) to ensure the inner weighted blanket remains secure inside the duvet cover. 

    Duvet Cover is Machine Washable for Easy Cleaning

    Just like a traditional duvet cover, you can easily detach the Gravity Blanket cover from the inner weighted piece and toss it in the washing machine. Once fully dry, you can reattach and enjoy a night of restful sleep. Please note: The inner, weighted blanket is hand-wash-only and air dry.


    The Gravity Blanket is created without the use of synthetic fibers or latex. Thanks to the natural hypoallergenic fabric, it won't bother your sensitive allergies or skin.

    What's Included:

    • PVC Bag
    • Blanket
    • 3 Printed Inserts

    Return On Warranty Issues Only


    This Product Includes...

    • Gravity Blanket
    • Insert
    • Bag

    Product Specifications


    • 15-Pound Blanket: 15 Pounds
    • 20-Pound Blanket: 20 Pounds
    • 25-Pound Blanket: 25 Pounds


    72 x 48 x 1 inches

    • 15-Pound Blanket: 72 x 48 x 1 inches

    • 20-Pound Blanket: 72 x 48 x 1 inches
    • 25-Pound Blanket: 72 x 48 x 1 inches

    Materials Used: 

    • Duvet Cover: Cotton
    • Filling: 91% Glass pellets, 9% Polyester fiber 
    • Lining: 100% Polyester

    Is it Hypoallergenic? Yes

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    Important Tips

    How to Set Up / Install

    No set up is required! The blanket comes ready to use. However, if you have allergies, you should consider washing the blanket before using it as it does not come pre-washed.

    If you feel the inner blanket is bunching/pooling, unzip the duvet cover and reattach any ties or buttons that may have come loose. 

    How to Care for the Product 

    The duvet cover is machine washable. For ongoing care, remove the cover before washing, and machine wash in cold water with similar colors, using non-chlorine bleach. Tumble dry on low and cool iron if needed. 

    The weighted insert should only be washed by hand. The Gravity Blanket can also be dry cleaned. 

    Please Note: The weight of the inner blanket causes damage to your in-home washing machine and should not be washed in the washing machine. The duvet cover is fully machine washable.


    The Gravity Blanket should not be used by children under three years old or by any individual or pet that weighs less than 50 pounds due to the following potential hazards:

    Potential Suffocation Hazard: The Gravity Blanket should be used with care. To minimize safety risks, please ensure you can remove the blanket on your own without any assistance from someone else. For children, individuals with disabilities, and the elderly, the guardian or caregiver will need to use discretion as to whether or not the Gravity Blanket can be used without risk. Don't use the Gravity Blanket as a punishment or restraint, as this can result in suffocation. 

    Potential Choking Hazard: The glass beads used to weight the Gravity Blanket may be a choking hazard for young children. To protect against this, please ensure young children do not use blankets that are damaged, as the likelihood of glass-pellets becoming accessible is greater. We recommend checking for damages before and after putting your duvet cover in the washing machine.

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