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H2O 4 CPAP Distilled Water Filtering System

BY Williamson Industries Item #H24-110
25 Reviews
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H2O 4 CPAP - Distilled Water Pitcher
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25 Reviews
Order ships today if placed by 4PM CST
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H2O4CPAP Distilled Water Filter System Overview

With the H2O 4 CPAP Water Filtering System, you can make your own distilled CPAP water from the comfort of your home! Buying bottled water for your CPAP machine can be both wasteful and expensive, but you can easily create your own supply of ion distilled CPAP water at home using the H2O 4 CPAP pitcher and your own tap water. This product is not designed for creating drinking water.

H2O 4 CPAP Water Filtering System Features and Benefits:

  • Effective CPAP Water Purifier
  • No-Hassle Pre-Installed Filter Included
  • Humidifier Chamber Lasts Longer with Distilled Water

Effectively Cleans Water for Immediate Use

The filter inside the pitcher works to remove calcium, minerals, and other contaminants from your tap water, making it safer for your CPAP humidifier water chamber. The H2O 4 CPAP water pitcher can hold up to six gallons of distilled water at once and can be used as part of your nightly routine immediately. When the pitcher becomes empty, simply refill it with new tap water; be sure to change the filter as necessary to ensure clean distilled water for your sleep apnea therapy.

No-Hassle Pre-Installed Filter Included

Your H2O 4 CPAP pitcher comes with an installed filter. Replacement filters are available and should be replaced every 60 nights to ensure your heated humidifier continues to run at the optimal level.

Humidifier Chamber Lasts Longer with Distilled Water

Using distilled water helps extend the life of your humidifier chamber since tap water forces your equipment to work harder through bacteria and mineral buildup. In some cases, using dangerous unfiltered tap water may even void an important warranty. Additionally, if you use tap water, once it evaporates it can leave behind hard calcified deposits along the humidifier chamber making your equipment more difficult to clean.

  • Filter Cartridge Lifespan: 60 nights
  • Intended for Drinking? No.
  • 6-Gallon Filtered Water Capacity

Not Intended for Drinking Water

The intended purpose of this device is strictly for use as a part of CPAP therapy. While this product functions the same way as a conventional water pitcher, it is not intended to serve that purpose. Fluoride, calcium, and other minerals help make tap water taste better and more appealing to drink; and this pitcher filters all of that out to prevent mineral buildup and dangerous bacterial growth in the respiratory system. Ion distilled water has a sterile and unpleasant taste, and while not harmful, we don't recommend drinking distilled water.

What’s Included:

  • One H2O-4-CPAP Filter Cartridge 
  • H2O-4-CPAP Pitcher