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Product Overview

Manufactured by Choice One Medical.

Product Features

When it comes time to clean your CPAP supplies, you may be familiar with the rules against scented or colored soaps. Some soaps, solvents, and cleaners often use harsh chemicals that can leave a toxic residue after you get done cleaning, and can be harmful to breathe in. In addition, harsh soaps can also degrade your equipment.

Purdoux Brand CPAP Soap is designed to help make cleaning easier by providing unique soaps to clean your CPAP equipment. Simply wash and rinse, and you'll not have any harmful residue or odor left behind, and it's safe and non-toxic to use.

Purdoux Brand CPAP Soap is made using no bleach, alcohol, conditioners, lotions, moisturizers, or latex. It's also great at removing body oils from silicone surfaces and is designed to help preserve their softness and elasticity.

Available in 2 Scents

The Purdoux CPAP Soap is available in two different versions: Unscented Green Tea and Mint or Grapefruit and Lemon scent. The only difference between the two versions is the scent that each has. The Green Tea and Mint version has a light mint smell, while the Grapefruit and Lemon leaves a slight citrus scent.

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This Product Includes...

  • 1 Bottle of CPAP Soap, 250 ml / 8.4 oz each

Product Specifications

  • Materials Used: Hypoallergenic, does not include latex.
  • Scents Available: Green Tea and Mint or Grapefruit and Lemon

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Important Tips

Cleaning Tips for CPAP Hoses

Here's some tips on cleaning a CPAP hose with Purdoux CPAP Soap:

  1. Pour some Purdoux CPAP Soap, mixed with a little water, into the CPAP hose.
  2. Be sure to use a tube brush to clear away any deposits left behind by inserting the brush into the hose, and scrubbing.
  3. When satisfied you have removed all debris, run clean water through the hose to rinse.
  4. Hang over a towel rack to drip dry.

Cleaning Tips for CPAP Masks

Here's some tips on cleaning a CPAP mask with Purdoux CPAP Soap:

  1. Apply a little Purdoux CPAP Soap to the mask cushion.
  2. Gently scrub with a paper towel or clean wash cloth.
  3. Be sure to remove all deposits.
  4. Set aside to air dry.


  • Do not ingest soap. Product can be harmful if swallowed.

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