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PR System One 50 Series Heated Humidifier

BY Philips Respironics Item #1056209
163 Reviews

Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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163 Reviews

Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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PR System One Heated Humidifier Overview

Rain-out and water damage are large contributors to machine failures. The PR System One 50 Series humidifier and water chamber are breakthroughs in delivering consistent humidity without compromising water management. System One and Dry Box Technology make it possible for the PR CPAP machines to be virtually spill-free. This humidifier can be tilted, shaken, or turned upside down without water leaking back into the device. This humidifier is only compatible with Respironics 50 Series machines.

Dry Box

Several unique designs are incorporated into the humidifier to prevent water from exiting the chamber. To start, Dry Box acts as a reservoir for any water ingress between the machine and humidifier. Also, the air outlet port has been moved from the side of the humidifier onto the top. This centers the entire delivery; minimizing the total water displacement around the hole. The water chamber is outfitted with a one-way valve, between the machine and the humidifier. In the event that the unit is moved, water that manages to escape the chamber gets trapped within the Dry Box.

This product is the Heated Humidifier for the PR System One line of machines. The machines are sold separately. This heated humidifier is compatible with the following machines:

Please Note: This humidifier is not the heated tube humidifier for use with the System One 60 Series line of machines by Respironics. If the heated tube humidifier is needed, click here: PR System One 60 Series Heated Tube Humidifier. More information on how to identify the series of machine is available on the Important Tips tab of this page.

System One Humidity Control

System One Humidity Control Technology analyzes ambient temperature and patient airflow to reach relative humidity at the mask. This prevents rain-out from occurring inside the CPAP tube. System One is the first solution in the industry that accounts for room humidity. Sensors inside and outside the CPAP machine closely monitor changes in humidity and prevents condensation from forming inside the tube.