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    Top Review

    "These are the exact filter to fit in my CPAP machine. Good quality materials."

    March 23, 2016

    Product Overview

    Manufactured by Somnetics.

    Product Features

    The Filter for Transcend Travel Machines is the replacement foam filter for use with Transcend Auto miniCPAP and the Transcend miniCPAP machines. The filter fits inside the Filter Frame for Transcend Travel Machines. It is not compatible with the Transcend 3. For the filter for that machine, please see: Transcend 3 Filter Assembly.


    This product works with Transcend machines designed to use the Filter Frame removed by pushing a button. It is not compatible with machines designed with a latch on the bottom of the filter frame.

    Filter Care

    The manufacturer recommends that the Transcend Filter be washed weekly using a 5% mild liquid detergent and distilled water. Allow the filter to air dry before reinstalling. An example of a mild detergent is Tide Free & Gentle. Please replace your filter once every 6 months.


    This is the filter for use with Transcend machines. The colored plastic frame is NOT included with this purchase.

    Image of compatible Transcend machine by Somnetics:

    Return On Warranty Issues Only


    This Product Includes...

    • 1- Filter

    Product Specifications

    Filter Materials: The foam is open cell foam. The material in the middle of the filter is coated recycled paperboard. always offers these services:

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    Important Tips

    Filter Installation: The Filter for Transcend machines fits the filter frame in only one orientation due to the shape and curve of the filter and the frame and machine base design.

    1. Remove the filter frame from the bottom of the Transcend machine.
    2. With the machine base facing up, lay the foam side of the filter on the machine base. The curve of the filter will match the curve of the machine base.
    3. Line up the notch on the filter with the tab on the machine base.
    4. The firm backing of the filter will be against the filter frame and the foam portion of the filter will face the machine body.
    5. When properly installed the filter lays flat against the machine base.
    6. Line up the filter frame on the machine and snap back in place.

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