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    Selecting the right CPAP Mask is integral in obtaining effective CPAP therapy. offers the largest variety of CPAP masks available on the market, including nasal pillow, nasal and full face masks. Nasal pillow masks feed air directly through your nasal passages and are great for CPAP users who easily become claustrophobic. Nasal masks are triangular in shape and cover the area from the bridge of your nose down to the upper lip. Full face masks also extend from the bridge of the nose, but go down to your chin, making them a great option for people who breathe through their mouth while sleeping.
    Selecting the perfect mask can be difficult. Our CPAP mask return insurance option allows customers to buy the ability to return a CPAP mask, no questions asked within 30 days of its purchase. Many others also like to take advantage of our CPAP mask compare charts which allow you to compare a variety of masks and their features side by side.

    For additional help selecting a mask, try calling one of our CPAP experts at 1.800.356.5221.