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CPAP Chinstraps

CPAP chin straps cradle your chin and wrap around the top and back of your head to create a comfortable sling that keeps your mouth closed while you sleep. If you breathe through your mouth often or it tends to fall open while you sleep, you may have problems with mask leaks or dry mouth if you’re using a nasal or nasal pillow mask. Chin straps help prevent mouth dryness and leaks that could be inhibiting successful CPAP therapy. Your chin strap can be worn under or over your mask and will typically be adjustable at one or two points to help you find your most comfortable fit. Shop CPAP chin straps by price, brand, or customer rating below.

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Product image for Halo Chinstrap
Halo Chinstrap

Halo Chinstrap

284 Reviews
Save $2.45
Product image for Ruby-Style Adjustable Chinstrap with Extension Strap
Save $0.04
Product image for Sullivan Chinstrap
Sullivan Chinstrap

Sullivan Chinstrap

472 Reviews
$14.95 $14.99
Save 26%
Product image for Original Deluxe Chinstrap
Original Deluxe Chinstrap

Original Deluxe Chinstrap

88 Reviews
$25.99 $34.95
Product image for Universal Chinstrap
Universal Chinstrap

Universal Chinstrap

139 Reviews
Save 27%
Product image for Ruby-Style Chinstrap
Ruby-Style Chinstrap

Ruby-Style Chinstrap

104 Reviews
$14.27 $19.45
Product image for PAPcap Cotton Chinstrap
PAPcap Cotton Chinstrap

PAPcap Cotton Chinstrap

176 Reviews
Product image for Knightsbridge Dual Band Chin Strap
Knightsbridge Dual Band Chin Strap

Knightsbridge Dual Band Chin Strap

31 Reviews
Save $3.00
Product image for Premium Chinstrap
Premium Chinstrap

Premium Chinstrap

928 Reviews
$19.95 $22.95
Product image for Ruby Adjustable Chinstrap
Ruby Adjustable Chinstrap

Ruby Adjustable Chinstrap

170 Reviews
Save $0.20
Product image for SomniFix Mouth Sleep Strips
SomniFix Mouth Sleep Strips

SomniFix Mouth Sleep Strips

20 Reviews
$19.79 $19.99
Product image for Puresom Ultra Chinstrap
Puresom Ultra Chinstrap

Puresom Ultra Chinstrap

46 Reviews

About CPAP Chinstraps

CPAP chin straps are commonly used by those who wear a nasal or nasal pillow CPAP mask and have issues with their mouths falling open while they sleep. Most people think of their mask seal or tube connection when considering the source of an air leak, but many don’t realize that you can leak air from your mouth as well. 

If you sleep with a CPAP mask that only delivers air to your nose and your mouth doesn’t stay closed, it’s possible that your CPAP therapy isn’t as effective as it should be. It’s even possible that mouth leaks are rendering your therapy ineffective and are responsible for apneas that jolt you awake. 

One solution to this problem is to use a full face mask that seals around your nose and mouth, delivering therapy pressure to both. Another is to use a CPAP chin strap to support your jaw enough to prevent your mouth from falling open, thus preventing unwanted air leaks.

Types of CPAP Chin Straps for Sale

CPAP chin straps share a common shape but differ in their overall design features. Some, such as the ResMed Sullivan Chin Strap, are simple and straightforward, featuring a slim strap that connects via Velcro at the top. 

Chin straps like the Deluxe Style Chin Strap offer a natural evolution of the simpler Sullivan design and feature a wider support band with an additional smaller support band for the back of the head. 

Others, like the Halo Chin Strap, will offer a refined design that uses the crown of your head to support a chin cup that holds your mouth closed during therapy. 

You may also find options that cover your entire head for more comfortable, generalized support, such as the Knightsbridge Dual Band Chin Strap

Finally, for those that like firm support, non-adjustable chin straps that use tension to support the chin are also available, such as the Ruby Style Chin Strap.

Adjustable chin straps will fasten with Velcro, buckles, or buttons, and are typically made from cotton or polyurethane.

How to Choose a CPAP Chin Strap

Here are some considerations to make when searching for the right CPAP chin strap for your needs:

  • Material: Just as you wouldn’t want to sleep in clothes that are hot and don’t breathe well, you’ll want to be aware of what material your chin strap is made of. Most try to incorporate breathable fabrics in their design, but a polyurethane fabric chin strap may not breathe as well as a cotton chin strap.
  • Support: Depending on your needs, you may require a thicker support band or a dual-strap construction. Some designs will also feature a cup to better support your chin while others cover the entire head for greater general support without tension on specific spots. 
  • Coverage: Akin to breathability, if you have any sensory issues or preferences, a minimal chin strap may be better suited for you. You can wear your chin strap either under or over your CPAP mask, so you’ll also want to consider how much of your head and face you’ll be able to tolerate being covered throughout the night. 

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Customer Highlights on Popular Chin Straps

Read our customer reviews on how chin straps can help your CPAP therapy.

Major improvement for me (Product: Premium Chinstrap)

This chin strap worked great to eliminate leaks in my nose & mouth mask, due to my jaw-dropping. Oddly enough it has eliminated my onset of bad dreams. My wife is sleeping peacefully as a result too.

Halo Chinstrap is great (Product: Halo Chinstrap)

"This is the second Halo Chinstrap that I have purchased from I use a Swift FX Nasal Pillow for my CPAP mask. I love this mask but sometimes when I am asleep air blows out of my mouth. The chinstrap does a great job of preventing this from happening."

Quality and Comfort (Product: Halo Chinstrap)

"Finally! A chin strap that stays in place but is still comfortable! It is easy to put on and adjust as needed for a snug fit. It does not leave marks on my face in the morning, and my CPAP mask also stays in place better while wearing the mask. I even ordered a couple more!"

Best Chin Strap for Me (Product: Ruby-style Adjustable)

"I've used 4 different chin straps during my 12 years of using my CPAP machine. The Ruby-Style strap is the best. It is thin and flat and adjustable so there is minimum disturbance to my CPAP mask throughout my sleep time. It also lasts longer and washes better than the other straps I've used."

This is it - Stop Searching (Product: Deluxe Chinstrap)

"As a mouth-breathing nasal pillows CPAP user, a good Chinstrap is a necessary requirement. Over my 10 years as a CPAP user, I've tried many combinations of masks and Chinstraps. This Chinstrap with the Swift FX gives me the sleep I crave night after night. It's very easy to adjust to get the "Goldilocks" level of tightness for nasal pillow usage without face creases that last hours. It wears like iron and comes clean in the wash (use a lingerie bag). It's worth every penny. Stop searching and get what YOU need with this Chinstrap."

As advertised (Product: Knightsbridge Dual Band Chin Strap)

"I’m a CPAP user whose only problem with CPAP has been air leaks due to my mouth opening during sleep. Trying to reduce this leakage, I’ve tried many types of chin straps looking for one that will pull my chin upward, not rearward. Finally, this is the first one designed - from my viewpoint - appropriately to solve the issue. Although it looks somewhat cumbersome, it is quite comfortable, easy to use, and leaves fewer creases on my face in the morning. I like the concept of a none stretching strap for snugness with the overlapping stretchy strap to secure it. The Velcro attachment area is plenty ample. It’s early, but my leak rates so far have been excellent. I hope I will be able to get 6 months of use out of it. I plan to purchase a backup unit anyway so I can alternate them and keep them clean."

Knightsbridge dual-band chin strap (Knightsbridge Dual Band Chin Strap)

"Excellent fit. Very comfortable and does not put unwanted pressure pulling back on my jaw while it lifts my lower jaw. It will help train me to keep my mouth closed when using a nasal mask. A bonus is that it helps keep headgear from slipping due to my fine, long hair."

Chin strap FAQs for CPAP Users

  • What's the best chin strap for beards?

    We recommend the following products to keep your chin strap from slipping:

  • What Is the Highest-Rated Chin Strap?

    The Halo Chin Strap is our best-selling chin strap and is praised by our customers for its easy adjustability and comfortable design. Many of our customers have also been very impressed with the Ruby Style Adjustable Chin Strap, as it offers firm yet comfortable support with easy adjustments.

  • Are chin straps required for CPAP therapy?

    No, chinstraps are not required. Chinstraps are popular among the CPAP community for reducing mouth leaks and alleviating dry mouth symptoms. If you are a mouth breather and a full face mask does not work for you, using a nasal pillow mask or a nasal mask with a chinstrap can be an effective solution.

  • How do you wear a CPAP chin strap?

    There is no right or wrong way to wear a chinstrap due to different mask designs and facial structures. Some prefer to wear chinstraps under the mask and have reduced their leak rate. Other users may prefer to wear chinstraps over the mask to keep the headgear secure. Try what works best for you!   

  • How Tight Should a Chin Strap Be?

    A chin strap should never be so tight that it is causing discomfort for you, but it does need to be tight enough so that it prevents your mouth from falling open. Try to relax your mouth and throat muscles the same way they would be while you sleep, and then adjust your chin strap to the point that it gently but firmly supports your jaw. If you find your chin strap to be very tight and it still isn’t keeping your mouth closed, you may need to try a different style of chin strap with more or differently-angled support.

  • How Long Do Chin Straps Last?

    These products last approximately two years, and you should replace them when they've lost their tension and elasticity. Much like your CPAP headgear, you'll need to wash your CPAP chin strap at least once each month in warm water with mild soap. After you've rinsed your chin strap, place it on a towel or hang it on your towel rod to air-dry.