Find the Best CPAP Mask for Your Sleeping Position

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    Are you a starfish or a soldier? Maybe you freefall while you dream or sleep like a log? No matter your preferred sleeping position, it is essential to pick the best mask for your sleep situation.

    Let’s be real—we all have a favorite sleeping position. We have our go-to and constant when we hop into bed each night. When you snuggle down under the covers at night, as if it was muscle memory, your body automatically molds to your comfortable sleeping position.

    But is your beloved sleeping position causing you to wake up with aches or pains? Is it keeping you from sticking to your CPAP therapy? Hand us our magic wand because we’ve done the digging for you to find the CPAP mask to match your sleeping position of choice!

    Best CPAP Masks for the Side Sleeper

    Nasal pillow and nasal CPAP masks are the recommended masks for side sleepers as they allow for movement and flexibility while also having few facial touch points. Due to a smaller footprint using a nasal pillow or nasal mask will help reduce mask shifts and help you maintain a secure seal.  If you breathe through your mouth and sleep on your side consider pairing a nasal pillow or nasal mask with a chinstrap or try using Somnifix to help prevent breathing through your mouth during the night. 

    It’s important to note that sleeping on your side can occasionally cause a change in the pressure required to keep your airway unobstructed, if you sleep on your side it may be worth considering switching to an APAP machine as it will adjust your pressure according to what you need in the moment.

    Best CPAP Mask for the Fetal Position

    The fetal pose looks just like you’d imagine, curled up and cozy with your knees drawn to your chest. Fetal sleepers generally require a flexible CPAP mask. Great options for the fetal position are masks that feature soft-touch buckles and cloth surfaces and masks that fit under the nose versus over.

    Swift FX Nasal Pillow Mask

    Swift FX Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask features a built-in flexible chamber that ensures the mask stays on even as you shift from side-to-side. The nasal pillows include dual-wall flaps to provide ergonomic support and comfort while you’re sleeping.

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    Best CPAP Mask for the Log Position

    In the log position, you rest on one side with both arms lying to your sides. Similar to fetal sleepers, log sleepers also require a soft mask that won’t dislodge when pressured by a pillow. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that additional pressure may be exerted on the facial area as the arms are kept low and not positioned near the head as also in the fetal sleeper position. This reinforces the need for a soft nasal mask, completely devoid of hard surfaces that can either act as an irritant or create leaks during sleep.

    AirFit P10 Nasal Pillow Mask

    With its simple design, the AirFit P10 Nasal Pillow Mask will feel light and comfortable on your face. The QuickFit elastic headgear offers a secure fit without the use of any velcro tabs or clips. This makes it feel less obstructive than other mask headgear and also reduces facial marks for log sleepers.


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    Best CPAP Mask for the Yearner Position

    In this position, you sleep on your side with both arms extended out in front of your body. This sleeping position can put some pressure on the side of your face. However, the “arms out front” sleeping style minimizes this pressure to a degree. Any mask that works well for the fetal position or log will also work well for the yearner.

    SleepWeaver Advance Small Soft Cloth Nasal Mask

    The SleepWeaver Advance Small Soft Cloth Nasal Mask is made out of cloth, making it an ideal choice for the yearner sleepers who need a soft nasal mask. The cushion inflates with air, helping maintain a seal even when it comes into contact with your pillow. The lightweight and breathable fabric is comfortable and helps reduce facial marks, making it an ideal choice for side sleepers.

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    Best CPAP Masks for the Back Sleeper

    Full-face, nasal pillow, and nasal masks are all recommended masks for back sleepers, as any mask type will work for this sleeping position. One thing to consider when looking for a CPAP mask is whether it is easy to put on and take off during the night to provide you with additional convenience. 

    Best CPAP Mask for the Soldier Position

    In this position, your sleep on your back with your arms stretched rigidly out and parallel to your legs. Back sleepers will want to order a mask that is designed to keep uncomfortable parts of the headgear system away from the back of your head. Then, you won’t be lying on top of straps, buckles, hoses, or any other potential nuisances.

    ComfortGel Blue Nasal or Full Face Mask

    Depending on your individual needs, the ComfortGel Blue Nasal or Full Face Mask are both good options for soldier sleepers.

    The headgear attaches to the top of the head, reducing potential discomfort from the straps when sleeping on your back. The ComfortGel forehead pad comes with a stability selector to let soldier sleepers easily adjust their mask fit. It also keeps your head elevated, which is especially important for soldier sleepers who are managing their sleep apnea symptoms.

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    Best CPAP Mask for the Starfish Position

    Just one in twenty people assume the starfish pose, which involves lying on one’s back with arms stretched up around the pillow. Starfish sleepers can seek out any mask that is designed for back sleepers. The important part to remember is that starfish sleepers often move their arms around a bit during the night so any mask type that is as minimalist as possible helps to reduce the chances of tangles in the middle of the night.

    DreamWear Nasal Mask

    Similar to the ComfortGel, the DreamWear Nasal Mask uses a headgear that attaches to the top of the head. The CPAP hose is positioned above the starfish sleeper to reduce tugging on the mask.

    This helps maintain a reliable seal while removing any uncomfortable pain that starfish sleepers may feel from the back of the straps. The DreamWear frame allows easy airflow to the cushion. Air can flow on both sides of the frame or through just one side if the other side is blocked.

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    Best Masks for the Stomach Sleeper

    Any nasal pillow mask with minimal touchpoints and top-of-head hose connections is ideal for a stomach sleeper when paired with a CPAP pillow. A CPAP pillow has indents or spaces for your mask and hose to sit, allowing you to sleep more comfortably. If you breathe through your mouth and sleep on your stomach consider pairing a nasal pillow or nasal mask with a chinstrap or using Somnifix

    Best CPAP Masks for the Freefall Position

    Five to seven percent of the public sleeps on their stomach while grasping their pillow with both hands. Though not a lot of people sleep on their stomachs, there are some CPAP masks explicitly designed for stomach sleepers. One option is the nasal pillow mask, which inflates on its own and generally offers a minimalist design for superior comfort. A top-quality gel or memory foam pillow can also help stomach sleepers find a comfortable position in which to rest.

    DreamWear Gel Nasal Pillow Mask

    The DreamWear Gel Nasal Pillow Mask provides a reliable seal paired with the comfort that freefall sleepers need. The gel nasal pillow uses a gel insert that provides comfort for each nostril while maintaining a secure seal.

    The mask has a hollow frame that facilitates easy airflow to the nasal pillow. With a frame design on either side of the head, freefall sleepers experience less irritation and discomfort when sleeping on their stomachs.

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    Now, all that’s left to do is to grab your mask, get in your most comfortable sleeping position, and drift off to dreamland.

    Sweet dreams!