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Quattro™ FX Full Face CPAP Mask Assembly Kit

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Quattro™ FX Full Face CPAP Mask Assembly Overview

The next generation Quattro is modest in appearance, covering less of the face than most masks. The Quattro FX focuses on compliance through comfort by using a suspension-like frame that eliminates the forehead support. Technology like the Spring Air cushion and Swing Seal fitting technique help make the Quattro FX quick and easy to adjust.

The Quattro FX Full Face Mask was designed with comfort in mind. The mask provides a clear line of sight by eliminating the need for a forehead support. Spring Air technology enables the mask to flex when the cushion is inflated around the bridge of the nose. The Spring Air reflexes to head movement and helps maintain the seal.

Some of the best features from the original Quattro have carried over. The Quattro still includes:

  • Built-in vent design for dispersing exhaled carbon dioxide
  • 360 degree elbow rotation
  • Tube Swivel
  • Set-and-forget headgear clips

Fewer Contact Points

The overall design of the Quattro FX helps to create a secure seal without the aid of a forehead support. Eliminating the forehead support means fewer points of failure and an end to red marks on your forehead. Without a forehead support, you will also enjoy a clear line of sight for viewing television or reading a good book in bed.

Spring Air Technology

Spring Air technology helps to create a suspension-like action between the Spring frame and Spring Air cushion. These two mask parts, along with the contoured crown cap headgear, work together to offer an angular adjustment that makes a forehead support obsolete. The stability of the design helps to distribute pressure evenly around the face, yet reacts to accommodate user movement.

Dual-Wall, Spring Air Cushion

The Mirage series of CPAP masks have endeavored to provide superior cushion design through the incorporation of two cushion layers. The dual-walls consists of an inner, supportive layer that stabilizes the cushion and a softer, outer membrane that reduces the likelihood of leaks and pressure sores. As air flows through the cushion, the outer membrane rolls and inflates around the nose rather than stretching over it.

Swing Seal Technique

Size. Swing. Seal. Those are the simple steps used for fitting the Quattro FX. The Swing Technique is the result of the Spring Air technology and the dual-wall membrane that surrounds the bridge of your nose. As air flows through the mask and into the cushion, the contoured membrane inflates and gently positions the cushion against the face so that it forms a secure seal without the need to over tighten the headgear.

This unique design makes fitting a breeze. With the headgear clips removed, just position the mask at an angle, so that the cushion rests on the middle of the nasal bridge. Then swing the mask down to rest between the bottom lip and chin. Reattach the headgear clips and adjust the side straps for a snug fit.

This package DOES NOT include Headgear. Headgear can be purchased separately here or along with the mask here.
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